36 Responses to 729 – White Smoke Mountain • 96

  1. Oh yes the druidess really knows what she wants … and it is wearing a very avant-garde helmet.

    I do not remember exactly but there is a significant age-gap between Zobbie and the rest of the group, isn’t it ?

    • There’s no rape like statutory rape. 😉

      And I could go on and on about how stupid most of this is IMO, and how instead of protecting “children”(because they’re all tiny, innocent, helpless little babies until they’re 16/18) it only screws up more than it helps.

      • Of course it’s stupid, the idea of innocent childhood wasn’t invented until the most ridiculous, prudish, anti-reality period of them all: The Victorian. The time when underwear was invented and promoted to make people have less sex. The time people invented Santa Claus and started lying to kids that such a thing exists. Etc, etc, etc.

        • Some kinds of underwear aren’t too bad…mostly the edible ones. What I do abhor are those tight underwear that resemble a bikini’s lower piece(unsure what’s the American terminology for it, and Wiki’ has so many examples on it that I couldn’t bother reading them all), at least for men.
          Why do they make them so tight? I’m not endowed like a porn-star but it’s just too tight! Not to mention it’s probably not all that healthy for your sperm, in case you care about it(so not me) to be confined so closely to your too-warm abdomen. I’ve started wearing boxer shorts instead.
          It might also be related to the fact that I can’t abide tight fitting cloths.

          I’m not sure what’s the situation in the USA but here it seems like those tight underwear are the norm for men and boxers are secondary.

          Err, I’m not sure, AC, but does your angry post imply you’re not wearing any underwear? 😮

  2. Methinks the DM is going to go check the stats on certain artifacts…or check an earlier download of the dungeon…

      • Speaking of sweet potato pie recipes, a few Thanksgivings ago I saw on TV a most decadent way of making the two most popular pies of the season into one. You make the pecan pie, without the pecans, in the pie shell, then top with sweet potato (or pumpkin if you prefer) filling and put the pecans on top of that and bake. I mentioned seeing this to Mom and she made one, and has declared me the bad son just for telling her. It is that good. Now you never have to choose which you want (like any of us really struggle over one OR the other and just do both anyway lol)

  3. He may even be looking at an older edition copy. Since it’s pretty much a direct transfer with updated equipment.

      • Aren’t they all the same after the implants? They might as well hire those Japanese robots by the hour and save the cost of the plastic-surgeons and risk of catching HIV.

        Speaking of prostitution again, I mentioned my little jab at lawyers and their whoring to my sister and she said they aren’t selling their bodies, just their services, like any worker. I said it’s not the same, they’re selling their reputation and integrity, their “essence”.
        Frankly it might be worse than selling your body(which yet again, is like any manual laborer), at least if you have any kind of conscience, so maybe that’s why lawyers are such lying, thieving bastards and fit perfectly to their job.
        It’s like a salesperson or celebrity on TV trying to use his/her name to sell you stuff.
        I just have a problem with lies more than I have with dead burglars. I’m crazy like that, what can I do?

  4. In case it had escaped anyone’s attention, Lena added a calendar to the page, so that you can simply click to whatever page you want to go to. It still requires one extra click, since for some reason it doesn’t take you straight to the page but rather to a link to the page… but it is still considerably easier than going forward and backwards strip by strip.

    • Yeah, I’ve noticed it a few days ago, about a day or two after I asked about making more “recent posts” available…Though in that request I meant “comments”, like the one I’m making now, not the actual blog/comic entries.

      On an unrelated note, I’ve really been enjoying OOTS’ latest strips(and the shorter waiting in-between *holds fingers*). I especially liked Elan’s expression in the last panel of the most recent one. Also, I think I’m in love with his dad. 😈

        • Is that about Elan’s dad? Googling “realdoll”(and why exactly are YOU so familiar with that brand-name, AC?) yields a brand of “love” dolls, so are you asking if I’ve got a sex doll shaped after Elan’s dad? Sadly, no.
          I’m pretty sure it’d have to be specially made(with a prohibitive cost attached) and besides, all the casual, businesslike evilness just wouldn’t be there, it being a doll and all(well, it might be a creepy evil doll, but that’s not the same, is it?), so what’s the point?
          Also, you really DO have to appreciate the logistics involved in setting up that beacon in such a short time.

          • I’ve lost count of the number of times I’ve had to clean up pornographic materials that people accidentally got on their computers and in their bookmarks. Twice I was called in to assess if such materials were likely planted or placed by the user’s own browsing habits (once planted, once stupid bitch using work computer very unprofessionally).

            Really though, it’s important to know these things when it comes time to negotiate new contracts and contract adjustments….

            • Yea, I can’t count how many times someone must’ve broke into my apartment and planted child-porn snuff films on my PC. Horrible, I tell you!
              Also, they were of poor quality.