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  1. Tsk…50 points? What level thie—er…Rogue is Fleece? That’s gonna leave a mark…

    Titties Ahoy! Amazing how clothing in certain areas of female armor in RPGs seem to have lousy saving throws…

    • Assuming Fleece was at nearly full health (her damage from the hot hallway would have been relatively light) she would only have to be level 9-10 to survive. This assuming moderate CON (10-13) and none or weak HP-boosters. If those assumptions are off, fleece could be as low as level 6 and survive. Though I wouldn’t want to be her doctor. And all clothes have lousy saving throws, it’s just that female armor covers less to begin with. If you missed it, both Bunker and Freya once had ALL their armor and clothes dissolved. Not that I’m complaining, mind.

    • I bet the Unseen GM keeps a close eyes on Fleece’s hitpoints to make sure the character doesn’t die too soon. If she died, the fun would be over, and Martin could roll up a new character.

      • Actually, if you remember, Fleece has an infinite/undetermined number of identical sisters, all also named Fleece 🙂 I suspect that, if the DM were to remember this, it could mean nothing but a series of of horrible, Cthulu-esque deaths for Fleece, Fleece, Fleece, Fleece, and possible fleece.

    • I do believe this is the first time we get to see Fleece’s boobies. Well, one of them anyway.

      Yay for historic milestones!

      • At this point, the entire party should be tenth level, eleventh for those who remembered to level up. Of course Fleece was far from at full hit points already due to being chewed on by ghouls prior to them blowing up. However, it is a bit harder to actually DIE in 4e, so I’d guess she’s probably just unconscious and making death saves.

    • Fleece ‘his’ top didnt partially blow up, look second pannel he litterally has a ghoul finger sliding it down 😛

  2. I like how they went straight for Fleece. Seems like the DM is holding a grudge. “Go fuck your stupid adolescent mysogynist fantasies!” Made me laugh.

    • Wait, Martin’s player is calling someone else a mysogynist with adolescent fantasies (and it’s not Enkidu)? That’s like pot calling the kettle black.

      • I love that. I started thinking about it when I wrote it, a gay man with a female character who shamelessly exploits the character as a beard, accusing someone else in the game of misogyny… struck my funny bone.

  3. Dm’s still a bit miffed about the module hacking incedant. Of course, he’s also scoring points with the girlfriend the longer that he screws over Martin.

  4. Somehow I can’t see why this is so NSFW after what’s-her-name the hallway keeper(The Egyptian thingy, I’m tired and the name slips my mind) was hanging out with her boobs out for all to see. Hell, she didn’t even have any kind of clothing to hide anything, so why is Fleece’s partial exposure getting such a severe rating?

  5. The more important question is, do these ghouls infect their victims with something that turns them into a ghoul themselves when they die?

  6. Abyssal, exploding, undead ghoul minions…. I see.

    I’m so stealing the idea of exploding undead that emanate their necromantic energy when they are destroyed. 😈 Reminds me of the exploding draconians from Dragonlance.

  7. Heh. I kinda wonder why Martin/Fleece’s player hasn’t simply handed his character sheets to another player, said “Have fun,” and left. Sure, he was a jerk for cheating and he deserves what he got, but I can’t see him thinking it’s going to get better by staying. The GM isn’t going to trust him again (if he ever did). About the only thing Martin can gain is to not give the GM the satisfaction of being around for any more of the humiliation.

    If the GM finally got it through his head that Martin had cheated in the first place, wouldn’t he have figured out that other players might have known and tacitly approved of it?

    “And what about Naomi?” 😛

    Note: I figure there’s a reason for it that will become apparent in time, or something I missed. This isn’t criticism so much as random nit-picking by someone awakened by a person too stupid to remember what time zone he lives in too early in the morning, and can be safely ignored by all. On with the story! :mrgreen:

    • Not at all. While this exact subject comes up within the next few strips, suffice it to say for now that it simply isn’t in Martin to admit defeat. Plus, that is by far the least fun option for all of us!

      • Also, I’m guessing he’s holding the afforementioned wish ring in reserve…most likely (s)he’ll eventually give it to Bunker, with a note that if he could make a wish like “I Wish Martin had never found the hand and eye of Vencus” or something, he could bring the Warlock back to the party, alive. As Fleece, (S)HE would have to deal with deliberate screwage while Bunker might be able to pull it off.

        • Wishes in D&D have always been a funny thing to me. All I ever hear about is how badly a well-worded wish has screwed up a campaign, or how much a DM has screwed over a player with a poorly-worded wish.

          Now, I could be wrong, but as I recall, the rule of thumb on wishes was that the DM had the right to (mis-)interpret (or even completely ignore) any wish that he saw as game-breaking in whatever manner he saw fit.

          Most DMs saw this as license to fuck over their players in inventive new ways. This, of course, caused players to (attempt to) draft iron-clad wishes that made attorneys envious. This also helped feed into the idea that the relationship between DM and PC was adversarial, as mentioned a week ago or so in the comments.

          My interpretation was always that if the wish wasn’t game-breaking in any way, to allow the wish to be fulfilled as intended by the wisher (even if it was poorly worded). Only if the player was trying to abuse the system should the DM turn it around on him.

          In any case, I’ve never had to deal with it as a DM, nor do I ever plan on needing to address it. No wishes in my campaigns.

          • It also depends on who is granting the wish. A Ring of Wishes, for example, would probably take the path of least resistance; it would try to grant the wish in the simplest, most direct manner that fulfills the stated criteria. Whether or not this is what the caster wanted is another story. An efreeti, on the other hand, will actively try to screw over the cruelest, most inventive manner possible anyone or anything that gets a wish out of it. So, just don’t try to get wishes from them. You’ll wish you hadn’t. For example, I was in a group where one player, unfamiliar with this habit of efreeti, wished for a small bag of particularly valuable coins. He was promptly teleported to the lair of the dragon that had the coins. As long as the granter of the wish could reasonably be construed as “allied” with the PCs, then there shouldn’t be a conscious attempt to screw over the PCs unless the wish is very poorly worded, asking for something outside the scope of the spell, or otherwise a gameplay issue. More likely is that DMs can’t resist the occasional chance to screw over a player that has been bugging them.

            • You do bring up a good point that I failed to address. You are certainly correct in that the intentions of the wish-granter be taken into consideration, especially if it’s appropriate to the story. So in your example, yes, the efreet should actively try to interpret the wish as maliciously as possible. But the distinction here is that it is not a case of the DM being a dick for the sake of simply being a dick, or at the very least, it’s not a case of the DM being an obvious dick.

  8. Interesting that they are going “Nom Nom Nom” as they chew on Fleece…they’re clearly Nookie-monsters!

  9. Are these players playing face to face or on one of those online D&D managers or a program like neverwinter nights?

    The latter is how I have been envisioning your comic so far.

    • A number of times, the DM has left for one reason or other, and the characters comment on the fact (once, Martin even took over as “Guest DM” (Thats how they got the flying ship, remember?))

      • “Martin even took over as “Guest DM” (Thats how they got the flying ship, remember?))”

        Thanks, I’m still trying to forget. 😐

        • Well it’s Girl Genius day…go buy the book on Amazon and check out the webcomic…that should help you take your mind off of the “Martin as DM” Story arc…heh…

  10. LOLZ nice boobies Fleece! Yah I don’t think the DM’s gonna stop till Martin apologizes. And Martin”s not going to. Sadly I have seen this kind of thing happen at a table and it’s not pretty. Don’t do this to your players it just makes you look like a dick. And never, EVER, rape your players. It’s really weird for all involved. That said being eaten alive is perfectly acceptable and the probable fate of most adventurers:)

    • I know I’ve told this before, but we had a female player out for a week, (Storyteller Vampire) and the DM just told us her character wasn’t around. The next week she came back and he revealed that she had been taken hostage by a vampire motorcycle gang and raped continuously for a week. We got all vengeancey on her behalf but he stopped us, telling her, “No, you liked it.”

      So now, any time something really crappy happens to someone at the table, we always finish off with an, “And you liked it…”

      • Is the DM still alive and in possession of all his reproductive organs?
        Seriously, “you liked it”? Someone’s got a stupid fantasy going on there.

      • 😯
        I’m… at a loss for words.
        That’s the point where I would have forcefed the GM his dice and left the group.
        Or alternatively asked to run the next game and have his character raped, preferably by a motorcycle gang of leather-gays.

        • No, seriously… I can’t even begin to describe how offensive that is. A player can’t make it to the weekly game session, and instead of doing what normal sane people do, which is either
          a ) turn the character into a temporary NPC and letting it stay with the group, but with a “narrative shield”, meaning the character won’t be put in harm’s way,
          b ) asking the player to come up with a story for a sideplot what her character was doing away from the group and why (if possible prior to the session), or
          c ) using previously established character background, side plots, or NPCs connected to the character to come up with an off-screen “secret” quest that she couldn’t tell the other characters about.

          Instead this guy sounds like a jerk straight out of Knights of the Dinner Table. You know, the comic about how NOT to do roleplaying.

        • Wait, old World of Darkness or new one? If her character already was a vampire, and the motorcycle gangers were vampires, why did they rape her? Usually vampires do other (often worse) things to each other than sexual assault, because, you know, they are walking unholy corpses who only use pretend-sexual innuendo to lure mortals so that they can bite them. (Things like fleshcrafting, bloodbonding, staking you and leaving you out for the sun to rise…)

          Why would the gang members waste a bloodpoint a day each only to be able to “get it up”? Yes, in the old WoD temporarily simulating normal bodily functions (blushing, body temperature, eating food and not barfing it up immediately, sex, anything except for pretend-breathing) required using a blood point unless you had bought special advantages at character creation!

          If she was a fellow vampire… if she was Camarilla, and they Sabbat, they’d kill her. If they were both of the same faction, her Sire would probably seek vengeance afterwards.
          If she was a mortal… they’d bite her and maybe turn her, or kill her, not rape her…

          • That’s one thing I love about you, Christina, you always analyze the shit out of it. That’s a complement, BTW. 🙂

            There’s no logic behind it, it’s just the DM making a bad joke originating in his dark desires for said player or something like that, with the other players not squeaking out for some reason. I’m mostly surprised at how calm everyone stayed after that, and like I said, shame on Kevin when even I’m disturbed.

            • I know there is no logic behind it. I just…I tend to try to combat bullshit by arguing it to death. Sweet sweet reason. That’s why I prefer Technocrats when playing Mage: the Ascension. Or I play Call of Cthulhu… at least there, madness is already built in. 😉

              Kevin wrote the other players were disturbed by it. Or at least it sounds that way. I guess they thought at first it was an in-game plot the GM and the player had cooked up in secret that they were now supposed to respond to in-character (“We got all vengeancey on her behalf”). I mean, that is what my first reaction would have been. 😕

              Seriously, I wonder if that GM was still allowed to run the group afterwards.

        • DISCLAIMER: I know that in the real world (in contrast to stereotypes in TV-land) many male-on-male rapes are committed by heterosex males against homosexual males or against other hetero males.

          The ratio is even more dramatic in regard to prison rape in the American prison system, according to surveys by Amnesty International: known homosexual males were regularly targeted as victims of rape, while the rapists were heterosexuals who in interviews kept stressing that they had wives/ girlfriends at home, and did everything to “feminise” their “punk”, including referring to him as female. Not surprisingly, since rape is first and foremost about dominance and control, not about sexual release.

          (Leaving out the issue of child molesters, because… well, they’re they’re pedophiles, and sometimes don’t even care if the child is a girl or boy.)

      • I think the DM meant it as some kind of joke, but even I think it’s in very bad taste, so this should show you just how bad it is. I understood you to be rather sensitive about human life, rights etc.

    • Then again, a lot of the more disturbed serial killers, apart from raping their victims, also eat their bodies, so there’s not that much of a difference between raping your players and eating them in the twisted fantasy world you created for the campaign.
      I wonder why people(Me included*, unfortunately, probably due to my semi-religious upbringing) consider sex/sexual assault to be more taboo than killing. This applies most strongly to film/TV-show rating systems.
      I’m guessing it has something to do with being vulnerable in sex, showing feeling etc.

      *That is, sex is somewhat “taboo”, or at least more “personal” or “embarrassing”, while killing is not at all.

      • Killing is the end of a consciousness. It’s tragic but it’s not necessarily brutal / demeaning / etc. (though it certainly can be).

        Sexual assault is completely violating that person’s body. They have lost all control over their most private and personal decisions, over their wholeness of body, over etc. etc.

        Death happens to everyone, after all. But being violently and forcefully violated? No, that one is rare (and rightfully so).

        • Most people would, as far as I understand, rather be assaulted than die. You know, the whole survival instinct at work. I was reading the other day about some serial killer in the 70’s(?) who used to rape his victims beforehand and they all seem to have preferred getting raped to defying him and getting shot at the spot(at least one that I can remember even got out alive because she was “nice” to him and didn’t played along). Rape’s bad, but it’s not the absolute end like death is, so for most people that’s the lesser of two evils.

          • Oh, another possible reason:

            1) Someone’s dead? Ok. They’re dead.

            2) Someone’s been raped? Well, that sucks, because they’re also pregnant. Who’s the father..?

            • These days you could tell who the father is.
              It doesn’t matter, people in general would go through hell to stay alive, even if they’ve got no real hope of a decent life(such as homeless people etc) or much hope of life at all(say, prisoners in death/works-camps of any number of regimes throughout the 20th century). The need to survive is a very powerful one and it can keep you going even if you don’t have any real reason or expectation to live.
              And most terrible things just dim, at least somewhat, in your memory so you can continue on living.

              Some people would rather die after that, sure. You might rather die after that. But most people would still cling on to life and try to recover, or take revenge.

              • 1) A recent technological discovery / invention hybrid will not undo thousands of years of social and biological evolution.

                2) The concept of You, Yourself dying is not the same as some one else dying.

  11. I hav to praise your artwork here, Kevin. There is action and drama going on in the panels. Especially the second panel; I can picture the movement of the ghouls swarming and overwhelming Fleece. And nice water effects on the waves, given that the comic is in greyscale. 🙂