The Tuesday Videos: Music of the Future Edition

So what exactly are we looking at here? The audience is real. The band is real. The main attraction… the anime-disproportionate singer… is a computerized projection on a see-through scrim onstage. Her movements are programmed, and her voice is digitally created from samples of a Japanese actress.

Just think how happy the world’s music production companies are going to be about this.

Similar idea here, just taking it one step further. I’d say Skynet has a lot of catching up to do.

Okay, this isn’t the music of the future… it’s pretty much the opposite. But if any of you are like any of me, you are in pretty desperate need of a palate cleanser right now. Say hello again to my old friend Bill.

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  1. OK, I’ll say it straight and simple- the Japanese, and the rest of us, were probably better off before they became anime-loving, robot-hugging, gadget-crazed semi-pedophilic(this one could be much older, since it was “available” before the others) technophiles. Bring back fascism and the militaristic society!
    Is there any study about what the fuck went wrong with their minds after WWII that led them to this point? I’ve always wondered.

    Alright, alright, so maybe a genocidal, war-worshiping bunch isn’t better for the rest of us than the current state of being, but at least I can understand the “Why” of it. This…thing, is just crazy.

      • No I’m not. I can’t be the only one who thinks the Japanese have gone insane with this kind of shit. the whole “cute” culture is not that great to begin with, and it’s getting more and more fucked up.
        I’m not really suggesting everyone was better off with what they had at the first half of the 20th century, but this looks like a complete reversal and it’s getting too awful to bare.

        • To awful to bear.

          I wouldn’t suggest that you are the only one who thinks that things that are different are bad, I only mean that you are all wrong. You don’t even have to like it, but it’s just different. That’s all. There’s no moral or societal value placed on it, other than that which you might place, which is pretty much only meaningful to you.

          • Well the psychological shock the Japanese culture (which was thoroughly convinced they were invincible) suffered after getting so thoroughly trounced in World War II gave them a severe case of “America Envy” for quite a few years…even nuclear explosions were considered “cool” despite their being the only country in the world ever to actually have two cities nuked.

            To the Japanese mind, America won because of technological superiority, and they decided that was what made us “cool”, thus they went heavily into tech from that day until today.

            On the videos:

            1: Milli Vanilli meets Sailor Moon. Creepy.
            2: Reminds me of “Key: The Metal Idol” – wonder if she turns human if she gets a million facebook friends?
            3: Here’s one of my “old time” faves for, as you say, Cleaning the palate:

            • I can somewhat understand the technophilia(even the extreme state they have), even without what you’ve said. But what’s with the “cutesy” shit? Or mainstream semi-pedophilia?

              • It’s part of the “America is cool” thing…As animation began it’s ascendency in Japan, they mostly drew ‘western-looking’ characters (it’s hard to even FIND a character that looks Japanese in the early Anime…look at Go Mifune in “Mach-Go Go Go!” (Known in the USA as “Speed racer”) – he is clearly caucasian.

                The “big eyes” come from wanting characters to look more friendly. Normal sized eyes were reserved for “Shifty” or “badguy” characters and are one of the reason American superhero comics aren’t as popular in Japan, because their proportionally drawn eyes make them look “mean”

                Unlike in the USA, Japan never got the “Animation is for kids” phobia that made films like “Rock and Rule” and “The Black Cauldron” fail in the US – but there are branches of Anime-for-teenagers where the “Teenage girl in the sailor suit school uniform” became Iconic, and the Cuteness factor just kept getting ramped up in that particular subgenre until it makes you nearly want to puke. At the same time, some of the “Hentai” branch of Anime started also using a similar look, which led to some anime’s practically qualifying as Kiddie Porn (Despite the fact that it’s just drawings going by at high speed…no teenage girls actually raped a 50 year old man to see if they could give him a heart attack or anything, but the law applies to DEPICTIONS of underage sex as well as ACTUAL underage sex)

                • OK, it now makes sense, as much as any psychosis does. So you’re basically saying the USA’s to blame? I should’ve figured that out myself.

                • This is the closest to a reason I’ve ever heard.

                  I have often asked “what is WRONG with Japan?” All of the answers I had before this were neatly filed under the “That’s just a symptom, not a cause,” dismissal.

          • Too awful to bear, yeah. You can make that claim about everything, really, including cannibalism(then again, meat is meat 😈 ). I’m not saying anyone needs to stop it by force(though that would be nice) or anything, just that it’s crap. And it seems to get worse.
            I could compare it to 80’s western culture, but I’d rather not bring that up or it won’t be the only thing that comes up(I meant vomit, if it wasn’t clear enough).
            It’s just that it’s so annoying. It’s getting more and more invasive. It’s like they took Britney Spears, put some extra-skimpy school-girl outfit on her, replaced her limbs with robotic prosthetics and shoved bagful of sugar down her throat. And people like it.
            But I probably don’t need to worry too much about it, it’s just a passing trend. It will wane and remain as a quaint side-culture, even if in the meantime it’s spreading like wildfire.

            But seriously, can anyone explain to me what’s with the accepted, mainstream school-girl fetish?

            • Certainly.

              The japanese holds the world record as the most perverted and fethish-festoned people on the planet.

                • We do? Did I miss something?
                  *looks around for fetishes being openly paraded in the street*

                  No, no, no, you got that wrong, you mean the British. 😉

                  Germany has legal brothels (with prostitutes paying taxes and having state health care), but only in the UK can you see people in BDSM bondage gear peacefully waiting in a queue in front of a nightclub for specialized tastes while amiably chatting with little old ladies passing by.

                  Or maybe when I visited Berlin, I missed that part of the nightlife? It’s not really my thing, so maybe I just wasn’t looking in the right places.

              • In certain respects I am, and have been since I was at least a teenager. It’s part of the reason I hate kids.
                I believe everyone should do what they like and all that, especially if it’s bad for them and they get screwed because of it(no bailouts! they must learn!), but that also means I want to be left alone and not suffer annoying things creeping into my world.
                And I think a handgun or a lightweight SMG would fit me better than a shotgun. I’m kinda smallish and all that.

                  • In many cases, though, it’s a lot like TRYING to NOT think of a pink elephant…

                    There, you see? Now you’re stuck thinking of a Pink Elephant…at least for a while.

                  • I try, but they creep into my life while I’m napping between watches. It’s kinda like asking me to be a sports fan(yuck! I mean, I don’t mind playing a sports game, I just pity those who mostly just watch them, don’t play themselves and just gossip about it all day long like old ladies, but think it’s a manly pass-time) and ignore football(the real football, the one you call soccer for lack of better education). I can’t be into “geeky stuff” and ignore all the Japanophiles and anime-lovers.
                    My ex tried showing me some anime once, he understood afterward not to broach the subject again.

                    Speaking of football, and this still being Tuesday Videos across the Atlantic, here’s my contribution(though I can’t remember if I already linked it here):
                    And I see they’ve still kept my comment regarding the actor’s looks.

            • If we are gonna shove a bagful of sugar down Brittany’s throat, can is still be in the bag in the hopes that is will choke her to death?

  2. heh heh heh… robots are cool. I’ll betcha one of those Japaneese millionares has one fully tricked out for fun-time! C’mon, you know we all would if we could. Seriously, makes you wonder if America isn’t slipping into second-rate status in technology and education.

    Last vid… classy!

  3. Weeeell,

    1) I actually have not problem at all with that. It’s in a way like going to the cinema. So I guess this trend will run it’s course and simply merge in. What I am really astonished about is, how well the projection worked out. The “music” although to me is only half a step up from noise. But then I’m german and from a generation before mainstream-anime hit germany, not japanese and a teen.

    2) Now this creeps me out a little and in my humble opinion is totally unnecessary. But I was really happy to see, how much problem that robot has with balance. Especially since the organizers were so kind, to put direct comparison in the background. So ninja killbots will still take a lot of time until they become a constant concern.

    3) AIN’T NO SUNSHINE WHEN SHE’S GONE! *sings along*…

  4. ohohoho kevin you did not just say skynet has catching up to do!

    where do I fucking start?

    ok we have already built a robot that can make moral decisions, just google moral machines,

    a university in Georgia has built a robot thats specifically designed to deceive

    some robots have some very advanced communication skills coupled with there very convincing appearance so chances are you wouldn’t realize who your speaking to is not even human, here is just one of several
    sexbot since you guys are talking about that, she even has a gspot

    and theres a robot powered by a rat brain should find it if you google it,
    so cybernetics is also becoming a reality

  5. about 1) Lolicon. *sigh* Now anime nerds can see their animated icons performing live, and the music industry no longer has to pay some pop star, merely a singer who records a song in the studio and then has his/her voice run through Autotunes to make it sound like an underage anime character.

    The idiotic thing is, if the Japanese built robots that look and sound like preteen school girls in erotic clothes, this will be considered porn here in the West. *facepalm* Like that comics and manga collector in… Germany? Belgium? somewhere, who had lolicon manga shipped from Japan and was then sentenced for possession of “child pornography”, I kid you not. Yes folks, drawing anime erotica or even just owning drawnings of fictional girls with purple hair is now equivalent with owning photos of real children forced to do sex-related things.

    I wonder when everyone’s parents will be sent to jail for having snapped baby pictures of their naked underage offspring splashing about giggling in a rubber swimming pool in the backyard for the photo album. Or a toddler being bathed. The kind of photos parents like to bring out to embarass you 20 years later in front of your boyfriend or girlfriend. “Oh lookit, wasn’t he a cute li’l baby!?”

    about 2) Some of the other videos about the HRP-4C robot in the youtube video queue are much creepier. Especially the one titled “HRP-4C Gynoid”; in one scene there are even two robots made to look like anime mechas visible in the background.

    They should have put the HRP-4C in those last scenes in the final episode of Battlestar Galactica.

    On the other hand this robot is basically not different in its purpose from the clockwork-powered automata that the Arabs and Chinese supposedly had during the 12th-13th century (I say “supposedly” because none have survived as proof, but we know the Chinese were the first to invent clockwork waterdriven clocks and such things). Not to mention the automata that performed in front of audiences in European courts (especially in France and Prussia) from the Renaissance to the 18th century, by writing preprogrammed letters or drawing preprogrammed pictures complete with dipping the quill in real ink from time to time, playing flutes and similar.
    And according to Wikipedia, The Japanese built similar automatons during the Edo period, and there were French automaton makers in Paris in the 19th century producing for the export market.

    What I find much more alarming are the armed drones used in Iraq that can be put on auto patrol although its usually remotely controlled, the headless “donkey” carrying robot that is utterly autonomous and can even climb steep hills and avoid trees but looks utterly creepy.

    Not to mention an article I stumbled across in a German newspaper about a crazy plan some German engineers had to built robots in the shape of giant pill millipedes (isopods) that were supposed to roam around German forests in the future, sniffing for smoke to find forest fires and then rushing in to douse the fires when they were still small. Apart from the fact that ecologists try to persuade people to accept that healthy forests in drier areas where fires occur naturally and regularly needs small forest fires from time to time to clear out dead undergrowth lest the stuff piles up and turns into tinder for a huge fire storm that even fire-resistant trees cannot survive (the reason why the “zero fires” policy enacted during the past decades was utterly wrong). Which is why some ecologists advocate starting small controlled fires for fire management. No, what had be in stitches was the mental image of someone lighting up a cigarette while walking his dog in the forest, and suddenly being rushed by half a dozen of dog-sized pillbug robots dousing him with water. It’s an alien invasion!! :mrgreen:

    In other events, some weeks ago here in Germany in the city where I live engineers presented the first fully autonomous car which successfully navigated its way through normal day traffic. It used only a GPS and camera and motion sensors to see the road, stop at lights, avoid running into other cars and people, without the help of any magnetic guiding lines put into the road. (Of course the car still had a person in the driver’s seat for safety reasons, who would have interfered if the car had started running over people or something.)

    • Americans build flying robots that have missles and guns and kill people.

      Germans build driving robots that make some f’ing sweet cars.

      Japanese build Girly Robots that sing and walk up and down stairs.

      While Asian Anime portrays huge massive robots of doom, clearly the Americans are one step ahead. Germans might be the first to the transformer idea though.

      While I do agree that the Japanese have an ‘odd view of media and imagination I do not see them as any more or less weird than any other society, with all the quirks and weirdness that makes a society a society.

      • If you’re talking about ROVs, those aren’t robots in the strictest sense, since they aren’t autonomous, there’s someone driving them via joystick and radio controls.

        • Actually some of them are robots, just not computationaly aware. They get a series of mission commands and fly home. No one drives them or affects their actions while on mission.

        • “Americans build flying robots that have missles and guns and kill people.
          Germans build driving robots that make some f’ing sweet cars.
          Japanese build Girly Robots that sing and walk up and down stairs.
          While Asian Anime portrays huge massive robots of doom, clearly the Americans are one step ahead. Germans might be the first to the transformer idea though.”

          “So the Americans make great weapons, the Germans make great cars and the Japanese make…teenaged sexbots and quaint gadgets?”

          If you put it like that… it suddenlyall makes sense. :mrgreen:
          I wonder when the aliens decide to invade just to put a stop to us, because Earthlings are all obviously insane.

          If German had to chose between their car or a sexbot, they’d take the car.
          Unless the car could transform into a sexbot.
          Unless the car also had missile launchers to get rid of the annoying slow driver in the fast lane in front of you. 😈

          No shit, back when the first Transformers movie hit theaters, there was a series of TV commercials here for some car brand ( I forgot what manufacturer) that featured a car CGI-morphing into all sorts of robot animals or transforming into a huge Transformers robot that proceeded to do breakdance. I remember my husband saying, “Dammit, I want a car that can dance, too!”. But then, he grew up with transformers cartoons and I didn’t.

          • I guess no-one wants to go back to the days when we Germans built weapons and used them in “aggressive advertising” campaigns. Instead these days German corporations produce military equipment and export it all over the world, like tanks, combat planes, army supplies like armored cars and heavy weaponry. By 2010, Germany has become the third largest military exporter in the world, feeding the world’s war machinery, making up 11% of global exports (up from 6% in 2000), in third place behind the USA (30%) and Russia (23%), at least according to, which quite pisses off many Germans. Apparently it all started with corporate deregulation and government liberalisation of military exports during the years 1998-2005, when (ironically enough) a red-green party coalition (the left-leaning liberal democrats and the green “eco” party) was in office. Not that the later switch back to a coalition of more conservative parties (like i.e. the FDP and the CDU, the Christian-Democratic Union, a misnomer if ever I heard one) or even a coalition between the socialist liberal party and the conservatives changed anything. The “we’re all about the Christian moral values” conservatives merely prefer to sell the fighter planes to Israel.

          • Then the British representative of this blog’s readership says “The British?! I thought those were the French!” And so on until we run a full circle back to the Japanese.
            Excluding the Vatican and Catholic priests worldwide, of course. 🙄

    • “I wonder when everyone’s parents will be sent to jail for having snapped baby pictures of their naked underage offspring splashing about giggling in a rubber swimming pool in the backyard for the photo album. Or a toddler being bathed. The kind of photos parents like to bring out to embarass you 20 years later in front of your boyfriend or girlfriend. “Oh lookit, wasn’t he a cute li’l baby!?”

      This has already happened several times in the US. The Democrats and the republicans (two sides of the same counterfeit coin, IMNSHO) have joined forces on this sort of thing. “Let’s do it for the chil-dren!” is an all too popular refrain in government and especially social services, here in the US. Anybody know when the next outbound colony flight is going to be? I’m looking to go somewhere far away from Lolicon, Big government, sex-bots, and anime singers…

  6. So I guess most (and most probably the OP) hates Gorillaz and Daft Punk too. Both use anime/cartoon/CGI avatars to “front” for them or hide behind anonymity.

    Such a shame that most of the comments here are not as much directed at music as much as nation/race bashing. A discussion on the actual value of the music, and not necessarily how it is delivered (or by whom), would have been more interesting.

    • Race? Well, I could mention how shifty and traitorous those yellow, slit-eyed bastards are, but that would be redundant, wouldn’t it, everyone already agreeing about it?
      Not sure where you saw racial commentary here. Certain cultural bashing, yeah, but not racial(“Japanese” refers to the culture starting out among the Japanese, not to the inherit genetic traits they all supposedly share). Would it redeem me in your eyes if I condemn rap music&gang culture as silly too, or would it make me a slavery-supporter as well?

      I like Rammstein’s music. I’m listening to Engel right now.

            • I was bashing a part of Japanese culture and it seemed like he took it for racial insults, so I asked if doing the same thing with another culture would make that a racial insult as well, and not just bashing the culture itself regardless of which ethnic group it’s identified with. It’s a rather straightforward comparison. Or maybe you’re referring to the “slavery” part, finding it a suboptimal term to use. I used that because I don’t know a simple word for “hating blacks*” apart from “hating blacks”. It’s a sad gap in my vocabulary.

              *And if anyone starts yapping about PC terms for dark-skinned people descendant from the African continent I’ll frakking scream. What’s the current fashionable term? African-American? That’s a cumbersome and inaccurate term. Do I call the Ethiopians here African-Israeli? How about light-skinned people from northern Africa, are they African as well?

              • You are confrontational and aggressive. There are a million different ways you could have said the same thing with flinging it back on him. Even the above post turns your calm explanation into an attack on black terminology.

                I am not telling you what to do here, but you get back from people what you give to them. You can make any point you want without any accusations at all. And if your only point is “I think you suck”, then the better path may be to ask yourself how the expression of that benefits anyone at all.

                • At least now I get the straight answer about what was wrong.
                  OK, so my terminology was aggressive, but that’s how I get when I perceive the other as attacking me.
                  The “blacks terminology” bit was because I was already accused of saying racially/ethnically offensive things, and I know those terms are big in America and the more “enlightened” folks are trying to make up all kinds of new PC terms. Calling them blacks and then getting answered back that it’s now a racial slur would definitely not dismiss my perception of him attacking me over what he might understand as racism/ethnic intolerance.

      • @orald

        Actually a thoughtful discussion about Rap and it’s influence on and by the gang culture of the various lower economic class areas in urban areas would be interesting.

        While Rammstein isn’t a band I listen to much they have many awesome tracks, Feuer Frei being one of their best (and most popular). I prefer the group that spawned them: Laibach. I’m listening to Tanz Mit Laibach right now in fact.

        The term “race” while not technically correct (correct term would be “ethnic group”) since the Japanese have been classified in the past as a race (see: Reference re Persons of Japanese Race [1946] S.C.R. 248) it is accurate enough for this forum. Hiding behind such a feeble defense and using sarcasm to hide it is rather disappointing.

        Guess the points I made will go right over your head just like they did in original post. Such a shame.

        • So you’re still saying I hate the Japanese for some reason, even though I said I dislike the anime-related culture that originated there. Maybe I’m just not smart enough to understand that I actually hate the Japanese people and all this discussion about cultures is going over my head, as you said.

          Or maybe you just didn’t get the joke about me freely using racial slurs just after you accused me of being a racist.
          “Such a shame that most of the comments here are not as much directed at music as much as nation/race bashing.” – I still don’t find anything directed at the Japanese ethnicity and not just a popular culture they’ve developed.

          And you’re welcome to discuss Rap and gang culture, but I can’t promise I won’t just call it “annoying and silly”, because that’s what I think about it.

          • @orald

            Ok, I’ll try one last time.

            At no time did I say you personally hated anyone. I made a point that bashing something based on the ethnic traits of where it originates or racial background is disingenuous and fails to truly argue the value of that something on its own merits. That you totally missed this point again after my second post is on you. Instead you feel the need to defend a non-claim (i.e. that you are racist) that again was never part of the comments. In fact I made a point to note that I used the term “race” as a shortcut and probably should have used “ethnic group” but again you seem to have missed that.

            My comments were more directed at those that feel that “non mainstream” music delivery is somehow bad. Since my first comment I have seen a few that do accept that it’s not the medium but the music it’s self that matters. That there are many very different ways that good (and really bad) music can be heard and interact with. That one of the ways is via CGI animation and actually done in concert is in itself interesting but the key is the music. Look at the audience; they seem to like it quite a bit. There are other examples (which I noted) that do similar things in concert and on the web. The key point I wanted to juxtapose is that it coming from Japan is as irrelevant as Daft Punk coming from France is. The French are an ethnic group just as much as the Japanese are.

            Please get off your high horse. If you can’t discuss the actual merits of the music without being biased that’s fine, just stop trying to sound somehow wronged through sarcasm and faux indignation.

            • I am fairly certain that the part of Orald is currently being played by Mr. Obnoxious Arrogant Teenager. The bad news is that no amount of reasoning will help, since he currently lacks the self-reflective capacity to make any use of it. The good news is that he will likely eventually grow out of it.

              • @ Kevin


                I really should just let it go but I feel that if one is to learn then proper context/examples must be given in counter point. Maybe that is too much like “feeding the trolls” but meh, hope spring eternal.

            • “I made a point that bashing something based on the ethnic traits of where it originates or racial background is disingenuous and fails to truly argue the value of that something on its own merits.”

              Maybe my English is just that terrible, but it still seems like you’re saying some people were bashing the shows based more on the ethnicity of the people involved than the merits of the music itself, and since I was bashing a part of the Japanese culture it looked, and still does, like you’re referring to me among those people.
              I didn’t bash anything here based on who or what created it, since if something sucks in my eyes I don’t care who did it, only that it sucks.
              And I still think “hating something for ethnic related reasons”=racism.

              @Kevin: I’m playing “WTF do you want from me, I didn’t mention ethnicity as a cause for shitty things.” Call it obnoxious, if you will.

              Seriously, what the hell is going on here?

              • @orald

                To be certain, I went back and checked that maybe I had been unfair in taking you (and others) to task in regards to unfairly bashing the music based on its ethnic source.

                I found these:
                “… the Japanese, and the rest of us, were probably better off before they became anime-loving, robot-hugging, gadget-crazed semi-pedophilic … technophiles.”
                “Is there any study about what the fuck went wrong with their minds …”
                “I can’t be the only one who thinks the Japanese have gone insane with this kind of shit.”

                Please comment on how any of the above quotes from your previous comments has anything to do with music and its inherent value (or lack thereof). To my eyes there is no connection but I’m very interested in reading how you see how they do.

                Understand this; I was not singling any one commenter out, not any one at all. But as you want to cast yourself in the role of someone wronged I want to understand how your comments are not pointed directly at a particular ethnic group but instead are a commentary on the merits of the music in the first two videos.

                Feel free to elaborate as much as you want.

    • My comment, though I can see how it would be misinterpreted, was directed 75% at the music and 25% at the way it was presented. Maybe as much as 90% at the music.

  7. On the “Creepy Videos” theme…has everyone here seen the “Mystery Missile” story?

    The crepiest part is: Nobody seems to know who fired it, or at what…

    (Maybe Obama was sitting there in a beach chair over in Indonesia with two buttons, one marked “Lunch” and the other marked “Launch” and he hit the wrong one?

    • Pretty damn creepy, Elfguy! Really does make you wonder why the hell you bother paying taxes, you know? Oh, wait! Because the IRS has all the guns and I don’t want to go to “Large Marge Is My New Mistress” Federal Prison? Shi-i-i-it.

      Seriously, though? I doubt it would have been Russians or Chinese making even a demonstration launch, saying something like” hey assholes, look how close we can get to your coastline and launch a missile!” They may be assholes, but they’re not stupid.
      More probably, somebody in the US Navy made a SERIOUS mistake, and the upper level leadership is keeping quite while they figure out who to blame, how to spin it, etc.
      It might possibly be a commercial launch, but if so, the licensing and scheduling certainly got b0rk3d, and someone is going to get their ass handed to them in federal, and maybe ICC courts.
      Thanks for posting that link. I’m gonna be following this story.
      Incidentally, I live under the fallout footprint if LA / SD ever get hit. Yes, it was going west. This time.

      • OK! A little more research via and the websites yields up the following link or two regarding facilities in the area (San Nicolas Naval Facility) which are very often involved in telemetry and tracking of rockets and missiles fired from V-berg and Pt Mugu, as well as tracking of weapons fired from sea launches.
        Interestingly, according to whatt faux news indicated on their crappy low res map, the launch would have taken place a mile off shore from Santa Barbara Island, which is a national park preserve. An east to west course would take it past San Nicolas ( which is forested with radar and telemetry systems) just a couple miles to the north.
        Personally, I am thinking it may have been a launch by our people. Stupid move, but hey this is the same administration that scared the hell out of NYC taking photos of AF One a while back…

  8. I noticed it while watching the 2nd video and was somewhat surprised no one mentioned it. They go all the way to put on a human face, hair, hands and cloths on this thing, but they keep the legs metallic and with no kind of cover. I think it only contributes to the creep factor of the uncanny valley by giving it a more of a cyborg look.

    • Actually, it’s probably a conscious decision on their part to keep it from looking “too human” and getting that “Zombie” factor.

          • Actually I figured it was bolted to the floor until it started actually dancing!

            Considering current gyro scope technology and some of the other advances in robotics that I’ve read/seen I’d say there is a high probability you are right if they simply made it an animatronic robot and not something more complex. If it can move on its own, or be reprogrammed for different activities then all bets are off. 🙂

    • I thought the Uncanny Valley effect came from something looking too close to human, while robots are OK. That’s why I wish they’d not use those damn creepy faces, or if you have to, give it more facial expressions.

      But then I hate puppets too.

  9. Great, I’m finally having my posts eaten by the spam filter? Even with NO links in them? I must really be loved. Such a warm welcome.
    Kevin / Lena, whichever of you handles that, can you dig my (latest) post out of the spam filter? Please? It was a reply to Elfguy about the mystery missile launch.

    In other news, I actually liked the first video. Nice way of simulating a free-standing holo. The content sucked, but then I never really cared for Japanese bubble-gum pop. Or American / British for that matter.
    >Goes back to listing to Iron MaidenUp the Irons!<

      • Thanks a bunch Kevin! You and Lena are awesome! You know someone really is a part of the community here when their posts start getting eaten… 😆
        Phenomenal is a good word for the technical presentation on that first video.

    • On the whole I found the presentation far more interesting than the musical style. Pop music just wears thin on me in general and when it’s pitched high enough to make dogs bark, well, I can only take so much. The publishing of the Vocaloid 2 (and the creation of Hatsune Miku) the synthesizer application used in the video has only made it easier to pump out more of it.

      Back to the presentation, what really struck me was the live + CGI part of it. The band was live! They even had a guitar solo! So either that was the tightest set group you will ever see or they had to have a way to sync up the very different parts of the performance so that both sides didn’t get out of beat. That is some hard core programming or they have some audio method to keep the CGI part in step. Still I can’t see how that would account for the variations so there had to be a few humans at the CGI controls so they could cue in each part. Maybe? Wish there was more info on it.

      Either way the blend of the different disciplines that would be needed to get this to work makes it that much more impressive.

    • Sure, a soprano voicebank with japanese phonemes ain’t no Sammy Haggar 😀

      But listen to this (Bye Bye Sayounara – SaiB), that’s the most Miku can do with her voice in the heavy metal rock IMHO.

  10. Hello Kevin,

    On the opposite of your though, the Vocaloid concept (that’s the software powering Miku’s voice) could only cause the ire of the music industry ! Think about it: legally Miku is a music instrument: it means that anybody having bough Crypton software can use Miku free of any rights.

    Majors have already lost their added value regarding the distribution of music, their only remaining power lies in the promotion (i.e. massive advertising) of made-up stars.

    With Miku Hatsune any musician could submit his music and have it song by a very well know singer (well at least in japan so far). And it works like madness, many vocaloid albums are ranking among the top 20 of the japanese charts, allowing talented musician and independant producers to reach an audience the music industry would have never given them.

    Added to the creativity spurred by this concept, there are people creating PV just for the pleasure of doing it. Look at the original PV of Stargazer for exemple. But there are thousands of titles available, some good, some bad. But in any case for all the tastes.

    Now regarding the video of Miku’s first “live” performance you linked, this has been initiated by SEGA to promote one of their game using Miku and its most successful song. They sold more than 400k copies of this game just in japan, thus giving an even greater renown to Miku and the creators behind her.
    Look at this video and see how Deco*27 (the guy on the left side of the stage with the guitar) is happy to see his song performed by Miku in front of a few thousand fans.

    All of this is happening outside of the music industry grasp ! :mrgreen:

    • You mean we might finally get away from the morons who think it’s a good idea to sue their customers?

      Here’s hoping!