11 Days to New HOLE!

This video made me so happy I cried. It is a pitch-perfect demonstration of why my Christmas tree is decorated with Mickey heads and topped with Tinkerbell.

Kroiden stuck this in the comments below, and I loved it so much I thought it needed to go up here. Merry fucking Christmas, dude!

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  1. The Westboro Freakazoids again eh? Does anyone still think this is a church and not a bunch of losers who are so desperate for attention, and so stupid, they can’t think of anything better to do with their time?

    Can’t SOME rich leftie give all these losers a free one-way flight to, say, Egypt or Sudan?

    (I was in the air on the day of the “penis song” post…that guy’s video had infinitely more class than these bozos.)

  2. Oh man, these guys crack me up. But what was with the lady holding the sign that said You will eat your children? Oh wait, I get it, after they all get flown up in the Rapture (do they know that’s not in the Bible?) I’ll be stuck here on Earth eating children, presumably because I’ll finally be able to, without them looking over my shoulder. They know me so well:)

  3. They do have a point, you know. Christianity has adopted so many paganistic rituals that have nothing to do with the core beliefs, and like all organized religions has been corrupted by its own establishment. Now if they truly wanted to just “return it to its roots” it wouldn’t be bad, especially since those roots go against all their hatred and intolerance.

    What I don’t understand is what does Santa have to do with being gay(I’m guessing it’s just the “gay=evil” so they put it everywhere), unless, when he’s not using them for slave labor, he’s molesting his little helpers. I can see why the clergy adopted this jolly fat elf-molester with such fervor. 😛

  4. I’m so stealing this and sharing it with all my online pals !

    Thanks for this wonderful Christmas gift, Kevin! :mrgreen:

  5. I’m still having trouble thinking they’re the ones talking about raping children with the catholic priest scandals.

    The Pope tried to hide it by blaming (once again) atheists for the Third Reich, knowing perfeclt every soldier in the army wore a cross-shaped belt saying “Gott Mit Unst”, God with us! He should’ve know better, he was in the Hitler Youth!

    I made a sign I planted outside. It reads: “God will torture you if you’re bad. Santa has it better: at least, he asks you to be good for goodness’ sake.”

    • I thought Santa asked you to be good so you’ll get presents…

      Seems like the only guy kinda connected to these two who actually asked people to be good for goodness’ sake was Jesus. A damn shame nobody seems to remembers him these days. 🙁

    • http://scienceblogs.com/pharyngula/2010/12/the_war_on_christmas_retrospec.php
      The War on Christmas, retrospective edition: Inside a Nazi Christmas Party, 1941,
      via P.Z. Myers Pharyngula science blog.
      Myers: “Uh-oh. I just godwined Christmas. If it ends now, it’s all my fault. Sorry.”

      The biting sarcasm in the comments section just made my day.
      “Well, you’ve got to admit, the white swastikas in the second picture are very festive.” :mrgreen:

      (P.S. It’s “Gott Mit Uns”, no need for the extra t.)

      • Poor fuhrer, he looks really bummed out in the first pic. Maybe Santa didn’t bring him the super-heavy long-range bomber he was pining for?

  6. Wasn’t there some conservative American radio talk show host who went onto a venom-spewing tirade about a county or school or whatever that had decided to replace Santa Claus holiday ads with Frosty the Snowman? He was ranting about how this proved that the “godless liberals” wanted to destroy Christmas… because we all know that Santa Claus was born on Christmas eve… oh wait.

    I think a lot of this confusion stems from the fact hat US Americans have conflated the artifically invented figure of Santa Clause with the Christ child, and now Christmas seems to be all about this Cola Cola commercial figure in a red coat and a reindeer sled, giving out presents to children. Now, Santa may be based loosely on Saint Nicholas a.k.a. Saint Nikolaus a.k.a. Sinterklaas, but first of all the whole idea of St Nicholas judging the children and bringing presents to the good children and punishing the naughty ones never featured toy-making elves, and second of all… Saint Nicholas’ Day is December 6th, not December 24th! (Or December 25, which is when Americans celebrate Christmas.) Here in Germany, we don’t hang up stockings, we tell the children to put out their freshly cleaned boots on the evening of December 5th and if they’ve been good, by the next morning St. Nikolaus will have put a small present (or more traditionally some oranges and sweets) into them. Or birch rods, if they’re been naughty. No reindeer, no sleds, and certainly no merry toy-making elves dressed in green. Although that stuff is creeping in via American movies, same with the idea that “Santa” in a red coat and long beard will sit around in malls and give presents to children. But traditionally, it’s the “Christkind” (the Christ child) that puts presents under the tree on Christmas eve (December 24th).

    It’s all fused into a lump of incoherent mythology with parts borrowed from folklore and modern commercials.

    • Addendum: Admittedly, I forgot to mention the “Weihnachtsmann” (literally “Holy Night man”), a guy in a red suit and white beard and carrying a big sack over the shoulder who helps out the Christ child with the presents… because obviously (well it seems obvious and logical when you’re four years old) a small baby cannot carry presents. And the Three Wise Men from the East apparently went straight home after buggering some sheep. And the carrying capacity of angels is unknown.
      But again, no elves nor red-nosed reindeer around the crib.

    • Just a minor point, there’s not that much of a difference between stockings and boots. I could make my own version but with sandals, but it’s still the same.
      And looking from the “outside” I don’t see, apart from a slightly different date, much difference in the core “beliefs”. From what you’ve said it’s a simple case of concentrating several close holidays into one. Yes, it’s dumb, and yes, it’s got no relation to Christianity. But then most of today’s Christianity has nothing to do with anything Jesus was supposedly trying to say and is just “fluff” material.

  7. I don’t really take the Christian mythology any more seriously than the pope takes Greek mythology. But I have to say any organization that so blatantly teaches children such hatred as was displayed in that video should not be allowed to be around children or anyone under 18 at all.