17 Days to New HOLE!

The comments in these “Simon’s Cat” shorts is always full of, “My cat is just like this!” Well duh. They’re all just like this. My 21 year old cat will sit on a table and push shit off onto the floor just to watch it break. (Go into the light… there’s Cheetos and cloth furniture in the light…)

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    • Cat + christmas tree = small child + christmas tree. At least small children will grow out of it. And can be argued with. On the other hand you can lock the cat up in the bathroom and no-one will call child services. πŸ˜‰

      The final cat gesture, “Feed me now?” was hilarious.

        • I’d say he has got cat behavior down to perfection.

          Cats are utterly insane.

          Ours (named Whitefoot) used to attack the television each time there was a footballmatch (That would be soccer for the yanks) on it, trying to eat those delicious looking little tidbits that ran around on the screen.

          Whitefoots form of attack was a full running, flying leap attack which meant that it jumped headfirst into a tv-screen at full speed. As you might imagine, it was very hard to maintain your dignity after such a blooper, but Whitefoot tried really hard. With somewhat unfocused eyes she would then leave the living room with her tail held high and return 10 minutes or so later, assuming we would have all forgotten about things by then.
          There would be about 3 minutes of silence and then.. *BLAM* …she would do the exact same thing again.

          I’m not sure why she never learned from the constant failures, but i imagine the repeated concussions probably played a part. πŸ™„

          • Good thing you had an old fashioned picture-tube type TV and not a flatscreen…repeated feline impacts would eventually cause damage to most flatscreen types…

              • I’ve recently watched all his HBO recordings, so yeah. Personally I think his last two were rather disappointing compared to his earlier stuff, but he was getting on in years and it showed, especially as he always had a very energetic style of presentation. But also the subjects themselves were more like “angry old man grumbling about how his country has gone downhill”.

  1. “My 21 year old cat will sit on a table and push shit off onto the floor just to watch it break.”

    What do you expect? It’s not like she’s got many entertainment options. No thumbs = no Xbox.

      • If it’s 21 years old, how does it manage to get up on the table? That’s like 120 years old in people years…

      • Not so far-fetched. I personally had a cat live to be 18. She was very active and able to get around fairly well right up until the final weeks.

        • We have two twenty-one year old cats, neither of which seem interested in dying anytime soon. They’re not even remotely related to each other. Stupid cats.

          A very good friend of mine kept his cat, Birdie, until she was 24, and she looked and acted healthy right up until she keeled over. One of ours does have high blood pressure, but the stupid medicine (which she loves) totally controls it.

          • I know there are Maine Coon type cats in their thirties and I’ve heard rumours of some of them making it into their fourties but that last part is unconfirmed in my general knowledge. Anybody able to find an oldest housecat section in their copy of the Guinness Book of Records?

    • Rule 34 of course. Just hope the DM doesn’t roll for species too…gotta watch out for those Trollish Aged Madams…

      • Maybe they’re old but at least they’re not hags.

        But what I really meant was- really, they needed a a special random table just for the different descriptions one might give to a prostitute lady of the night?

        P.S Mmm…Nicki Howorth, despite the awful hair-do/wig.

          • An oldie but a goody. I do admit I loath people who care enough to celebrate this holiday but must change it to be PC and accessible to everyone more than the retards who actually believe it. Well, guess what? It’s a stupid holiday. It’s religious in nature. If you’re not happy with some religion then don’t fucking follow its holidays.
            You can always go on a shopping binge followed by a hearty meal on February 22nd instead, and not call it by any denomination-related name.