23 Responses to 742 – White Smoke Mountain • 108

  1. I’m really liking Morty’s new found attitude. He seems to have really pulled back from being the super nice cleric. Him and Bunker both have this great “Fuck you guys, reap what you sow,” kinda thing going on. Love it.

    • A while back I took a hard look at who the characters were and compared them to who I wanted them to be. It’s been some work, but I’m pleased with the results. Morty is still a nice guy… the nicest of the bunch, most likely. What he isn’t anymore is stupendously naive. I like him more this way too. He’s much more believable.

  2. I never thought I’d see Enkidu change his outfit(except to lose a mail-shirt). And why does he have a pilot’s uniform all ready in his “backpack”?

    In other news, the masses in my breasts are not malignant, so you’ll have to wait a bit longer to get rid of me. I still have some testing to do, but my money’s on hormonal imbalance.

    • Almost completely glad you’re not going to die or get your chest cut off or anything bad like that! 😉

      Hormonal imbalance can be a pain in the ass if it’s severe, but it’s still a long shot from cancer.

      • Mind you, I’m still not sure it’s the reason, just saying that’s what I find more convincing, and if nothing else helps I might still get some pieces cut out of me if it really bothers me that much, which it isn’t at the moment.
        Though the temptation of being able to say “I had a boob-job!” is, well, tempting. 😛

    • “And why does he have a pilot’s uniform all ready in his “backpack”?”

      ACME delivers everywhere, even into desolate dungeons. :mrgreen:

  3. Kevin that third panel had me laughing to tears! Excellently done linking the TSA friskings and the Bikini patron together into your comic.

    ahhh… life is a big joke. 😀

  4. Too bad they lost the other arcane caster…Martin could probably have animated Enkidu to keep him, so to speak, “in the party” – Or maybe just animated his dead limbs and grafted them back on…

  5. Well, there is one “limb” that she could rip off of Enkidu the loss of which wouldn’t end his adventuring career. 😉 Altohugh I daresay he wouldn’t like it. But if his character ever attains godhood, he could become patron saint of eunuchs.

  6. LOLZ so current. Seriously, I thought it was the grope if u refused the scanner, but my female friend tells me she got BOTH, coming AND going. On the other hand it was a female guard. What do they do if I demand a female guard because I claim to be a gay man? Once when the cops were sure I killed a guy (so they claimed after the fact) they had a female cop grope me without my even asking:)