7 Days to New HOLE!

So how did it go? Did you get everything you were after? Were people pleased with your gifts? Was it even better than you were hoping for? Was the bill even higher?

I’m writing this a little bit ahead of time so I haven’t actually opened anything yet, though there are a stack of presents under the tree. Of course the truth is that I’ll be delighted with anything Lena thought to get for me, but I could be even delighteder with one or two specifics.

How did the event compare to the anticipation?

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  1. I guess I don’t really have as much anticipation as I used to, I certainly didn’t feel the build up as much this year, but that might be because this was the first time I’ve not been at my parents home on the 25th.

    Not that I’m complaining, it was a wonderful day spent with just me and my girlfriend, and was so relaxed as we were able to do everything at our own pace. We’ve been steadily opening our presents since the 21st (we celebrate Yule, so have twelve days of surprising each other with things) and I’ve not once been disappointed, so I guess really, the event surpassed the anticipation easily.

    Thankfully, we know each other so well that our presents are always things that the other enjoys – I got her the complete Buffy and Angel DVD sets for example, and she has showered me with Forgotten Realms novels.

    It’s my first Christmas away from my parents and siblings, but I’ve been with my family all the same.

    And it was great πŸ˜€

    • I can tell you missed the family, but it sounds like you had a terrific time. Lena and I have the whole Buffy and Angel runs too, and we tend to watch the about once a year. They were well worth the investment.

  2. This reminds me that I’ve never been good with gifts. I guess pleasing others that way always seemed…unimportant. One exception is that I always liked giving new treats&bones to my late dog. Maybe because he was always really excited about them in his innocent, uncritical way.

    And really, “delighteder”? I know you’re trying to come up with new words for me and others to learn, but making them up doesn’t work.

      • While that’s true I hope you’re not saying I can just use bad grammar and instead of passing it as a simple mistake to actually insist it’s a new word because “I said so”. “Blog” is a neologism, “Englishly” isn’t. Yet.
        So “delighteder” isn’t a very englishly thing to say.

        • Sure it is – as long as you’re an Englishian.

          If you know the rules, you can break the rules for added effect. That is what Kevin has done.

          • I understand that, I wasn’t seriously suggesting it was an error on his side(it’d have to be quite a slip, it’s not a simple typo), though I thought my joking attitude was rather more obvious than the replies I’ve received thus far have shown me. Or did anyone think I was actually implying that Kevin takes care, on a conscious level, to expand my vocabulary? Of course not. Kevin’s here to expand my doodled*-booby horizons.

            I have a feeling most of my jokes aren’t understood as jokes, and some of my serious musings are taken as jokes/banter.

            *Maybe “doodle” isn’t the right word for it since it’s more than a simple careless drawing.

          • I know it is, that’s why I bothered to add that “yet” in the first place. It would all make for a better argument if “delighteder” was actually a good word-play. As it is it doesn’t look any different than a simple typo in that context, unless I missed some subtle in-joke.
            And I was making a joke when I “criticized” Kevin for it anyway, but it’s OK, I know no one understands when I make a joke, probably because they have no real sense of humor. Cops especially.

    • You know Orald, and I mean this in the kindest possible way, but seldom a day goes by that I don’t wish for you an eventual growth out of your self-involved myopia. It may sound trite to you, but it is not possible to become a fully realized human being by yourself. Socialization, love, and the need for others and to be needed by them are hard-wired into our DNA. Awakening to the kind of happiness that kindness can bring can be breath-taking and life altering. And I have real faith that this can and will happen for you.

      After all, I was once just as big a dick as you are.

      • I have love for some things, just not all things. You may see it as “being a dick”, but I just don’t like most people. In fact I have another kind of feeling towards most people, filed under the “illegal” and “possibly-immoral”(whatever the latter means anyway, it seems to change from person to person) sections. Lets just say that these feelings seem to not only not go away as I get older but to intensify. So no, I don’t think I’ll “grow out of it” as you say. I’d probably grow out of liking men before that, since the later came much later in life, only about 6-7 years ago in fact, so it’s a much better candidate for ” it’s just a phase”.

        Anyway, I never had this Christmas experience where the whole thing seems to revolve around giving presents, so pardon my lack of understanding. The most I was ever “encouraged” to give(or receive, if we’re at it) was birthday presents, and the last time I did that was when I and my friends turned 13(Bar Mitzvah), and by then it’s usually just a check like most people give at weddings etc(at least here that’s what most people do). So don’t expect me to understand this “Christmas spirit” even if it wasn’t for my overall attitude. I’m not trying to be a dick, I’m just not feeling connected to it.

        P.S. I know a lot of people seem to celebrate birthdays every year, but the last time I celebrated was when I was 13, with the aforementioned Bar Mitzvah. I wasn’t even aware of how much people fussed over it until I transferred to another school(secular this time) for my 12th grade and saw the silly b-day dates of everyone in the classroom.

        • It’s not at all about Christmas, little dude. It’s about being open to people and getting rewarded for it.

          Most folks mellow as they get older, becoming calmer, kinder, and happier. But some people simply become more entrenched in their beliefs, growing more bitter and less happy with each passing year. I hope for the former for you, but it’s completely your choice. I can hope, but I know I can’t affect.

          Happy Monday to you Orald. πŸ™‚

          • I don’t like Mondays.

            Maybe I just need to learn to shut up when everyone’s being so cheery, or even learn to pretend it myself. I did advise myself the former but a nagging part of my personality keeps breaking that rule. I’ll admit I talk too much on matters best left unsaid(for my sake).

  3. I wasn’t really expecting anything spesific, though i must say i was very happy getting “Jewel of the Empire”.

    All in all i’m good. πŸ˜€

  4. I got exactly what I asked for… nothing! πŸ™‚ And I got something I certainly didn’t ask for, but wanted nonetheless.

  5. So I got the usual bundle of clothes, my sweaters now officialy out number my shirts.

    I received some awesome Wii games, the Mario game where all 4 people can play, a hunting game complete with gun holder for the controller, so we can blast small defenseless animals (much fun) for points, and a Wii Dance game which despite being childish is an enormous amount of fun.

    The other 20 hours of christmas was spent driving to and from family, and then dealing with the feuds that develope come dinner time.

    Next year I say screw the family and go hide out on some secluded bahama beach.

  6. Honestly we’ve been so broke lately that I didn’t expect to get anything. We spent what money we had on the kids and made them quite happy (though my greedy little four year old daughter bitched about not getting enough presents. Straight up to the point that I pointed out to her that her mother and I only got one each.) I wasn’t expecting anything, like I said, but my wife surprised me and got me a Lego Kingdoms Jester. I love jesters, always have, and it now holds a place of honor on my desk. Right up next to my British Flag and my Usagi Yojimbo statuette. Oh, and bullet bill and bob-omb. All the important things. So it was a pretty good day all told. I’m glad for those of you who also had a good day, and sorry if you didn’t.

  7. I spent the day watching “Smallville” episodes with my grandmother. I’d given her her present (a 42″ plasma TV) several days earlier, and she’s on medicaid and doesn’t have any money, so my present was being able to spend time with her (My mom sprung for the flight to Alaska)

    And that’s the only present I really wanted anyway. Grandma is 92, so I won’t be able to see her too many times, probably (Though I’ve told her she has to stick around until she gets the traditional congratulatory letter from the President of the United States for reaching 100 years old)

  8. I ask for nothing and expect nothing, so whatever I do get is a suprise and a blessing. I spend all year saying “Hey, that’s pretty cool. I wish I had one of those.” Those who care will pick up on stuff like that. That’s how I shop for others. I look at what they pick up and go “Oooh, cool!”, and that’s what I tend to buy them later on for Christmas. When you ask for something specific, you set yourself up for dissappointment- and that’s no fun for anyone.