3 Days to New HOLE!

Today is my last official vacation day, and I want to tell everyone thanks. As of this writing I haven’t actually started my vacation yet, but I’m sure you were all great sports about it and that we all had a lot of fun.

I’ll let you know below if I did anything excessively cool, but mostly I want everyone to say HAPPY BIRTHDAY to Lena! (First!) She gets a raw deal usually with her birthday being on New Year’s Eve, but this year we’ve decided to throw a party anyway. I think it’ll be next weekend, but I’ll let you know how it goes.

In any case, I love you Lena. You are the world to me, and I hope you have a fantastic birthday.


P.S. Happy New Years to everyone else!

23 Responses to 3 Days to New HOLE!

  1. Birthday on New Years Eve eh? Congratulations, Lena, for refraining from joining the ranks of the undead for another year!

  2. Congratulations. You should look at your birth date this way- you’re so awesome that people are counting the years from the day you were born!
    All I got for my b-day is…Well, looking at Wikipedia there ARE some very interesting historical events, some of them actually important, but all in all rather disappointing.
    Damn, Facebook stole my b-day, how embarrassing. 🙁

  3. Happy Birthday Lena! 25 again this year? 😉

    On the subject of birthday’s, my sister’s boyfriend from the Bahamas came for a visit this Christmas, and his birthday is Christmas day! How sucky is that! Of course, it wasn’t all bad for him – he proposed Christmas Eve, and she accepted, so I guess that’s a good birthday present.

  4. On the subject of birthday dates, at least on the Jewish calender(which is what I used to count by when I was little and still celebrated) my older sister’s date is 2 days before a major holiday(Hanukkah), mine is about 2 months after that, 2 days before a minor holiday. Since both holidays begin at the 15th of each of their respective months we also get to have them on the 23rd and the 13th, respectively, and either my little sister or my late father also had their birthday on another month’s 23rd(the other one has it on the same month only on the 21st…I never could remember which one had which because I never cared to remember or celebrated either). It doesn’t mean anything, but I always found the tiny repetitiveness slightly curious.
    And since my rough calculati0n of my late dog’s birthday led to about a week around my own birthday, I united the two dates so I had a reason to “celebrate” a bit(a nice special treat and extra hugs&kisses…to dog of course).

  5. Happy birthday Lena! 🙂

    I just came home from a birthday party – my grandmother was also born on New Year’s Eve. I think that’s a pretty awesome birthday to have (everyone is partying on your birthday!), but I can understand the unfairness of having it so close the major gift-giving Winter holidays. That’s why I’m glad I was born in July.

    I can’t wait for the new HoLE!

  6. Happy (belated) Birthday, Lena! And Happy New Year, everyone!

    I can’t decide if having a birthday on New Year is cool as it means you are sure to get a birthday party with fireworks every year, or if it’s hard to get a birthday party going because everyone else is going dancing or getting drunk. 😐 At least it’s always a holiday.