The Thursday Blog: Tuesday Videos Edition

For those of you out there for whom it just isn’t Christmas without a new Harry Potter, we’re starting this week’s show with a brief trip to Hogwarts to look in on Miss Hermione Granger… and friend

Have you ever been in the mood to watch a movie and you just couldn’t decide between Fight Club and Pride and Prejudice? Have I got the solution for you.

Finally, a little pick-me-up to send you back off to work with. It occurred to me I wasn’t 100% certain I had never posted this before, but then I realized it didn’t matter. You just can’t have too much of this one.

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        • Check to see if you were entering the links under the HTML tab or the WYSIWYG tab. That’s the most common reason for this in my experience.

          • No, well, yes. Sort of.

            Previously you were allowed to simply put the web address of the video in the WYSIWYG and WordPress went out and embedded the “primary feature” of that page itself. (You could make it pick a different primary feature if you wanted, but if it’s YouTube you can pretty much guarantee what it would be.) Anyway, yesterday I updated WordPress and apparently that functionality got turned off and I had to go back to the “old way” of pasting the embed text into the HTML tag. I wouldn’t even care, except that I imagine this has turned off the embedding on all the other Video Tuesdays we have had.

            This update of WordPress is just supposed to be a minor patch to get ready for the version change at the end of the month. If I haven’t gotten it fixed by then, they may well get it turned back on themselves.

            (Edit) Other vids are unaffected. I’m happy, but confused. It could still be the way WordPress writes the HTML when I place the WYSIWYG. I guess. I’m not really “programming guy”. I’m more like, “drawing boobies guy”, which is less help in situations like this.

            • I’m a “Programming guy” – but in a C++/Java (the real language, not the web wimpy version) way, not a HTML way (I write my own HTML if I need it, not using anything like WordPress…I write MY web pages in Notepad) but I would assume that your editing program does, in fact, write the embedding tags automatically when you’ve got the right features turned on…old documents wouldn’t be altered by a new version, any more than uploading a new version of OpenOffice would change any of your saved documents just because the program was updated..

              • Thanks. I tried looking over my settings to see if the update had simply turned something off, but wasn’t smart enough to find the right ones. I’ll have the webmonkey look at it later.

    • In my day we didn’t even have windows to embed things in! Why, we used to read the punches directly from the cards and translate them to images in our minds! But you try and tell it to kids these days…

  1. #1: “I have an erection, it’s for you” is such a romantic statement…I should totally try it on women passing in the street.

    #2: Hilarious concept, but presentation was getting too long and drawn out.
    I agree with one of the comments, Fanny is hot. It’s also much funnier if you read that with British slang in mind.

    #3: Highly entertaining, but waiting for a “penises&puppies” version.
    Makes me wonder why it’s OK to show those parts virtually uncovered(hey, you see them from the top it’s the same thing from the bottom, they’re basically “out there” in all their glory) and not penises.

    • The funny thing (to me) about that last one, is that any of those shots individually would have next to zero emotional effect. Yet taken as an aggregate, it has me grinning like a loon by the end, every time.

      • The funny thing (to me) about that last one, is that any of those shots individually would have next to zero emotional effect. Yet taken as an aggregate, it has me grinning like a loon by the end, every time.
        Me too! Thank you, Kevin for #3. Made my DAY!

        Brief OT. I am constructing and rendering model of Blackleaf for you from your map. Should be done by New Years. I will let you know as soon as it’s done.

  2. Kevin I might just have to introduce you to “Pride and Prejudice and ZOMBIES!”. Really… it is a book, now go read it. 😀

  3. Seems like about 40 people died today in a big forest fire about 3-4 kilometers from my flat after their bus was trapped in the fires, which would probably make it the worst fire in Israel’s history in terms of casualties.
    On the good side, the wind must’ve been blowing from the north so I didn’t even get a whiff of it.

    ETA: Little update on the dead, seems they were all prison personnel from a nearby prison. Dead cops…I’ll refrain from making jokes, for the moment.

        • They’re cops, I refer to them as bacon before they’re crispy often. Why would a little thing like horrible, incendiary death change that?

      • Damn, the lack of pork in my country and the fact cops aren’t referred to as “pigs” really screws with my creativity. 🙁

        I was only half sorry for them when I thought they were “normal” people but I’ve lost all sympathy after I heard they were jailers. I haven’t got much love for cops in general, and less than love to cops in my area. Bunch of stupid, useless, harassing pricks. If it was up to me I’d fire-bomb their new police-station myself.

        • It takes scum to inflict the required fear and brutality on other scum to keep them somewhat in line. Honest, normal people don’t have it in them as a rule unless something happens to piss them off that much. I know too much about what they do and how they do it to like cops but I do appreciate that they beat up drug dealing, b&e, mugging and other varieties of criminal scum so that it isn’t shoving guns in my face.

          I mostly just wish it could do it without dealing drugs and assaulting honest, innocent citizens as it goes.

          • They’re a bunch of lazy, corrupt bastards who won’t lift a finger for the average Joe if he doesn’t have the money for good lawyers or influence in the community, and will harass said Joe For The Evulz while giving crime families a wide berth unless they’re trying to impress the press.
            Sure, they keep some of the scum off the streets, but like you said, they’re also busy making innocent people’s lives miserable. It’s not wonder though, since most of them, not only in the lower ranks, are just stupid bullies who decided to join the biggest, best organized and legal gang around, the police.

    • I heard on the radio that it was a busload of both prison personnel and prisoners trying to evactuate from the fire zone.

      • I’m still not sure myself. As you know, the media here really sucks with facts. Right now all they’re saying is they were jailers and cops, not prisoners(now who would I prefer seeing die, a cop or a prisoner? tough choice, but probably the prisoner). Some text refers to them as “cadets” and implies they were still in training, but like I said, the media companies here suck ass.

          • I wonder if railroad engineers in training who have an accident are considered having had a training accident.
            I’m pretty sure I broke the English language there.

            • Only grammatical error I can spot is, it should be “considered AS having had a training accident”

              But people who’ve written and spoken English all their lives can make mistakes like that anyway…no biggie.

              • I’m kinda tired and I couldn’t bother to try and make a better sentence, so that was a sort of a disclaimer. I just hate getting my grammar wrong, as Kevin knows and so has tormented me by pointing out typos in the past.
                I could compare myself to the average English speaker and feel satisfied, but that’s like winning a fight against a 5 y-o, albeit less entertaining.

                • English always is, was, and for the foreseeable future will be a moving target anyway. According to strict grammar rules the William Safire-style sentence modifier is incorrect. Sadly, this fails to account for the fact that sentences like this are easily parsed. Such sentence modifiers (the first word with a comma after it in the previous sentence) fill a valuable role in written and spoken communication.
                  As a professional tech writer and editor my opinion is: The English language is fucked. Just get your subject and predicate right, try not to use commas for anything except lists and semi-parenthetical asides, and muddle through by virtue of examples you find worth emulating. That’s what I do.

    • Here’s a bad map the media guys have whipped up, complete with place names cut in half(including my very own town, even though it’s only 3 letters and doesn’t obstruct anything on the map) and kindergarten-level illustrations.

      Now just between the fires and up north there’s a red line(highway) numbered 75. Just below the middle 75 there’re 2 letters that represent my town that cover up my place. I might be a tiny bit up n-w along the thin yellow road off those letters though, it’s hard to tell with that shitty map. So between me and the center of those lovingly illustrated fires there’s about a 3 mile line.

      What’s funny is yesterday I smelled smoke around my neighborhood but today none.

      • Doesn’t look like they split the name deliberately…they just cut-and-pasted several map Jpgs together (notice that directly above your village name a “75” box got split, and the one directly SE of your town too) and didn’t bother to fix it.

        Chalk it up to lazy media types, eager to get the map made but not willing to fix their bad Photoshop work.

        • (Goes to Google Earth) well that area of the map, it looks like the fire is just up over the hills in the forested area in a valley over there? So you’re in “Nesher” or “Tel Hanan” (Google Earth actually has a dot labelled “a hill” – some kind of local well known landmark, or just someone putting irrelevant labels in GE? “Gee…A hill…Thank you Captain Obvious.”

          • Ah, I’m guessing they mean the “Nesher Hill” area of the town(not village, thank you 😛 ). Also, nesher means eagle, in case you were wondering.
            Seems like if it’s not rockets falling all over the place then it’s forest fires.

            From the places mentioned as affected it seems the fire is spreading only on the other side of the mountain(Carmel) and mostly away from me and towards the shore. It has also been officially reported that it started in 3 different places, so it wasn’t an accident, not that anyone with half a brain didn’t already guess what started it, as usual. But that’s for Thursday.

            Oh and from what I heard earlier, the head sow(i.e the cop in charge, whatever her rank is) of the region was roasted pretty well(she was just behind that bus) and might die. It’s in times like these I pretend there’s a god and it chose to smite the truly wicked. 😈

            • Hey, I grew up in a “village” (Not this one: ) Called Petersburg in southeast Alaska…no shame in the term “village” that I’m aware of…

              It’s a quaint little Drinking village with a Fishing problem…lots of pretty scenery and crusty fishermen….not much else…

              • Well it’s not a village. A village means a smallish settlement with a couple thousand people tops, usually with an agricultural bent(but that’s more “traditionally” than any official criterion) and is located “out in the country” or at least not adjoining other settlements. At least that’s what it means to me.

                We’re supposed to be a small city or town with over 21,000 residents, and it was never an agricultural community to begin with, but more industrial.
                Originally I’m from the neighboring city of Haifa(which isn’t as much “neighboring” as “half engulfing us” and it’s a wonder they didn’t just unite the two municipalities, probably because we didn’t want to get plagued by a big city’s budgetary, social etc. problems and become some run-down, shitty part of it, like the neighborhood I actually grew up in), which is “the capital of the north”(because it’s the biggest city) and has around 265,000 people, according to wiki’.
                Anyway the whole thing here is what wiki’ describes as a “contiguous urban area” all along the sea shore with about 600,000 people, apart from some smaller settlements(which ARE villages or kibbutzim), like the ones that got evacuated due to the fire.

  4. Okay, a guy gets sick, and decides he wants to go to the doctor. The doctor misdiagnoses him, and his easily treatable yet fatal if left unmedicated illness kills him. He dies the day before his sixtieth birthday, when his life insurance benefits would have dropped by half.

    Does the insurance company have a case against the doctor?

    • Isn’t this an offtopic thread?

      At the risk of getting poked for responding to what, by anyone else, might be considered a “troll thread”, I have to say to the Insurance company:

      Tough shit. Maybe you should have given him better Health coverage, so he could have gotten a second opinion without worrying about going broke?

      (Attempting to bring it back on topic) Is it a female doctor with big boobies, and maybe a kitten?

      • I think I don’t care if you want to make your own thread, Elfguy, about whatever topic you like. I can always ignore it if I want. I just think it’s not very respectful to break into someone else’s ongoing conversation and make it about your pet topic. Let’s leave this here, okay?

        Anyway, I am not aware of this having happened anywhere, but I do wonder if it could, and if the insurance company could press a malpractice case or anything similar.

        • Not being an expert in legal matters, but having looked up such things in the past out of curiosity, pretty much only the family of the deceased could press malpractice…the most an Insurance company could do is try to sue for damages and hope for a sympathetic Jury (Sympathetic to an insurance company? Pull the other one, it’s got bells on) – such a suit would be a good case for “Loser pays” tort reform. If an insurance company goes around suing doctors all willy nilly, (talk about a conflict of interest; basically one insurance company taking money from another insurance company, increasing ALL doctors’ Malpractice insurance, not just the bad ones) things would just get out of hand.

          Don’t think the Insurance company in your hypothetical has a leg to stand on.

        • Am I reading this wrong or are you planning to impersonate a doctor(or bribe a real one) and poison someone with the wrong meds just before his benefits drop by half so you(or someone you know) could collect the whole sum?

          • That would be conspiracy to commit murder, and fraud, and possibly a full on murder or manslaughter charge. Seven figures is so not worth the risk unless you have particular protection like having cops and politicians in your pockets.

      • Anyway, I am not aware of this having happened anywhere, but I do wonder if it could, and if the insurance company could press a malpractice case or anything similar.

        My impression (and I’m not in medical law or anything) is that the insurance company would only have a case if they could prove the doctor was negligent, thoroughly incompetent, or otherwise responsible for the man’s death. If the doctor made an honest misdiagnosis, and followed all the basic rules and laws, my guess is the insurance company is outta luck.

    • That depends on the difficulty of the medical decision I’d think. If it’s an easy, “You moron, you got that wrong?!?” decision then absolutely. If it’s something that would have been easily treated except they couldn’t have known what the problem was until after the autopsy anyway then absolutely not. It’s malpractice and as people with a named interest in the guy’s lifespan I’m pretty sure that they would have standing to sue in the US provided they could be fairly argued to have provided adequate resources/care themselves.
      If it was a chancy medical judgment and the guy should have had a second opinion but his HMO wouldn’t pay for it? Then it’s unclear at best for the insurance company and at worst the family may be able to name the HMO as a co-defendant in any subsequent malpractice suit.
      I am not even an American, let alone an American malpractice lawyer, so don’t take my opinion as gospel. I’m just someone who reads a lot and always makes sure to understand every last part of anything I sign. (I know, I’d make a horrible slavemaster-Professor. Who has the time to read every bit of student research they’re taking credit for?)

  5. Moot.
    They are unlikely to pursue such a claim since they probably administer the doctor’s malpractice insurance.

    • Well, there are interdepartmental fights between branches of the same company even, let alone between different companies owned by the same parent company or holding company group… but yeah, why waste lawyer hours suing yourself?

    • Rule 34 (not the evil overlord one) – There is Porn of it. No exceptions. Even “Harry on Voldie slash porn” has got to be out there somewhere…

      • When i read your words, i felt a great disturbance in the Force, as if millions of voices suddenly cried out in terror. 👿

    • Nazis in space! Now this I actually want to see! :mrgreen:

      The Santa one was, well, I assume it works better on audiences who actually celebrate Christmas along with the sillier jolly bits. But O from CommissionedComic already knew and warned us about the dangers of the Jolly Red Roof Lurker several years ago.

      And I love the sound of those Scandinavian languages

      • Santa is just Satan spelled sideways.

        Think about it…a guy in a red suit who comes out of the fireplace to tempt kids with gifts of toys…

        • Mmm…tempt kids with toys and candy…
          But didn’t we already have that joke a few days back, only with dead gods?

          Anyway I meant it’s more a thing of different cultures so I never grew up with Santa in mind, so he doesn’t bring anything to my mind other than distant, cold “facts” I’ve gleamed on TV or the internet.
          Same with Halloween, Thanksgiving etc. That’s why I only enjoy such jokes from the “outside”.

  6. While not as fun as Boobies and Kitties, I’ve always been a big fan of James Burke’s “Alternate view of change” series “Connections” (The second series isn’t as good…a classic example of the “law of sequels”)

    Now before you say “are you nuts? you’re a fan of a series about history?”, it’s not an ordinary history series, it’s about the development of technology, and how innovations come about.

    (Thats the first episode – it’s a bit nostalgic in that, yes, the first scenes take place in the World Trade Center, even scenes shot from the roof of one of the towers.)

    and that’s the second episode. There are ten altogether, and they’re all very interesting if you’re at all interested in technology and inventing, or even just in interesting historical tidbits.