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      • I knew(well, been in touch over the internet, I find that “knew” is too strong a word for that kind of connection) someone from Florida who raised a few cows for food and she never touched any of the internal organs, or even things like cow’s tongue. I think that’s a sorry waste of good meat.
        I got the impression Americans, those that haven’t just gotten to the USA themselves or only a generation ago and know what traditional cooking is, don’t eat internal organs that much, and my theory, if that assumption is correct, is that they’re too used to processed meats and fast-food restaurants. But that’s not limited to Americans, they just had a head-start with the processed foods.

        While I too mostly ate things like sausages, if and when I get the time(especially this last year) to cook I prefer to really cook things and not just fry some cheap sausages. Sure, I don’t cook elaborate, stylish dishes(because what’s the point, really? I don’t get to present it to anyone, nor would I care to, and I’ve got a taste for simple home-cooking), but I try to at least chop up some chicken and vegetables and cook it instead of relying on processed foods.
        Just about all of my dishes are a simple job or chopping 2-3 ingredients(onions, meat and sometimes another vegetable or two…onions are my base ingredient), adding some condiments and cooking them in a pot(recently bought a new one big enough for my bigger dishes, the ones that last me for about a week), but it beats the hell out of plain old sausages.
        I also prefer making my own schnitzels to eating frozen, ready-for-microwave-oven ones. They’re tastier, juicier and cheaper to make, and aside from slicing the slab of chicken breast to make the individual slices for the first time they’re just as quick to make as the microwave ones.
        Also, it lets me play with knives and meat.

        • We can blame the paranoid fear of BSE for the over-ignorage of other parts of the cow than the actual muscle meat.

          There used to be a “Brain sandwich” in the big slaughterhouse cities (Sliced fried cow brains) – not likely these days, doncha think?

          • I like traditional Southern recipes. Give me lard, butter, or bacon grease over that processed-used-to-be-food substitute any day. But there’s one I’m very glad they changed.

            Brunswick Stew used to be made with squirrel. (There’s debate whether it started in Brunswick, VA, NC, or GA, but there’s no debate about the squirrel part.)

            There is also a documented connection between eating squirrel (particularly the brains) and CJD. Kinda makes me wonder if the stereotype of the slackjawed hillbilly had more to do with that than any inbreeding… as a lot of the Appalachian mountain folk I know are generally more clever and definitely more handy than city folk…

          • I actually worked summerjobs in a sausage making plant.
            It took 2 years before i had forgotten enough about how they were made and what was in them to eat another sausage again. 🙄

          • Well, yea, but that’s not exactly what I meant. Besides, I meant internal organs like brains, livers, hearts etc, not skin, fur, feathers, bones and cartilage like in sausages. 😛

            And Elfguy, yea, she also mentioned mad-cow disease in her reasoning, but I suspect it’s more unfamiliarity with those animal parts than any real fear of catching a disease(especially since she raises the damn cows herself).
            Also, why doesn’t it surprise me the sandwich was FRIED brains? Ugh, it’s such delicate organ, frying must ruin it.

        • A friend of mine had used this logic.
          The purpose of the liver is to filter the blood.
          Cows have been found to have eaten a wide number of objects and are not picky about what is in their body.
          Therefore a cows liver contained things not even a cow wanted in it, so there was no way he was going to eat it.

          Personally, get my some onions and that liver is good for the table. 8)

          • Nah, I’ve always found cow’s liver to be too chewy for me. It might just be that crazy bitch’s(mom) cooking but I prefer chicken livers. I’d scorch them a bit on a grill over the stove fire, keeping them a bit pinkish on the inside, like she does(well, the “somewhat raw” was my thing, not hers, and she’d later cook it again anyway, kosher stuff to get rid of the blood, bah), but that’d be just too messy for me to care cleaning, so I just put in with the onions after they turn golden and let it cook a bit till it’s not all bloody.

            I’m afraid I just love talking about cooking, I’m such a damn housewife… 😳

  1. Thought #1: Bye-bye, Martin! 😈

    Thought #2: Er, Vecnus? Should you really be letting the guy who is your potential rival handle your human body? 😐 Human necks break so easily…

    Thought #3: Salt? What? 😕 Uh… say, is Erias a mindflayer?… gaah, MINDFLAYER!! Run away! 😯

    Thought #4: Gosh, Martin has pretty hair. 😳

    Thought #5: Damn you, homoerotic subtext! :mrgreen:

        • If I remember correctly, mindflayer mouths look more like a lamprey’s, ringed with tiny teeth, not like an octopus beak. 😐
          But then, if Erias is a mindflayer, he’s of the rare, two-tentacled variety, commonly known as “mustachios” by laymen. They’re shy and retiring because they suffer from tentacle envy.

          Erias can kiss, so… probably no beak.

          • Now how exactly do two lamprey-faced “Mustachios” kiss? I’m trying to picture it but I just can’t. Can Aliens or Predators kiss with their mouth-pieces shaped like that? Do sandworms, with their distinctively lamprey-shaped mouths kiss their sweethearts, given that they’re both resistant to the immense heat generated and emanated from their digestive systems and out of their mouths? Is that how they lose all those teeth people later find and shape into crysknives? Am I too long awake because my sister just had to ask me to babysit her kids and it’s starting to affect my mind?

            • Wait, ‘he’? I was under the impression that Erias is female, given Horse-Boy’s obvious heterosexual preferences. Uh. And his girlfriend’s obvious preference for bestiality.

              I need to trawl the archives again.

  2. Wow. Erias really is the biggest bastard in the comic. Imagine being badass enough to scam the evil deity of secrets… ^^ I was out when the Monday update went up, but let me just say right now that I love the way Martin got his comeuppances. The DM finally got one over on him, it’s amazing!

      • Uh, when my cats have that problem I use hairball medicine, it has to either be shoved down their throat or in some other way made certain to go in the right place instead of somewhere else for most cats though. You’re not a cat so this shouldn’t be so hard to apply to yourself as long as you have the stones for it.

  3. so is the DM smarter then we thought? or did he cheat somehow and ask kevin for DM to DM advice?
    on the otherhand maybe not kevin could be a group of buddies, so Ill just quote house real quick

    “Two geniuses have a IQ north of 300”
    House: “yea and so does 5 morons”

    • I was an interior design major in college. An evil architect or designer can really mess with your head, because they can design the structure in a way that it JUST FEELS WRONG but you can’t ever put your finger on what or why, so the rational part of your brain tries to tell the part with the heebie-jeebies to shut up (making things worse, naturally). No trap doors or other dungeon accoutrements necessary. Just subtle things like the walls being just a hair off, or for a more immediate effect, causing people to fall down the stairs by varying the riser height imperceptibly.

      I’m still not sure whether that classmate was deliberately going for that effect in a restaurant, or if he was just that bad an artist…

      • Or walls that are just a FEW degrees off from a 90 degree angle…not enough to be obvious…just enough to subconsciously register as “wrong”

        • I assume you mean vertically tilted, not horizontally, like so: / . Now a tilted ceiling/floor would be great for bumping heads or falling, or when you sleep on such a floor you notice you’re getting pulled to one side and are always worried you’ll fall off(and thanks to GRRM’s description of the Eyrie’s “sky-cells”).

          • Another unsettling thing to do is mess with the floor fasteners/supports (think of open-riser metal stairs, with a long drop below- and the treads rattle and shift underfoot). All sorts of stuff you can totally do without magic to seriously freak people out. Simple annoyance is easy- most builders have that one down cold (why would you put the light switch on the hinge side of the door?!) Real mindscrew takes an evil plan.

            Google “Gaudi” for some disturbing yet cool in a way architecture…

  4. Thinking… if Martin gets placed into Fleece’s body to play, leaves the question do warlock powers eminate from the mind (consciousness) or body(spirit)?

    If they are of the mind then would we be looking at a rogue warlock?

    • An interesting question, but it’s really beside the point. Martin is slated to die, at which point Martin’s player will take over playing the character of Fleece full time. There would be no spiritual switching.

    • In this case the character Martin will die and all his warlock powers go with him. But it is interesting to use spells like reincarnation and have your halfling rogue come back as a half-orc or something. (This happened to me last session, I was hoping for a bugbear body, but +4 str at a cost of -2 dex and no int or cha change was worth it, too bad about the negative level but I was dead so that’s unavoidable.)

  5. I just noticed, isn’t Vecnus’ hand in the 1st panel reversed? We shouldn’t be seeing the inside of the palm but the outside, unless he grafted it on the wrong hand. Seems it’s the right(directionally-wise) hand grafted on the left arm, so maybe Martin’s player just didn’t want to replace his original right hand?

  6. Hmm, well as Martins player will most likely start playing Fleece, it dawns on me that Fleece will probably get some good stuff soon as her new player will know how to hack the module. :mrgreen:

      • Do polymorph spells still exist in 4E?
        I don’t want Martin’s player to wiggle himself out of this so easily, or at all.

        Fleece is far too competent. Martin should be forced to play some useless NPC they just happen to stumble across in the next room.

        Or Bunker’s evil ex-pally horse. 😯

        • Or have Martin wander off from the group for some reason and get bitten by the werewolf they set lose…Talk about it being “That time of month”…