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  1. Her job sounds pretty crappy, maybe she should be excited about moving on? I mean, unless she’s got some insanely good health options or something, but I doubt it.

      • Another new hairdo… I liked the previous one better.

        I agree, she should see losing this job as an opportunity to haul her memory-foam mattress, bag of catnip and barbecue’d gazelle out of that dank, dark hole and head to a nice desert. Maybe then she can find a nice, male sphynx to share the charms with that had Butler so entranced before, and slaughter low-level adventurers together with.

      • Apologies, yes, the first part of the double bubble on the right in panel three. “It draws it is energy from…” with the contraction un-contracted.

        • Tsk…are we getting all spelling nazi here on the whole its vs it’s bit?

          Maybe Sphynxi use “it’s” for both?

          • I am a professional tech writer and editor–that’s high on the list of things I’m officially a consulting expert on and I get paid for. Being an editor is being a professional nitpicker who notices those small details. It sucks when I can’t turn it off when I’m on my off hours.

            • No, it’s totally okay. I really don’t mind. I’d much rather you told me and I get to decide whether or not to fix it than for me to have grammatical mistakes I didn’t know about in the comic.

  2. This just in on the “Relax, it’s only a movie” department.

    Police had to incinerate a house in California (I may be nuts, but not THIS nuts) because the guy who was renting it (Man, wouldn’t want to be THIS guy’s landlord…wonder if his insurance covers this?) was stockpiling explosives.

    Not just stockpiling explosives…I mean STOCKPILING EXPLOSIVES. There was so much of the stuff in the house that the police determined the only safe way to get rid of it was to burn the house down to the foundation. Which they did.

    Just today, it’s been announced that this whackaloon started stockpiling explosives because he wanted to protect his family when the government collapsed and the food riots started, because he went to see the movie 2012.

    Got that? He saw a movie, and decided it was gonna happen. Orson Welles would be so proud!

  3. I don’t think the rain has let down for more than 15 minutes in-between heavy showers this whole weekend. I’ve just found a tiny puddle trying to sneak in by the makeshift-porch’s door that can’t ever be completely shut(I always have to put a heavy cabinet tightly pressed against it so it won’t bang open in windy days and will at least slow down a burglar if he tried sneaking in…there’s a police station not 60 meters from here though, so the later would be rare indeed).
    I’d nail it shut but then I wouldn’t be able to go outside in case I need to, and it’s a rented apartment anyway. That and it’d still won’t be totally shut, I’m sure. Some of the modifications done to this old flat(building’s from about 1950’s-60’s and I bet was rather cheaply built even by their standards) over the years were spectacularly dumb, or the years since then were very cruel.
    To be clearer, I’m on the second floor, and the tenants on the first floor built an extension to their living room, the roof of which makes up this “porch”.

    • Soo….the police there DO actually deter crime due to the proximity of their headquarters? They don’t spend their time sitting around in their police cars munching on donuts while vigilantly watching a stoplight to make sure you come to a full and complete stop, while a mugging could happen right behind them, and they’d most likely arrest the VICTIM for shouting for help and thus “disturbing the peace?”

      Or (and this one actually happened in Canada) pulling a 50 year old accountant over because their CAR was the wrong COLOR according to their computer, pulling them out of the car, mashing their face into the ground, BREAKING THEIR ARM, handcuffing them, and THEN checking out their story, saying “OK, your story checks out, you’re free to go”, and leaving them on the side of the road with a broken arm, broken glasses, and then their chief refusing to press charges against the officers for assault?

      • I doubt police officers here actually eat doughnuts(though here they’d be sufganiyot and not the bagel-shaped ones you’re used to) at all unless it’s around Hanukkah, which it was throughout last week, and certainly not as much as their American counterparts are supposedly consuming. I believe croissants, rugelach(basically a simpler croissant) and such are more common throughout the year.

        You know, this might be the first(or second) Hanukkah during which I ate no donuts at all, and is certainly the one that passed the fastest without me even remembering there was a holiday(and a week-long one at that) going on.
        Damn, I could use some donuts right now… 🙁

        Now back to the police. They probably deter burglars the same way a small-time crook knows not to operate on turf belonging to a powerful gangster, and for the same reason- the cops don’t like competition.