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    • Maybe it was during a break in the same session?

      With what we know about our Unseen DM so far, it probably took less than 5 minutes. The other players probably didn’t even know they were gone.

        • Ah I see it now, it says , “One three and a half minute break later” in the first panel.
          Was that text box there before 😐 and I missed it , or did you add that in and re-uploaded the strip, Kevin?

            • LOL, no, I added it after I saw the confusion. I had considered it at first, and then decided I didn’t really need it. I figured if I had been waffling and others seemed to need it, it would be fine to go ahead and stick it in.

              • “if…others seemed to need it, it would be fine to go ahead and stick it in.”

                Yeah, I’ve thought that too, often. It’s why I have a court order saying I have to stay at least 50 yards away from farm animals and machinery.

  1. DOOM! :mrgreen:

    Possible in the mood from the screwover… If I hated a player and saw him get his comeuppance…I’d likely be too.

    As for timing..I can imagine the session ending after…well…Martin lost his marbles.

    I’d imagine the player would have had a bitchfit. Though…the fact that she does say Martin only has one char left..implies the player is so unimaginative he names the char after himself.

  2. Damn, I’ve been invited to a D&D group playing Pathfinder, but it’s on the other side of the country and too far away for me, even if I had a car. And they plan to play about once a week too. 😥
    Truly, as they say, God gives nuts to those without teeth.

      • Thats what my old high school group is doing. Over half of us went out of state for college. The rest all around town so it would be lengthy drives for everyone but the person hosting. So we are just usng skype and aim chat rooms en masse. Its going to be awesome.

    • Skype? Aim? MSNmessenger?

      These all have free webcam chatting ability. Hook it up to a HD TV and you have larger than life interaction!

      • Yes, Mr. DM, I totally rolled 10 perfect 20’s in a row. 🙄
        It’s not really something you can keep doing all the time with a new gaming group of people you’ve never met and never will since you’re just too far away from their meetings. It’s funny when it’s in a comic, not so in real life.

        • Have the DM make your rolls for ya. Or set up a secondary “Dice cam” he can put in the lower corner of the screen.

        • OK, enough speculation and advice. I’ll just answer everyone right here. Not being physically present at a gaming session- webcams, dice-rolling utilities and other people rolling for me etc is, to me, akin to playing a forum based RPG, which just isn’t my thing.
          Furthermore, no sane group of people will go to the inconvenience of including a new member whom no one has met and who never shows up in person. This whole idea is silly. Silly, silly, silly. Now get on with it.

          Get on with it!

          • I think they should put the webcam inside of a baby-doll they put on the table, looking at the play area. That would give orald a little height perspective and give everyone else something to look at when they talk to him. I’m pretty sure that there’s even a webcam utility out there that has a dice-roller included.

        • All I have to say about picking that as a topic is that folks reading this crap in the US might get labeled as a person of interest or even charged and I don’t even know what the US would try to do to non-citizens who read it.
          I will counter that with: The people in charge of that decision are sociopathic morons trying to keep secret things that never really were secret to begin with and ought never have been secret as a rule. An example: The US ambassador dictating that Spain extend copyright maximalism in its laws using various arm-twisting measures to pressure them is something Americans ought say, “Not in my fucking name you don’t!” about. The fact that the RIAA spends enough lobby money in DC to get the foreign service to do that for them says something about slimy, treasonous corruption!

          Sorry… I started ranting… calm, calm, #@$(*@#$(*@&#(&@*#*!!!!

  3. I’m not quite sure if they had sex, or if seeing Martin killed was as good as sex for her. Either way she doesn’t seem too upset by the whole thing.

  4. So we’re still calling Martin Martin? Can we assume Martin is the player’s name, given that Martin is an unusual name for a warlock? Or can we start calling him Fleece on the basis it would really annoy him?

  5. To be honest, I don’t think that Martin (The player) will be much worse off as I have always seen him more as a rogue. The fact that he is now female, and doesn’t have his infinite number of blasts per day, just means that he is now ‘limited’ to the absurd number of skill points and skills available to rogue / assassins.

    • While technically true, Alan, it still isn’t what he wanted. Also, he has lost all of Martin’s magic, AND the warlock was 2 levels higher than everyone else in the party. It really is a setback for him.

      • Well given that Martin had the Wish Ring, and will no doubt convince the DM that Fleece had it on her, he’ll probably try wording a wish to bring the Warlock back…after all, being in love with the warlock was written into her character/clan…

          • Hey, the player isn’t obligated to play the character the same way the DM has been playing her…Given Martin’s sneaky tendancies, I wouldn’t put it past him to make a wish that “just coincidentally” brought the ‘lock back as a “side effect”

        • Why would the warlock have given the Wish ring to an assassin-fore-hire rogue? No, I hope the DM bites that idea in the butt. Martin’s player does not have magical powers of persuasion like his character did.

          And the new Fleece pretty much treated her “employer” with contempt and a knife held to his throat.

      • Huh. I didn’t know that he was higher level.

        Maybe I should go and read the comic again.

        In any case, I appreciate that it isn’t what he wanted, just that it seems more in character for him.