28 Responses to 731 – White Smoke Mountain • 98

    • I’m on a budget for this and you’re not worth the expense. I’ve got more important people to be corrupting, let’s agree to hatch different evil plots, shall we?

  1. Martin probably won’t want those artifacts for too long, they have some rather nasty side effects- possession being the least of ones concerns. I can think of dozens of items I’d rather freebie to myself before I’d pick an old-school artifact. Would that be a robe of the Archmagi or something else?

  2. Technically it’s a copywritten lich, not a god…The old school artifacts had semirandom abilities usully picked by the DM from a handy dandy prepared list of possible powers and side effects…and a lot of them were really really BAD….

  3. I find it incredibly funny and a stroke of genius on the DM’s part that the best way to torment Martin would be to make his latest acquisitions a kinder, gentler evil. I’ve played with quite a few “Martins” and I remember one in a CoC game that actually got a little miffed when he read out of the “Ancient Scary Tome” and didn’t go bat-shit crazy and kill the party.

      • I didn’t know they could purr.

        Elfguy, your link to a Carlin act from yesterday has made me start downloading a whole collection of his acts from over the years, since Youtube just wasn’t enough. Almost 20 videos and numerous audio recordings. It’s gonna take some time though.

        • Oh, Carlin was the master. He could even get away with using the dreaded “N” word, without massive protests from the ACLU. His earliest stuff (Pre beard) was the funniest, with the “Hippie Dippie Weather man” and so on…

          • I got to watch that yesterday(first segment to fully d/l was a ~1 minute 1966 performance at Johnny Carson’s), but didn’t find nearly as funny as the later stuff. A few more segments have completed by now(I’m trying to watch it chronologically), so I’ll check them out soon.

  4. Hehehheh…. I miss my old books. Didn’t you get deathgaze if you did enough things that would make Vecna happy? Like putting living beings in really creative sadistic experiments to “learn things”. Reminds me of some professors I had… Anyway what’s a campaign without the mage who assumes such evil levels of power the rest of the party can’t stop him without divine intervention?

    • Boring as hell, that’s what.

      In the D&D we have running right now, I have a chaotic neutral Sorcerer who lucked into a Wand of Wonder early on.. Chris really didn’t think I would beggar myself just to get a powerful weapon that could literally kill us all with one roll of the dice.

      As soon as I had the prereqs I switched to chaos mage (whatever the proper name is I can’t be bothered to look up and my pain meds are fuzzing up my memory right now) so now I have two choices for the effects. The first time I used it after changing class, I ended up with a choice of two kill-everyone-spells. Luckily we all made our saving throws and the bad guys mostly didn’t.