10 Days to New HOLE!

Tomorrow is Christmas, yo, and I was wondering, what are you hoping for this year? Are there any things that you’ve been hinting at for a while that you’d like to find under the tree? (I’d tell you what I was hoping for but Lena reads this and I’m sure coming right out and saying it would violate the terms of our Hinting Not Asking contract. It’s a thing.) Let us all know now, so we can come back and compare Monday with the things we actually did get!

38 Responses to 10 Days to New HOLE!

  1. Well, I’ve already gotten what I wished for – a site where I can buy old RPG games that have been altered to suit the newer versions of Windows. Heck, they even got Planescape : Torment. Dunno if I am allowed to post the site adress, though.

    • Sure. The spam filter usually only goes after things with multiple addresses or certain keywords. If it catches you just let me know and I’ll wave you through.

        • Hey, they have Evil Genius! I could never get that to run properly from the install disk (it was already a couple of generations behind the times when I first got a copy) – I’ll have to check that out when I get back to California…It’s a fun game, but it kept bugging out and CTD if I got too many minions…

    • Yeah, it was kind of a big deal when gog got a hold of the old Black Isle games. I, luckily, still have all my discs though. Haven’t bought anything from them since last year’s Christmas, which I’m ashamed of. And I STILL haven’t gotten around to playing half of the games I got.

      Man, I am a terrible gamer.

  2. Even if I celebrated x-mas I still wouldn’t have told you my wishes as they’re all quite illegal. πŸ˜‰

    Anyway, here’s something related I’m sure you’ll enjoy: Jihad Bells!

    BTW, the “minister’s” name translates to something like “tall joke”, the joke being the kind of joke that’s on you when you mess something up, like slipping on a banana peel.

      • That’s what you’d think. But if people expressed some of their darker/naughtier wishes out loud they could get into trouble with the law.

        • You mean like dreaming of mushroom clouds over Mecca and Medina? Maybe due to a malfunction of some lunatic terrorist weapons lab to make it truly karmic justice?

          • You know how crazy strict anti-pedophilia laws are here in North America?

            In Canada, if a sixteen year old girl has sex with a sixteen your old boy and writes it in her diary, that diary is now technically illegal. You see, it “depicts sexual acts involving minors.” Hello, life sentence for reading some girl’s diary!

            Now, the law enforcement doesn’t usually act on those kind of things (common sense hurray), but get a little more explicit and towards the actually illegal stuff and the RCMP will probably be at your door soon.

              • Just wait until they invent robotic horses…with lasers! 8)
                Or maybe they’ll skip the horses altogether and go straight for bear cavalry.

                Speaking of Canada and bear cavalry, this is something I really didn’t expect to find while searching the later phrase, but it does show I might be right about skipping the horses.

            • I have views which differ quite a bit in regards to age of consent than what most countries have in their laws, and while I’ll acknowledge that they’re probably trying to “play it safe” some of the stuff involved is ridiculous.
              How about each case you hear of a teenage(usually around 16-18) student, either male or female, who gets involved with their teacher? Yeah, because we all know a 16 y-o guy would be horribly scarred for life if his hot teacher said “yes” to one of the most famous fantasies a growing teen has. And the same goes for girls.

  3. I asked for nothing this year, but unfortunately, my parents gave me (and Tonya) 2-day passes to Universal Studios. So, I didn’t get what I asked for. πŸ˜›

  4. I didn’t really ask for anything this year. So this year should be a fun surprise. If I only got socks this year I would be ok, … dunno I guess I am pretty happy with the things I have.

    hmm just realized that is not at all the capatalism spirit expected… 2003 Mustang SVT.

      • Happiness comes in many flavors, has many aspects and a person usually holds several of them at any one time. The average person wants a sexual-partner/food/shelter as their basic needs. Just one of them is usually insufficient.
        So for some having money, either for its own sake or for the material comforts it provides, IS what one aspect of happiness means.
        Just look at all those rich people who continue to embezzle and steal even though they really have more money and property than they can do with. Of course, money etc as a status symbol among their clique is another aspect of happiness, i.e being the richest of their friends.

        And I just want some body to love…but the morgues are too well guarded. πŸ™

  5. I ask that every fool who goes around with ‘Merry Christmas’ on his lips be boiled in his own pudding and buried with a stake of holly thru his heart.

    That, or next year we cancel a few national holidays, they make working retail hell. Well, a worse hell then it is anyway.

    • I am working on a specifically secular Christmas-style holiday celebrated a week long on the week before Christmas. Basically the idea is to have an excuse to eat, drink and make merry with friends and family that is DEFINITIVELY unattached to a religion that’s gonna get their nose out of joint for me celebrating differently from the way they do.

  6. Not so much hinting as trolling every friggin store in the area for


    And my beloved wife bought me some


    for way too much shipping

    prolly for way too much per bar

    mmmmmmmmmmmm zagnut