26 Responses to 737 – White Smoke Mountain • 104

    • Dwarves used to have poker halls everywhere, but they eventually realized they would have more fun if they replaced the word “poker” with “beer”.

  1. So I’m guessing Martin didn’t see the exchange about Vecnus not really getting invovled because Erias doesn’t want him to?

  2. Aww… I kinda wanted to see Martin have a whiny screaming fit.
    Which is difficultto do artistically, I admit, since we never get to see the actual players.

    “You’re not trying to blame this on me, are you?”
    Yes… yes, we certainly do, Martin.

    • I considered it, but decided against it. Fleece was always supposed to have sort of “Barbie doll” proportions, since she was essentially Martin’s in-game beard. I couldn’t see the nose fitting with the concept. That’s not to say there won’t be a change though.