44 Responses to 743 – White Smoke Mountain • 110

  1. Now this is just getting overboard. Fleece isn’t even wearing metal armor.

    With friends like these…

    • Read again… “carry and wear”. Think of all the knives, darts, coins, trinkets that rogues like to use.

    • You take extra damage for metal armor, but just a dagger is going to be enough for the base damage. And if you’re unconscious and can’t take it off of you…

  2. I wouldn’t want to risk eating something with a disease like that. If you cooked it thoroughly enough to be safe, it wouldn’t be anywhere near worth eating.

    • You are failing to account for the stomach of an orc. Most diseases will actually jump off of a piece of meat if they see an orc coming.

  3. Hey, she doesn’t HAVE to be wearing metal..the plates in the walls extend into the water right? They’re metal too, so presumably THEY heat up as well, thus boiling the water…

    There’s more than one way to cook an elfie!

  4. Reminds me of this time I was gaming at a friend’s house… All I was doing was dismantling a bag of pop-it’s in an attempt to make a rather large POP-it. I had about 40 or 50 pop-it’s worth of little explosive crystals all carefully piled up on my character sheet when the expected happened. There was a fairly large hole in my character sheet, a semi smoldering GM screen and the GM complaining of ringing in his ear and a kink in his neck from diving under the table. I couldn’t make a roll to save my characters life for the next three weeks.

  5. Hey, Druids have healing spells too, right? and their components are…herbs!

    ‘Quick, Zobbie! Throw your spell components in there!’

    Nothing better than a “Seasoned” adventurer!

  6. OK, why did no one in the party grab the blinded rogue as they took off down the hall? Her feet are working just fine. Or were, until the party bailed on her.

  7. I always felt I wasn’t truly human, and now I have proof! I’m a rust-monster!

    Last week I picked up my old squeegee(you can bet I had to search for that word!) and the handle just came off the “head” in a puff of rust(granted, it was a squeegee I found over two years ago when I entered my apartment, and who knows how long it’s been there), so I borrowed another one from my sister and half of the handle just came off again, spraying rusted metal particles all over, and I didn’t even use it yet! 😮
    So yea, it might be that that certain squeegee my sister gave me was also old and unused, but it’s too much of a coincidence to ignore. I am a cylonrust-monster and I have been from the start!
    It now remains to see if the needle they’ll use for my blood test tomorrow morning also turns to dust.

    Thank the gods the computer’s sensitive metal parts are hidden behind plastic!

      • Oh, so I’m just blessed with suck? 🙁
        I forgot to mention I also noticed the freezer(and probably the refrigerator as a whole, but it’s cold enough in here for it to not matter much) stopped working today, but it probably stopped yesterday evening at the latest, because the chicken breast I was keeping there had already half-defrosted on its own. Lucky for me I needed it to make dinner anyway, and there’s nothing else right now to spoil.
        It’s a very old fridge and it already happened once about a year ago(and back then I DID lose a pack of chicken breast…maybe chicken breasts short-circuit fridges? 😯 ). I think that goes for just about everything that came with this apartment, including the apartment.

        I’d rather have metals turn to gold when I touch them instead of crumble to dust. Or beautiful naked women/men. Or both, randomly!

        • My body’s electromagnetic field kills any battery-powered wristwatch I try to wear. It’s done so since I was a kid, have no clue why, but no such wristwatch has lasted more than 2 or 3 months before the battery goes dead.

            • Unfortunately it’s purely involuntary, and is basically just a drain on any electronic device on my person, and it takes, as I mentioned, a month or two to drain a watch battery, so it’s not really useful for anything besides using up batteries at an accellerated rate…