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    • I’d say fairy…that shape which looks like it could be the mountain is the same size and shape of the piece of paper. The exploding fairy is just an insult to injury type of thing…or it represents the shattering of Fleece’s psyche. 😈 :mrgreen:

  1. Looks like the paper and fairy to me. I think the “BOOM” is a little much. Unless its signed “I memorized explosive runes today”

    • Exploding letter? Would that make it an Order of the Stick and a Harry Potter reference joke rolled into one? 😉

  2. “We know. It’s a river.”

    Martin, Martin, Martin. *shakes head sadly* Not only did you still have no clue that the DM was up to you, you’re no longer even trying to be subtle, are you? Yelling out the answer without waiting for the sphinx to actually start telling the riddle? Come on, there’s Giving The Answer Before the Riddle is Completely Finished”, and then there’s this. One is a sign of coolness, the other is not. You have three guesses.

    I guess deNile really is a river in Egypt.

  3. This doesn’t happen often, but I take great pleasure in asking for a round of applause for the DM. 😀 He may be a petty, foolish kind of guy, but the way H.O.L.E. cheated their way through this quest just didn’t sit right with me. It’s time for some sweet, juicy karmic backlash, and the DM is delivering.

    • kevin’s version has got way more depth
      hey kev sweet work on the second panel, looks like a gong hit “Marleece” in the head

      • You’re welcome. Part of the credit goes to Christina for suggesting that my idea of what Etrusca should do if she loses her job was reminiscent of Nodwick. I decided to find out what Nodwick -was-, and lo and behold, here were these two little gems, waiting to be shared. ^^

        • You mean you didn’t know about Nodwick, Rock???!!!

          You have a lot of fun ahead of you then. :mrgreen:

          Also, i say you owe Christina a Christmas gift for bringing Nodwick to your attension. I suggest chocolate. 😀

          Next you’ll be telling us you haven’t seen the “Gamers”-movies either…. 🙄

  4. Love panel 2.

    So I just started playing Neverwinter Nights. Uses 3.0 D&D ruleset but I have to say I am really enjoying it. For 10 or less dollars and free persistant online worlds it is a great deal for a game. There are even DM toolsets to interact with players.

    Finally can get me D&D fix 🙂

    • I keep meaning to check that out and subsequently forgetting about it right before I do. I guess that means I already have enough on my plate. 🙄

    • You can, of course, also play DDO for free (3.5 ruleset) if you don’t mind trading a lot of playtime to get some of the neater stuff (Drow, Warforged, Monks, Favoured Souls, etc) you can play it without spending penny one. ( http://www.ddo.com/ )

      They make their money from impatient players who go ahead and spend money for the premium stuff, or want to pay monthly to unlock everything…

      Drawback is, it’s in the Eberron campaign setting, not Greyhawk or Forgotten Realms…

      • Guess I’m one of the impatient ones? Although, I only spend money to unlock content (adventure packs) – they can keep their silly Warforged and Monks!

        I’ve paid to unlock a LOT of content over the past year, but still came out cheaper than paying subscription fees.

        • Yah, I play DDO and have never spent a dime, and I love my human thief… but goddamn there’s almost no locks to pick and you can’t climb walls – yet the padded armor shows a grappling hook on your back:( There are traps but the disarm skill doesn’t work often and they’re all designed so you can just run past them. In conclusion, make a fighter. You’ll have more fun. If you make anything else, the hireling vendor is your best friend:)

    • Old Grimtooth has published 8 books of traps??

      But, but, but …i’m still killing my players with traps from the second book….. 😯

      • Technically “Traps Ate” is the fifth book. They skipped a couple, presumably because they couldn’t come up with a good title pun.

        I like the “Dungeon of Doom” book, which actually has a usable dungeon composed completely of traps. Makes parts of Tomb of Horrors look tame in places…

  5. I’ve just figured this out- this strip is Kevin’s cautionary tale about the dangers of taking drugs!

    Notice how the insanity settles over Fleece to the sound of “bong”(an infamous, insidious device used for smoking drugs) is heard, and how very fucked-up* she looks as a result. Furthermore, the fat, ungainly fairy represents the horrifying results of “munchies” after said consumption of drugs, and in the conclusion she blows up, hinting at the devastated state of one’s mind following the experience, with the smoke showing us the harmful residues of harmful substances left-over even after the act. The destruction of the note also demonstrates the lack of inhibitions to commit heinous crimes against other people’s property in order to elevate the symptoms of withdrawal and support the filthy habit of drugs.

    Also, I was bored. But I’m still right about it.

    *Actual clinical term.

    • Which part represents sitting around thinking boring things are awesome and not actually overthrowing the Man? Cause that’s pretty much what drugs did in the 60’s. And yes, the Man is real. Once a year, all the richest people in the world get together at Bilderberg to plan how how to screw everyone.

    • Floss your toenails? Chew pre-chewed bubblegum?

      Sorry if that’s a little oblique for you: I mean look up the original John Krickfalusi episodes of Ren & Stimpy.

      • I was thinking more in line with “start a string of Dexter-inspired copycat killings in you neighborhood but with the victims not always being “bad guys” just so the general public would accept it and provide good ratings”. But I guess your suggestion has some merit too.
        Well, I’m certainly relieved there. I mean, bloodstains are truly awful to clean, and I was never really keen on the smell either.

        • Murder is a terrible recreational passtime for other reasons too. Not the least of those is that police hate competition and you really don’t seem like the sort of person they would willingly adopt as one of their own.

    • Are you crazy, man?! Of course Kevin didn’t draw it, we’d all go insane!

      Well, at least you guys would, I’m already quite mad as it is.

      • Well insanity is always measured relative to the local population…Thus, for California, I’m a complete and utter Loon, relative to the other people in the state…so I may, or may not, be immune, depending on how the thing works.

        • No, no, it is kind of you to say, but I intend to show these conversations(except this one, of course, I’m not that mad) to the judges in support of my insanity-plea later on, so there really is no point in making a good impression, and I’m quite sure I haven’t done so.
          Of course, that would still not explain the rest of you loonies.
          Maybe it’s a result of a webcomic artist actually showing you the symbol of insanity…Now that’s what I call an overly-long preparation for a lame gag!
          Err, I meant my comment, not Rich’s flawless strips.

        • If you want a real life version to test against yourself I might be able to find you an archived copy of Microsoft Bob from a client’s site.

  6. we gave this comic to our dm a while a ago and he is reading up, i hope he doesnt get ideas… my drow is to young to die!

  7. Nice. Nothing worse than a DM in a mood to fuck you and you can’t complain. Looks like Fleece is in for a very bad trip indeed. But Kev, IMHO, next time you blow up a fairy, don’t waste the chance to show those little wings flying off in opposite directions, it’s the cutest part:)