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  1. I had to check out Wiki’ for the references(only heard of the Eye before), but it didn’t kill the joke. 😆

    I bet Martin will come to regret it sooner rather than later.

    • Considering the hand and eye of Vecna kinda take over your character and turn it into an NPC, he better hope the DM doesn’t start checking up on em….

      Or the DM could “Go old school” and decide they’re actually the Hand of Kwll and the Eye of Rhynn

      Sword of Kas eh? I think that sword’s neatest abilty is to be either a Shortsword, longsword, or greatsword…It’s been described as all three, so presumably it can change, probably when it decides to…

      • Somehow I got the impression that those names would mean even less to the DM than they do to me, and I’ve got no idea(don’t worry, I’ll probably just google it).

      • Never heard of the Sword of Kas before. 😐 Vecna, yes of course. What’s up with Martin’s eye in the last panel? That seems to connected to the sword somehow.

        Edited to add: OK, googled that sword and its connection to Vecna. Wow, a total rip-off of Elric of Melniboné’s black runesword Stormbringer! 🙄 Is there anything D&D didn’t copy?

        Kas was a vampire? Martin really likes vampires, it seems. First his Munster-style family, now this. I wonder if Martin’s player secretly likes Twilight. 😉

        So, Martin’s player has the same skills of deception, bluff and suggestion in real life as the warlock. Hm. I wonder if he’s one of those player who always play the same type of character regardless of the system. What does he do in systems that do not offer character classes with magical powers of deception? Max out bluff and fast talk skills?

        On the other hand, I want to see Martin’s player so blinded by greed as to fall for the old “Head of Vecna” trick. 😈

  2. That mouse-over text on today’s page just killed me. :mrgreen:

    Now I have to go back and check all the older pages for “subtext” too…

  3. OK, probably opening myself up for flaming here, but two things…

    First, where is the reference to “Vecna” and “Eye”? All I see is “KAS” on the sword, so I’m obviously missing something.

    Second, this strip perfectly illustrates what I’ve always had a problem with in D&D (and like games) – people just “make it up” as they go along. Monster’s dead, treasure divided, and then Martin says “Oh yeah, here’s MORE stuff”. Just “poof” there it is – no rules, no justification, just made up because he wanted it that way.

    Alright – flame away.

    • The Hand and Eye of Vecna (along with the Sword of Kas) are old-timey D&D artifacts that Martin has apparently “gifted” himself with. The joke here is really just that Martin has decided to give himself some loot. The actual nature of that loot is intended only as an Easter egg for those that happened to recognize it.

      While lots of folks run adventures that they make up themselves, most of them are made up well in advance of actual play. Even though a good DM must always be ready to pivot and react to players, the situation presented in the comic is HIGHLY abnormal for ANY role playing game. I may only have been playing these games for 28 or so years, but I have never encountered a situation remotely like that.

    • Players don’t usually get to make up the treasure they find, the DM does that. The only thing the players decide is how they react to situations that the DM describes, which are usually planned in advance by the DM. Often, however, the players decide to do something unexpected and the DM has to improvise. But the open-ended nature of the story-telling is why people play in the first place.

  4. I don’t know about the rest of you, but if I was in that party, I would be claiming the chest as *my* share of the loot. It obviously has some sort of extra-dimensional space attached to it – it’s big enough on the outside to hold a trident, but big enough on the inside to hold a gazelle and a memory foam mattress with room to spare.

      • I bet it’s really a dimensional portal, like the titular Wardrobe from The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe – you concentrate on what you want, reach into the chest, and it creates a portal to an object like the one you want.

        Then again, what if the OWNER of said item sees the portal open up, and your hand grabbing said object? The owner of said uber artifact may be able to trace the portal and arrive shortly thereafter to voice his objections…

          • “What are you doing with my house, Mortal?”
            “Oh…Baba Yaga is it? Oh, nothing…I was just looking to borrow some sugar…”
            “And how the hell did you manage to pull it through such a tiny portal?”
            “ummm…I’m not sure…it must be Quantum…or something….”

  5. I dunno…I dont think I’d want to use any magic item that requires self-mutilation to use…particularly extremely VALUABLE artifacts that anyone who knows you’ve got it is going to be after for one reason or another….

    • Well, the flip side of that is that anyone who wants your artifact (and is therefore your enemy) will make themselves known when they try to take your artifact, and you can then kill them… with your artifact! All the above resulting in no more enemies.

    • Clearly you’re not driven and dedicated enough to the noble cause of WORLD DOMINATION and the pursuit of UNLIMITED POWER. Shame on you.

  6. Martins problem may also be in the little things.
    This is somewhat dependant on me remembering my D&D mytos correctly, but i think it goes something like this:

    He has the hand and eye of Vecna. He also have the sword of Kas.
    Kas sword is highly intelligent and it was the weapon used to cut off Vecnas hand and eye.
    The sword and the hand/eye actively hate each others guts and both sets of artifact try to make the wearer of them into the original owner.

    Martin could very well be at war with himself soon…. 😆