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Sorry, but no. Morty is a wiseass, not gay.

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    • It’s not their fault. Their brains aren’t done cooking yet. Young teens in particular often spend some time trying on different personalities and figuring out who they are. Unfortunately for the rest of us one of those personalities is often “asshole”. I figure this is what’s wrong with Orald, too. 😉

      • Nah, it’s not a teenage thing, I’ve been done with that part of my life for at least 5 years now(assuming 20 is the absolute end of “teens”).
        It’s schizophrenia.

        • Most people don’t start coming out of this phase of their life until 25 or so. Bill Cosby used to refer to this as “Dain Bramage”, being specifically the type of crazy young people with uncooked brains suffer from.

          I remember my own dain bramage well, and with no small embarrassment. Don’t worry, Orald. You’ll outgrow it, and then you’ll think back to this time and have a good chuckle about it.

          • Is that the reason young folks are so ideological and want to help terrorists kill all their loved ones in the name of democracy, freedom of expression etc?

            I’m not sure what this whole “asshole-Orald” is about, either. Because I’m sometimes, or always, forceful in my writing? Or because I don’t believe it’s such a nice reality we live in?

              • And what, let you talk about how I’m going through an “asshole phase” as a joke/jab at my supposed immaturity? Or just venting up some steam about regional politics? Hey, you and everyone else is doing it from time to time(you even have a blog where you regularly talk about all kinds of such stuff), I’m just venting. Gods know I have lots to vent about.

            • I fail to see what the topic of “teenagers” has to do with “terrorists”. Last time I checked, if you subtracts all the acts of artificial terrorism committed by secret government secret agents, often on their own on allied civilian populations, which is standard procedure in connection with Operation Gladio, PNAC and similar, the remaining terrorists are adults, not teenagers.

              Unless you’re talking about child soldiers. Who were either abducted by guerillasfighters or sold to the guerillas by their own parents, because the paretns were no longer able to feed the child.

              • I wasn’t talking about teen terrorists at all, I was talking about teenagers and young adults thinking it was both cool and romantic to support terrorists because they’re “freedom-fighters”.

                • You want someone to explain teenagers? Ha. Fine, sure.

                  That’s teenage rebelliousness, which is standard in Western society ever since the invention of childhood.
                  See, in childhood we teach children all sorts of stupid or unrealistic things because we have this big collective delusion that hiding the truth from children about how the world actually works is the thing to do because they can’t handle it. So we teach them about Santa, and The Easter Bunny, the invisible sky-pervert, tell them to do well in school so they can get a good job without actually giving enough detail that they can understand it or the conditions that’s untrue under, and so on.
                  Then kids start realizing that their folks are actually not that bright and they’ve been lying to them all their lives, so they have to go bug out and try anything else but what those lying jerks have said on for what they believe and what they do. Most of them start this sometime in their teenage years, I did it when I was 6 roughly. Then they do all sorts of crazy and stupid shit and never listen to their parents until they settle down into some degree of an adult perspective, eventually, maybe. The more their parents are hypocritical shits, the less they like the way their parents live and do things, the longer that lasts usually.
                  There are exceptions driven by more intense tribalism/religious affiliation and other conditioning processes, and some driven just because of other factors, but this is my working hypothesis for how and why of teenage/neoteny rebellion.

          • For a teenager, everything is life becomes Very Important. Everything. Even things that seem trivial to the rest of the no-teenage world. Teenagerswant to believe in things very strongly. Unfortunately they are also often very gullible (which has nothing to do with actual intelligence). The question is, what bullshit are the adults filling their brain with?

            Puberty is the time when the adult personality develops. Neurologically, the synaptic connections in the teenage cortex undergo a radical re-building especially in the frontal and temporal lobes. Hormonal levels change, sleep patterns change temporarily (usually to night time activity), social activity increases. I’ve read an article by a neurologist who wrote that neurologically speaking teenagers udnergoing puberty cannot be held wholly responsible for their actions, in his opinion they are technically (in regard to the law) not fully of sound mind, mentally incapacitated to a certain degree during those years. He even proposed that, in a perfect world, teenagers between the ages of 14-17 o so should not even be sent to school, because traditional schooling methods are next to useless during that time, because the brain is busy reconstructing itself and does not really retain much fact learning during that time. He wrote that actually it would be much better, scientifically speaking, to help teenagers train their social behaviour and self-control during those years, help them psychologically to deal with all the emotions rushing through their brains and at the same time put them in situations where they are allowed and even forced to take responsibility so that they learn self-confidence instead of keeping them locked in child-like behaviour patterns. And then, after those years, go back to standard education.

            • Seems like I missed out on the part where the “social activity increases” and went the other way round.
              Unless you call this socializing, but I don’t think you do.
              I’ve had to repeatedly explain that yes, I do like it alone(especially physically alone, chatting on the internet like this is less of a problem) most of the time.
              Probably the major reason I broke with my ex. I just had too much “social time” with him and I wanted some peace and quiet.
              Heh, on the romantic level, it’s been about 3 years now and I’ve yet to really come out of the “alone time”, and quite enjoying it.
              People are such a hassle.

      • I’m pretty sure that’s what’s wrong with Aiki, too, despite being closer to 30 than to anything ending in “teen”.

  1. Off Topic: The government here is going to vote on, and is predicted to approve, a law requiring a referendum(or 80 out of 120 Knesset members approving it, or something like that) for any future agreements involving the selling out of a part of the country in order to temporarily appease the marauding hordes into allowing us to live a bit longer(AKA “Peace” Agreements). And the left is in an uproar, calling this an anti-democratic law and the end of democracy in Israel etc.
    One would have to wonder why they’re so afraid of it given that they are the majority of the electorate. At least, that’s what the media(and not just ours) always tells us, right? Maybe it’s got to do with their seemingly shrinking-to-nonexistence power in the last elections?
    I guess it’s only democracy when you’re having fun using foreign(AKA USA&EU) influence to pressure a right-winged government into making more worthless agreements.
    And to end this somewhat angry post in a lighter tone, a joke:



    *Apparently it’s “for” and not “in” in Chamberlain’s speech right after his glorious success at achieving world peace.

      • Given the fact we discuss politics 99% of the time and the rest is about how long Bunker’s dick is…There’s just so much political stupidity going on here I’m liable to explode if I don’t mention it once in a while.

        • I think that’s just you, Orald. And maybe Elfguy.

          @anonward: LOVE that comic. Makes me want to post it permanently to my site.

          • It’s just that me and Elfguy are farther along the “right-wing” axis than most of you*, so it must seem out of place when we speak up against some of the stuff you(mistakenly, of course) think is right.

            *Though given that “Tea Partiers are hippies” article that was linked here once maybe “right” is not the real name for it. Besides, right and left have different meanings here in Israel that aren’t related to economical ideas at all, and to social ones to a lesser degree.

            • I don’t expect you to believe it, but it has nothing to do with your affiliation. I think it’d be worse if your ideas were the same as my own, since others would be more tempted to conflate our behavior and that would be more potentially embarrassing to me. Given that your views are not the same as mine, (one of the bigger reasons I like having you AND Elfguy around) there is less chance that people will identify your churlishness with the site in general, despite the continuous avalanche of your opinion.

    • Poor Neville…who would think that mad dictators who have declared in their own autobiography that they want to conquor the world and exterminate large segments of the population would LIE?

      The whole “Land for peace” thing has been tried, doesn’t work. The Syrians…Oh, sorry, I meant “palestinians” of course, aren’t interested in peace.

      Gotta love how it was the UN that created the state of Isreal in the first place, yet everyone seems to forget that part…. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HelIHTveKQw

      • Actually there’s been a growing movement towards settling in “Palestine” since about the mid 19th century, about 50 years earlier than what they say there. I must admit though, those were the parts of history I found most boring in high-school since the emphasis was more on silly rabbis(religious school) and even worse, the teacher was the worst history teacher I’ve ever had, who could probably make even the middle-ages look like a dull affair.
        Also there was a huge emphasis, almost to the exclusion of everything else, on only the Jewish history of the period, which was very frustrating given all the great events during those times.
        Someone really needs to bump him off for the good of mankind.

    • Actually, Neville Chamberlain had no illusions about Hitler when he signed the Munich Pact. He had spoken with his military advisers in 1938. In that year, Great Britain was not prepared to fight Germany—so he bought time at Munich. (Hitler wanted to start the war then and gave Mussolini holy hell for his work in negotiating the Munich Pact.) When Germany invaded Poland in September 1939, Great Britain had added hundreds of the newer Hurricanes and Spitfires to their air forces, improved their ground defenses, and completed most of the “Home Chain” radar net that was so important in the Battle of Britain. His advisers told him that Britain had a fighting chance, an ultimatum was issued to Germany, and the war was on.

      Far from being an “appeaser”, Chamberlain sacrificed his political career—and his historical legacy—to save his country, and Winston Churchill often conferred with him after he left office. Chamberlain died during the Battle of Britain (not as a war casualty) after England turned the tide against the Luftwaffe.

      As for Israel and Palestine, it may be that the only lasting solution is to drive everyone out of the country, nuke it down to the bedrock, seed it with some nasty radioactive with a dangerous half-life, then surround the whole area with five-meter fences with signs that say in all major and local languages: “If you cross this fence, you will die” and “This is what happens when people don’t share.” I don’t suggest that this should happen, mind you. I think, however, if the price of a barrel of oil from the Middle East was adjusted to account for the amount of money spent fighting wars to get it, everyone would have said, “That’s it; I’m outta here” a long time ago.

      Yet another reason for switching away from oil as an energy source. I hope that we get useful fusion power within my lifetime so I can say with my dying breath, “About freakin’ time.”

        • I’ve already heard about it and I’m not too convinced. I’ve heard the same about Stalin carving up Poland with Hitler as a way to delay the inevitable invasion and war.
          If they cared so much about preparing themselves they would’ve done so earlier than that. 5 “good” years of Nazi rule preceded that event, with each year seeing more and more militarization and declaring of intents from Hitler.
          To say they only woke up around that time is to imply they were blind, and only means they were blind before said agreement, which isn’t exactly an improvement.

            • Not exactly, I’m saying that either they were that while Hitler was beefing up Germany while promising to start a great war with every single breath he drew and woke up in time for the Munich Agreement, as mentioned above(because why didn’t they start mobilizing sooner?), or they were deluded even by the time of said agreement. Either way they didn’t act fast enough, and their tactics of “buying time”, if that were truly the case, were very ineffective.
              Also, I think in school they said that France could’ve smashed Germany early through Hitler’s regime, before the major beefing up was done. OK, so I can see why they wouldn’t want to start a war, but given they that were a bit suspicious of the German anyway and that by not starting it they let it escalate to something much worse. But if you take both Britain and France together it’s harder to see why they didn’t collaborate sooner. But then hindsight is 20/20, as you say. I guess they needed better glasses.
              And I also learned in school that the Sudetenland was a real treasure in terms of industry that only furthered Germany’s build up(probably why he really cared for that place before he started with others).

      • You know it’s mostly because of the oil that anyone even listens to those nice guys strapped with bombs and not telling them to go to hell.
        I have to wonder though why we’re to blame that some people don’t want to share this place with us and have been trying their best(which isn’t much, apparently) to wipe us out. Israel is the only real democracy in the ME with people fighting to stay within its borders when those are re-drawn as part of “peace” agreements(for some reason the Israeli Arabs don’t seem happy to be handed over to their brothers in “Palestine”), yet those very people, who actually get to voice their opinions and vote, unlike in the more civilized countries surround Israel, still fight to destroy it from within. When it’s finally dissolved I’ve gotta wonder how many of them would scratch their heads in confusion and wonder what exactly they wanted to achieve.

        Also, is “everyone would have said, “That’s it; I’m outta here” a long time ago” referring to the rest of the world or somehow to Israel itself, which apart from some natural gas they claim they’ve just discovered off-shore, doesn’t actually have oil etc? Or is it about the rest of the ME? Because the Israel thing isn’t about getting the nonexistent oil(that would be amusing to hear someone accuse the Jews of trying to plunder the natural resources of the area).

        • “I have to wonder though why we’re to blame that some people don’t want to share this place with us and have been trying their best(which isn’t much, apparently) to wipe us out.”

          I could answer that, but I’m so not going there…..

            • What I love is the Political Correctness BS…I’ll stop opposing a victory Mosque at ground zero (plane wreckage from one of the flights that hit the WTC actually hit the building, so it IS part of ground zero) the day THEY allow a Synagogue and a Catholic Church to be constructed in Mecca or Medina.

  2. Wow. Morty is a true friend. ^^ Lots of people wouldn’t lift a finger to help even their supposedly best friends, and he went this far.

    • Is Morty the oldest member of the group? He’s certainly the most mature.

      Sadly, he rarely makes his opinion heard. He should do that more often.

      • Morty is the oldest, (though not by a lot) though he is a bit more retiring than the rest. Despite his age, he both looks up to Bunker and to him for his social cues.

  3. this is almost the exact same speech a buddy of mine told me once. (and no my buddy isn’t gay either)

    she tore my heart out and spat in the hole and I still think about her every day.

    • They certainly have that ability. Sorry for your pain, but the upside is that it REALLY helps you choose the next one a whole lot more carefully.

  4. These “player’s real life” interludes are a bit like the flashbacks on Lost. Interesting enough if you like that kind of thing, but get back to the smoke monster already!

      • I thought these WERE the bad guys. Aren’t Erias(sp?) and the rest just about global peace through forceful unification of all governments?

        • You can do better than a sad polemic about morality versus the tired conquer-the-world notion that was copied from Order of the Stick. C’mon!

          • I’m guessing the recent OOTS arc isn’t entirely original about that idea, and wasn’t exactly the first thing in my mind when I wrote this. Once I did, however, I did recognize it was the same plan, so subconsciously it might’ve contributed to it, but I didn’t outright copy from that “original” plot.
            I could throw in the Master from Fallout, Nod from C&C, the glorious and just Leto II God-Emperor of Dune(Siaynoq!!!)* and probably some other stuff if I thought about it long enough(I’m terrible at remembering books&book names when asked on the spot). In short, yeah, OOTS is also a possible inspiration, but it’s not what I was consciously thinking of at the time.
            Also, this peace-through-unification does have its merits, but usually lacks in the execution and derails into constant warring and power-seeking.

            *Well, technically the hugely long(~3500 standard years, which are 20 hours shorter than the traditional year…I’m rereading Heretics of Dune) Leto’s Peace was actually part of the lesson he taught humanity which was all about the opposite to peace, but the means to accomplish it WERE an all conquering galactic empire and strict rule.

            • Authoritarian conquest and compulsion is always economically and otherwise inefficient, as those on the bottom are motivated to spend more effort resisting the overlord and less effort creating value for exchange (that would often be flat extorted by the authority). Be quiet and go home Stalin!

              • A communist dictatorship, or dictatorship at all, is not the only way to go. Look at the Atreides(mostly during Leto II) empire. I’m not talking about oppressing the masses and forcing them to work for you, I’m talking about controlling the armed forces and government so that everything is one “country” and there’s no need to fight with other countries for resources etc, just like cities in the same country don’t start a war between them(unless there’s a sports match, of course 🙄 ).
                Of course it won’t work forever, as blessed Leto has shown us in his infinite, all-reaching wisdom.

                By the way, your reliance on the USSR for support of your views is flawed since you’re assuming every such entity is designed to force people to change their ways and re-educate them according to some extreme philosophy, when the goal doesn’t have to have anything with changing the way people live.
                That’s at the heart of every normal/benevolent “global government” scenario you see in films/books, which just acts like a huge country without all that “re-education” and oppression stuff.
                The USSR was never about ending wars(apart from involvement in WWI, but that’s not exactly the point), it was about implementing some(crazy) philosophy at the expense of the common folk while the new ruling class was having fun. It was a simple dictatorship just like every petty warlord in Africa etc has, just on a bigger scale.

  5. The good thing about being a Cleric is that you can provide continuous beatings. If the message is not understood the first time the 8th or 9th should do the trick.

  6. i was playing ddo the other day and i got into an argument about the role of clerics in a rpg.his stance was that all clerics should just sit in back of the party and be healbots. i told him that while that was fine for wow, clerics were designed(?sp) for much more in dnd and being the fact that i play a cleric (elhissa stormguard– cannith) i wasnt going to just sit there and heal him. i was going to fight and heal and cast buffs and other things. and he said “i hope i dont get into a party with you.” and i said “if you want a healbot get a hireling thats what they are for.”

    • D&D really expands the roles of clerics in amazing directions. While I dig the healing aspect myself, (healing your party multiplies their effectiveness in a fight, and allows me to claim credit for all victories in which I heal anyone at all…) you can play them several different ways, all of which are great to have in a party. As a debuffer alone they can be deadly, and as a toe-to-toe combatant they can hold any fighter’s position. The fellow you were arguing with just wanted someone to sit back and make HIM look good. Tool.

      • From my limited experience in MMORPG’s I’ve noticed the ones who rip all the “glory” are always the high DPS types but for them to do all that high damage or even just survive more than 1-2 hits they need a healer glued to their asses spamming heals and buffs, and they’re either average at best or down right pathetic without one/a good one.
        While everyone benefits from a healer/buffer they’re the ones who are most dependent on it to look good/survive.

        • I usually have a LOT of fun with a guy just like that when i played a cleric in a pen and paper rpg (like i do 99 times out of a 100) because i would not heal him one iota unless he spent a LOT of in-game time praying to my God thanking him for the healings that got bestowed upon him and attend my sermons.

          When that happen there are usually one of two things that will happen.

          1. The guy wises up and stops being a two dinesional hoophole and actually starts roleplaying.
          2. He quits the game in a total huff muttering that all the rest of us are total losers and he will go game with some real rpg’ers instead!

          The last one i did this with choose door number two. Luckily, the three others are still going strong. 😀

    • You realize that by posting yer character here, everyone with a character on that server (Eliainna Tantalandiosh) is gonna either friend, attack or otherwise harass the shit outta ya, right?

      I may well do all three…

      Not that I have played enough to be even a nuisance…

  7. so why is Morty taking his glove off? I don’t think I would punch someone barefisted when they are wearing armor….