The Tuesday Videos: S-T-O-P — M-O-T-I-O-N — E-D-I-T-I-O-N

First up is a little video called Dot. Even though it’s pretty small as self-contained movies go, the tiny bit of story it tells fits it snugly. (Hint: it’s really little.)

I always loved stop-motion as a kid, and have never really gotten over my fascination with it. This one is particularly amazing to me.

Of course, there are other uses too.

While the previous videos are cool, they really aren’t very geeky, and that just doesn’t fit my…………… idiom. And if you need some geek, there’s no better place to look than Star Wars.

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    • Heh, yeah. I’ve got to say, this edition of HISHE is much better than most. And it does raise the question of why Vader didn’t catch Luke with the Force. Even with the original version of the Force&Jedi being much more subdued than the superhero tripe shown in the later un-trilogy, Yoda pulled a damn X-Wing(?) out of a swamp, so Vader could’ve at least caught Luke.

      I’m not sure if this was already shown here, but here’s the Tetris theme(well, technically it’s not stop-motion, as they explain, but it’s a similar effect):

  1. The first video made me think of Dinorun. Dinorun was awesome. I should play it again.

    The second video:
    bleh. Dude’s guitar tone is awful. Or maybe his mic. Whatever. It was not enjoyable due to production, though that must have taken FOREVER to edit properly. I remember seeing another one where a guy doesn’t know how to play instruments but makes a song out of poorly hit piano keys and drum crashes.

    Third one: yep.

      • It’s a well known fact that to much brain power gets in the way of enjoying all those simpler things in life. :mrgreen:

            • Even harsher then, because I don’t drink alcohol or take drugs. Even my caffeine is limited to randomly making a cup of tea now and then(only really started that last winter when I found a flavor I could stomach, and I always put a lot of sliced lemon and at least 2 teaspoons of sugar), I don’t drink coffee, and it’s been a long while since I’ve drank caffeinated soft-drinks, and my chocolate consumption is even lower than the tea. The last time is probably last February when I was forced to stay several hours each day at my parents’ house(“parent’s” now? 🙂 ) after my father died, as part of the shiv’ah.

          • Truly superior people are too busy doing things or enjoying themselves to waste time declaring their superiority usually, perhaps you should follow the example of your fellow superior people and not brag about that superiority backhandedly like this?

            • Most of us do, but I want to motivate you, lower people, to better yourselves, as much as such as lowly as you could, of course. I’m doing so by demeaning you so you’ll see just how low you are and try to do better.

              Or I could go the PETA way and link to naked pictures of myself with some meat chunks thrown about. It’s your choice.

      • I enjoyed all three too. I liked the first best by a lot, then again I’m a big fan macro-photography. Thanks to Bertrand Russell, I’m not a big fan of Spanish barbers, so I found the second the weakest of the three. But as I said to begin with, I liked all three.

      • I’m just really into music. I don’t think it’s a crime to have opinions about music.*

        *I’m an English major and phil minor, and all that essay writing has taught me that, when presenting an opinion or argument, IMMEDIATELY GO STRAIGHT FOR THE JUGULAR EVERY TIME EVERRRRR.

  2. WOW- three grand slams in a row!
    First vid- definitely an excellent piece, especially considering how small the materials were the guy was using. The end was a hoot too.
    Second vid- A very well done bit if video editing, and the faces that guy is making are priceless.
    Third vid- LMAO, I love it. Thought I’d seen em all, but that one had me rolling.

    Don’t know if you’d seen it, but Wizard of Speed and Time is a cool/dorky fan film (by Mike Jitlov) that uses a lot of stop motion animation. Most of it is just cheesy, but there are two or three really jaw-dropping animation scenes. I’m sure youtube has clips of the good parts.

      • ‘Veni, vidi, vici’ is what I recall for JC’s immortal ball-spiking line after conquering Gaul.

        • Yea, but the “set on fire” one is a parody of the original.
          Also, while I also assumed it was about Gaul, as Julius is usually remembered for it and the whole Caesar thing, I actually found out today, and checked on Wiki’ to make sure, that it’s about some obscure city in modern-day Turkey(kinda weird to mention “modern” with Turkey, though 😛 ).

          Also, it’s nice to see how quickly Wiki’ adds a reference to a major quest-line of the same name in the new Fallout(which is, coincidentally, where I first read it was about that obscure city).

  3. I wanted to write a HISHE for Harry Potter in which Harry goes out to face Voldemort at the final battle then pulls out a .45 and shoots him in the face. He’d then point the gun around and ask if anyone else wanted some and the deatheaters would put their hands up and quickly bugger off. Muggle magic and shit.

    • Reminds me of Wizards.
      “here is a trick mom taught me when you wern’t around” ( or close to that).
      Than the good wizard whips out the .45 and shoots the bad one.

      • Avatar: You always DID need an audience, you sap! Lemme tell ya, I haven’t done much magic in a long time. Let me show you a trick Mom once taught me when you weren’t around…to use on special occasions like this. Oh, and one more thing…I’m glad you changed your last name, you Sunova bitch! (BLAM! BLAM! BLAM!)

  4. Loved Dot.
    Again the brain cells misfired and I can’t find a series of stop motion done with chalk. They were called Line or something, and are great. The artist is non English speaking so you may have to play with spelling a bit to find them.