23 Responses to 746 – White Smoke Mountain • 113

  1. So Fleece is now up to full hitpoints again.

    Great, ready for the next hitpoint countdown.

    Wonder how many other semi-permanent conditions can be added to her insanity?

  2. So what DOES remove a symbol of insanity’s effect? Remove Curse? I’ve never actually stumbled on a symbol of insanity outside of OOTS and here.

    • I think symbols have a limited duration once triggered….time will get rid of it, and probably remove curse. Aren’t effects like this a “periodic save to throw it off” type thing now?

      • If so it means every char’ I’ll play will end up insane indefinitely. Then again, they’re all probably so from their conception.

        • Well “Wrath of the DM” is usually difficult to cure…a ritual involving the characters’ player paying for pizza and soda for a couple gaming sessions can often improve matters…