733 – White Smoke Mountain • 100

I know, I know. You hate it, where’s the old drawing style, why can’t you keep the thing we like, blah blah blah. Well, this was just a matter of convenience, and I drew on what I had during Thanksgiving. It’s temporary. You’ll live.

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    • Really? Last time I used a “sketchier” style, where you could see the skeleton, so to speak, people raised the roof complaining about it. Unfortunately I think you may end up being in the minority, Ghorroj.

      • Well, I like it too. The(current) usual style might be better as it’s clearer(black&white, after all) but this one is pretty neat too. And some of the sketches look a bit “3D” for some reason, or maybe it’s because I just woke up and I’m still fuzzy. Also, I had a dream(more like a recurring same-themed nightmare I’ve had since I moved to my own place 2 years ago) where I punched my mother in the face at least 3 times. She had it coming. It was great.

          • My(late) dad was there as well and was about to get it too, but I woke up before that. In context of the dream it was well justified, just as it’s in the context of the real world.
            Now when my mother dies I’m supposed to get a good share of the worth of her apartment*(which is shitty, granted, but even shitty places are still worth lots of money)…I can’t wait!
            But then my little sister might still want to cling to it, and it’ll be hard to convince my older sister to kick her out and sell the place, darn.

            In case you’re wondering, the recurring nightmare involves family members somehow getting into my place and generally annoying me in all kinds of ways, so you could say it’s like I came back home, only in my new flat.
            I really don’t like people entering my place to begin with(have to hide all the child-porn and dead male-prostitutes in the closet, and it’s not that big a closet), and people I hate even more so.

            *I had to promise I’ll let her live there even though I was supposed to get that share when my dad died, since for some crazy reason the inheritance laws don’t actually give her anything of her own home(because it was registered in my dad’s name or something). These laws are hilariously fucked up. 😆

            • Don’t worry…when your Mom dies, Obama’s new Inheritance taxes will ensure you get zilch.

              Unless she dies before January 1, that is.

              Gotta love Democrats. You pay taxes on your earnings all your life…you pay taxes on every purchase (and now they’re pushing a VAT tax, which will tax it at every stage of a product’s production…and then when you die, they will tax your money yet AGAIN to make sure that, after one generation, everyone who isn’t a democrat politician or a Hollywood liberal will be poor.

              Hello, Third World Status!

                  • I’m a tad puzzled why the conservatives are so busy demonizing the current US President.
                    I must admit i have this weird feeling it may have a little to do with his skincolor and that a white chap might have gotten of easier, but i’ll readily admit that is what it looks like for a total outsider.

                    Eh, i’m like 6-8 timezones away from America… 🙄

                    • Nothing whatever to do with skin color, and it’s quite racist of you to assume that it is.

                      It’s because he is, perhaps, the single most incompetant boob to ever be elected to the office, who spent most of his life idolizing people like Saul Alinski and bathing his brain in antiAmerican marxist philosophy.

                      He thinks he’s Robin Hood (who, in case you are wondering, wasn’t black) but he’s really Prince John (Raising Taxes on everyone to enrich himself and his cronies)

                    • (and keep in mind, the list of Incompetant Boobs who have been president, we’re talking about such gems as Gerald Ford, Jimmy ‘Misery Index’ Carter, and Richard Nixon. All of whom, in case you’re wondering Kroiden, were not black.)

                    • sorry, but I’ve gotta say this- EVERY gods-damn president/PM/government EVER in any kind of democratic etc country(because dictatorships just shut you up, heh) is always being demonized by the opposition, and the opposition is getting the same treatment themselves at the same time.
                      Nothing is new about Obama being attacked, and relatively to his predecessor he’s really not catching much flak.
                      And they both(coalition&opposition) usually deserve every ounce of it, too.

                      Also, like Elfguy said, assuming it’s because he’s black and thus that the opposing people are white&racist is just another stereotype in itself, one you could even call “racist”, if the word was extended to mean any “group of people” you assume is behaving in a similar manner and which you dislike.
                      I’m sure there are lots of people who hate him because he’s black, but they’re most likely a loud minority, as always.
                      I wouldn’t like him no matter what color his skin was, and I see no real difference between him and many other sparkling-white, Anglo-Saxon, self-important, self-righteous, self-deluded, so-called “do-gooders”.

                      Oh, and pardon me Kevin, this bit is just responding to Kroiden’s post. No politics here. Nope, non whatsoever!

                  • Maybe you should read up on what Marx actually wrote about, Elfguy.
                    I’m getting a bit tired about all that hysterical whining from Fox-News-guzzling American neo-conservatives.

                    • The important thing he wrote was “From each according to his ability, to each according to his need.”

                      In other words, you work like hell, and the government takes what you produce and gives it to someone else.

                      And for the dimwits who keep trying to say I’m just a Republican Mouthpiece, note that of the three “idiot presidents of the past” I listed, two are Republicans.

                      Also, I haven’t had a TV signal for 3 years now. I got tired of paying $50 a month for two channels that I ever watched (The History Channel and the Sci Fi channel), so your attempt to imply that I’m some kind of “Fox News Zombie” is an Epic Fail.


                      See? Vader agrees with me.

                • Well…Seeing as we’re probably heading towards being another one of the shiny stars on the striped flag…
                  Now I could try and make sure she dies before the new year, just in case, but it might be that new Dexter episode I’ve just done watching. The PC screen told me to do it! :O

      • If you’re going to edit the picture and change back, just do that last panel so it looks like a shock back to the game.

        • I’m not exactly certain what you mean by “change back”, but if it’s re-draw in the old style, I’m afraid the answer is a resounding no. I draw the line (heh) at drawing strips TWICE.

          • Well, the different background and style from normal is good for signaling that this is the last moment of a player having any control of a character whatsoever. (I.E. the last moments before Martin dies.) In that vein use of normal background and style for appearance as Fleece would be something you do for full marks.
            I do understand this is a hobby though, and getting all those tedious details right is what you do when you’re being paid–if you’re being paid enough.

  1. Oh thank the gods if was a different drawing style. I was afraid for a minute there I had eaten some bad Thanksgiving stuffing leftovers.

  2. ummm. I didn’t read it yet. No really I did, but I didn’t see anything wrong with the art, just a different style to me. And I always knew Kevin had alot of style.

    • Aside from the general red tint and the “skeleton”, I like it. The red just makes it seem unnatural. Just my personal opinion.

  3. Gotta say, I prefer the coarse line art in this to the normal stuff. Enough so that despite the color and sketchiness, I think I actually prefer this as a whole.

  4. So your telling me you drew this episode on the napkin next to you while everyone was passed out from turkey? …epic.

            • I thought the tryptophan myth was debunked years ago?

              I’ts all the carbs that go along with the turkey, I thought.

              Although, I didn’t feel drowsey after Thanksgiving dinner at all, because unlike most of my countrymen, I don’t gorge myself to the point of bursting.

              • If it’s “drowsy” that they meant by “passing out”, then it’s just the simple act of eating a lot until you’re very full(but don’t all Americans do it all the time and should be used to it by now? 😛 ).
                Lots of blood gets redirected towards your stomach and digestive tract in general to process all the yummy bits and convert them into less-than-yummy bits, so there’s much less blood circulating elsewhere.

                That’s one thing I don’t get about the classic “date” idea- you go out and eat a meal together then you get in a room to have sex? Didn’t anybody teach those people not to swim after a big meal? It’s the same frakkin’ thing! And after you have sex you feel hungry anyway! So why did you eat beforehand and not just have the sex first, dinner later? Ugh, you humans are beyond my understanding.

                • To answer your questions Orald, no, most Americans don’t just eat and eat and eat until they’re fit to burst. We save that for holidays. We just eat shitty food stuffed with fats and sugars that taste great and make us fat in turn. And as for the eating dinner before sex thing, well, if you can convince a girl to fuck you after just buying her dinner then way to go man, dig in! But usually it takes a few more dates and something other than just food to impress a gal. The whole buying her dinner thing is mostly just so you can show her you’re affluent enough to keep her fed. It’s a primal thing. Like killing a deer and bringing it to her in the stone age. “Hey baby, I can keep you fed. What does Grog have on that? He can’t even kill a bunny, I killed this whole deer.” Also women just like to go out some place fancy and hardly eat anything, but still expect you to pay out the nose for it.

                  • Also proves that you can conduct yourself in public in front of worthwhile people (ie shows your status & ambition)

                  • I’d recon killing a deer is easier than a rabbit, unless you’re using snares, and just killing and serving Grog as dinner would be easier than both, but that’s beside the point.
                    I wasn’t implying a woman(or man) would go all the way on a first date(but some people do), but the name “first date” implies there are other dates to follow, and I was talking about the structure of the “date” itself regardless of its numbering.
                    I know it’s a “my mate can provide for me” thing, that’s what just about everything else in a relationship means, but eating, even a little, before you go jumping up and down is just not a great idea. People really ought to think more of the practical aspect of things.

    • Maybe I shold be glad Germany has neither turkeys nor Thanksgiving.
      (Well technically there is the Erntedankfest, which means translated something like “harvest thanksgiving festival” but it’s not a national holiday and more a rural festival I remember from my youth in Kindergarden where we braided decorative stuff out of corn[*] stalks, but it seems to have vanished.)

      [*] “Corn” as in cereals, wheat, oats, etc.

      • I could’ve sworn you had plenty of Turks there in Germany… 😛

        It might just be because English isn’t my main-language, but the double meanings of some words like “Turkey”(fowl or country) and “Indians”(native-American or from India) amuses me. I’m easily amused.

  5. I hope there’s a blog post soon about the recent Wiki-Leaks affair, filtered through Kevin’s noggin it must look much funnier than it is.
    And as a testament to the poor skills of all news-reporters in Israel, virtually all major media outlets(probably following the footsteps of one newspaper and shamelessly copying their article) here revealed, among all other “leaks”, that the Turkish PM’s advisers were called “sycophantic”. But they failed to translate it right. They started out by translating it to “psycho-fanatic” and later, after they realized how fucking stupid and ignorant they are, tried changing it to “schizophrenic”. It’s not like there isn’t a good, direct translation for it in Hebrew, there is. And it’s a short, well known word. They’re just fucking dumb, lazy and unprofessional. And they’re the ones spreading the lies news. *sigh*

    • Now, Now…media types can’t be bothered by the effort of doing RESEARCH or accurate translations…they’re too busy manufacturing reporting the news!

      • BTW, Elfguy, you have inspired me to come up with some rules on how this forum operates. It’s something I wasn’t planning to do, but I feel it has become necessary. I’m going to do a little research first to make certain I am being fair… or fair-ish, anyway, and to see if there are some accepted “best practices” already in place out there anywhere.

        So thanks for that.

        • I hope bashing my country’s mainstream media just for being ignorant pricks is still allowed, even if noting their auto-antisemitism and political crimes isn’t.

        • Ah, so it will be perfectly OK for Guys like Kroiden to imply-to-the-point-of-saying that anyone who opposes Obama’s policies is a Racist, but defending yourself and/or others against such charges by pointing out that the accusation ITSELF is racist, will be prohibited?

          And it was Orald who brought up Inheritance laws, not me.

          • Now, Now, Orald…we shouldn’t get in the way of any censorship editorial decisions on the blogs…after all, it’s not like the internet is any kind of Democracy or anything…or even a Republic…

          • Actually, I brought up Israeli(OK, so with the predominance of Americans on this blog that might’ve confused you a bit) inheritance laws and just said they were silly without commenting about the political stand of the ones who made them(bugger me with a hot poker if I even know who made them or when, probably before even ol’ Kevin here was born!), just that getting passed on in the inheritance of your late spouse and having your kids get it was kinda weird when we’re not dealing with “trophy wives” and such. Hell, they’ve never even been married to anyone else and only ever had us 3 kids, it’s not like there was a divorce or step-parent involved. I’m not even sure what the exact laws are but the whole situation was just silly.
            Also, there was some sweet irony in there because I had the power, if I really wanted to get bogged down in legal shit, to throw the bitch off the flat like she tried on me a few years back, but that’s another zany story for another time.

            Now to play Kevin’s advocate. Kroiden, while obviously and unquestionably wrong in any and all the things he said in that heretical, commie-lovin’ post( 😛 ), was responding to yours, so you did kinda start the political aspect of it, Elfguy.

  6. Honestly, I enjoyed the art on this one – but the word balloon placements for the eye make it look like the nose is also talking…

  7. Excuses for a new art-style? Hogwash! I call it celebrating a milestone!

    …I mean, it’s the 100th strip of the White Smoke Mountain arc, no? Wouldn’t that make it one, if not the most extense arc in the story? And it ends on a radical shift of power, showing the DM isn’t as stupid as everyone thinks: he out-conned Martin of a character (darn, that’s devious!!), created a new and powerful villain, and during the course of the story it has shifted some of the original concepts of the group (Bunker is now less smiley and more hardcore, Morty stopped dying, Enkidu is a bit smarter, Freya has a reason to exist other than “Fighter #2, and there’s new people, not to mention I got pleased with the Pally petition, even if Bunker hasn’t yet changed, and probably won’t change, into Paladin again).

    So yeah, milestone. Never mind the fact Kev and Lena had to pay their dues to Mammon on Black Friday, nosiree.

  8. Poor Martin forgot the first rule of AD&D – Never trust promises made by evil body parts from a mad god/lich that you’ve grafted onto your body…it never turns out well.

      • Well first in terms of the “it will really mess you up if you ignore it” scale, not commonality.

        Like “Don’t eat yellow snow” or “Always make sure it’s not a seven-shot sixshooter before you aim it at yourself and pull the trigger.”

        On a side note, Vencus appears to be Dangerously Genre Savvy there. “He can play the Rogue from now on” – Looks like Fleece isn’t all that happy about that particular twist…

  9. About this strip’s art style:
    I’m not so thrilled about the sketchy quality, especially the lack of backgrounds (but then the past couple strips had none or only minimal background visuals either), but as you wrote that it’s only temporary, Kevin, I don’t mind.

    What I actually like quoite a bit is the sepia background which
    1) allows for very interesting shading with black shadows and white highlights,
    2) gives the characters a more natural skin tone. 😀
    It’s not quite a return to full colour, but the next best thing.

    • Unless there’s some kind of push for it, I’m not planning on this being a regular thing. I personally like the way it looks, but to me it does look more like a sketchbook, and less like a finished drawing. It’s also difficult to do any kind of detail with those pencils.

  10. I thought the color shading was a artistic decision at first, like of a foreshadowing of something to come, martin’s player having to make a new character sheet for example

  11. Heheh… those particular artifacts do say “Surgeon General’s Warning: using this will turn you into an NPC” on the side, but I have to say that overloading oneself with possession-type artifacts then teleporting to challenge the Big Bad all by one’s lonesome is an amazing one-two punch of stupid mistakes. Martin appears to have been drunk with power. I can’t wait to see how he tweaks Fleece:)

  12. And with a sudden twist of fate and the GM’s hand, Freya found herself in posession of the only remotely up-to-date character Bio.

  13. Now Fleece is a player character can she get her own Fleece (from the infinite list of Fleece’s on the back of Martin’s character sheet?).

    In fact isn’t Fleece (as played by Martin) still bound to Martin (as played by DM)?