The Tuesday Videos: I am on a… what is that again…? Edition

It seems like everyone and his brother has latched onto Isaiah Mustafa and his Old Spice ads as a way to sell whatever this is in my hand. I thought these ads were clever and funny, as I’ve said in previous blogs, and the wimmins seem to dig it too. I thought that this week should be a send-up of everything Old and Spicy, so I figured the place to start would be back at the beginning.

So what else can you sell with this gimmick? Soap and body wash would get you sued… but what about… vocabulary?

Finally something I’d really want to buy. The newspaper. (Parity at last.)

52 Responses to The Tuesday Videos: I am on a… what is that again…? Edition

  1. Ok then! I would have no idea what the chick in 3 was selling if you didn’t tell me. It grabs attention but doesn’t inform. So its still ineffectve as advertising.

      • Then why include it? I doubt the majority of your viewers live in London or will get it. The Grover one was much funnier parody.

        • And it also didn’t include cheap naked women. Naked women/men are fun, but I dislike them being used gratuitously to sell things(especially when it’s done without humor, as in the case of #3), it just says “we think our customers are stupid apes and would buy anything with boobs in the commercial”.
          Also, she’s a terrible actress and sounded unsure what her lines where.
          I don’t consider #3 a true parody, like #2, just a copycat commercial with a different person and product.

          • As a woman, I would just like to say: Thanks, Kevin, for including #3. I’ve seen it before but I gladly watched it again (and again) because that babe is SMOKIN’ hot! 😉

            • While I find both #1 and #3 attractive in some way(though he’s not exactly my type), I appreciate #1’s better acting, pacing and originality(it’s even funny in a silly, self-lampshading sort of way), all of which #3 lacks.
              #3 also tries hard to be seductive and just ends up cheap, while #1 is just…suave(this could be part of the “shitty actress” thing, if she’s even an actress and not just a nude model as I suspect).

      • Hey Kevin, you know there is rather a larger group of people which would get the third one who aren’t in London.

        They live in a place called the UK / Britain…

        Page 3 is the most interesting page of the Sun paper, which was quite fun many years ago when I used to deliver papers. It would ‘perk me up’ in the mornings. There are other papers which offer a similar page 3 ‘service’, but lets just say that the Sun is the classiest of them.

        Yes that is correct, the producers of the above advert are classier that some of the other offerings out there.

        Actually, I have seen various remakes and parodies of that advert, and I think that the Sun one is the one with the best production values of the lot, which is impressive.

    • It would appear she is selling Newspapers…using Tits.

      There are boobies here, but no Kitties…well, OK, there IS a P(BLEEP!)…

  2. Ahem. Very roughly 90% of the wimminz and equally approximately 10% of the menfolk dig it, thanks.

    (No, I’m not really bothered to account for the possibility of those of compatible alignment just not digging it… Because, well, Isaiah Mustafa.)

    I happen to be of the somewhat smaller group that also thinks #3 would be pretty diggable… If she wasn’t pitching such a rag.

  3. I don’t know what page 3 is but I want to read it. Two Christmases (wow that’s actually how you’re supposed to spell that) ago my wife put a 32 oz. beer in my stocking…
    that was the best present I’ve received since childhood.

    • Page 3 is where the Sun- which is otherwise an awful scaremongering, scandal-inflating news tabloid- runs a picture of a topless woman. It’s rather more efficient to just go get an actual porn mag. (You’d probably get more reliable news to boot).

  4. As much as I prefer, as a courtesy to a webcomic’s author, not to mention another’s webcomic on his or her or their comic’s website, a discussion of the Old Spice parodies cannot be complete without Great Old Spice. 😈

  5. Boobs with coconuts with beers protruding from each. My woman looks exactly like that woman except without the face. Accent and everything! 😀

      • Not so much with poly-dimensional array memory-usage tuning, they jiggle just enough and the complex code and memory interaction chain in your head crumbles.

        • Boobs need to come with a User’s Manual…They have certain properties in common with black holes…some people (roughly half the population) have difficulty looking away..

  6. I prefer the Smell Like a Monster one. I have been a fan of Grover for decades. I was impressed that they actually used Graver rather than that fucking retard, Elmo.

    (YAY the Gravatar worked)

  7. This commercial is very funny and the spoofs are great : )

    I do have a question though… what does “Old Spice” smell like ?