36 Responses to 727 – White Smoke Mountain • 94

  1. Yea, pity they’re not twins though…

    At least that’s what I’m supposed to say. I’m not sure why twins, especially identical ones(which is what most people think of when twins are mentioned) are so “sought after”. Is it because you get twice the amount of “the same person”, at least physically? Human fetishes and sexuality are just so fascinating to me.
    And I totally check out porn only for the sake of my intellectual curiosity about human sexuality. 😳

    Also, “yay” doesn’t fit the “ye olde English” act, so minus 50 XP.

    • I agree, she should have said “Yayth !”

      Many… unusual practices are not popular because of the sheer pleasure they give but because of the position and self-image they provide.

      After all, what kind of extraordinary awesome being you must be to be loved by others who readily sacrifice their desire of exclusivity, suppress completely their natural jealousy and cast away society rules and taboos JUST to have a slice of your attention ?

      Add to that the imaginary mystique of identical twins, those rare and strange beings who are slightly not like everybody else… and you do not have just two lovers but two exceptionnal almost-otherworldy ones.

      ..and since it is a fantasy, you can remove all the inherent problems linked to pesky reality and voilà, perfect, ego-stroking-tastic, scenario !

  2. That is just… *facepalms* Okay, that trident is misnamed. I’m more suave than that, and that’s saying something.

    On a sidenote: Is Zobbie a Valley girl in real life or something? o_õ ‘Cause her intellect seems… lacking.

    • LOL… no no, she’s reasonably intelligent, it’s simply that Zobbie’s real world player (not to be confused with the druid character, Zobbie) is only fifteen. Everyone else at the gaming table is a bit older than she is — though not a lot.

      • I think you mean that Zobbie’s player is fifteen. Zobbie the character is a female of at least 18 years of age and should not be confused for a topless minor in any way.

                • Um. So… The somewhat older players are letting a fifteen-year-old run a topless Druid girl, and no one has offered her anything to cover up. Um. Yeah. o_o; On a sidenote, it’s a scary thought that the older players are supposed to be more mature than Zobbie is.

                  • Keep in mind that none of the players can actually SEE any of this…this is all in their imaginations…Unless it’s a Lotus Eater Machine…

                    Red pill, Bunker, or Blue Pill?

                    • Taken from a D&D game I played in once. The DM’s wife was playing a druid, and had picked a topless miniature. She decided that was what her character looked like, and after a few jokes, everyone just sort of rolled with it.

                      As a fun exercise, next time you get together at the gaming table with your buddies, ask everyone to write down a few sentences describing everyone elses’ characters. Let each player describe what his own character actually looks like, and then let each person read what they wrote down. It’s usually pretty funny.

        • actually zobbies character is more like a above 18 year old MALE with a genderbending cursed belt 😉

          also this strip was totally forseeable, i just knew zobbie want it, and because half naked the fork will say something like paradise

  3. It just occurred to me that he(it?) might take offense at Zobbie’s calling him a lowly pitchfork. He’s a TRIDENT, dammit!
    But at least he wasn’t called a crab fork, though it could’ve made for a nice punchline.

    • We do tend to get utterly carried away when we are allowed to indulge in pun-ing, so we should probably try to avoid it for as long as possible. 🙄