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  1. Heh…well..wonder what ethnic stereotype Blackrazor will be…though I do find it amusing that Freya is referred to with a male descriptor…

    • I don’t think Suave needs to make distinction between male and female. He gushes on everybody equally ! It reminds me of a plot point…. Violet called dibs on the next one right ?

      • Yeah, though I’ve never seen a trident go both ways :p, well…in and out perhaps.

        Yeah, she did…Bunker will assert his authority or some nonsense like that. At which point Violet may stop coddling his ego…should be fun.

        • No, I fixed that when I scripted it, and then apparently screwed it back up when I made the strip. Thanks.

          BTW, as with Overwhelmed, Suave’s personality is not based on an ethnic group, but a person. In the trident’s case, think Pepe le Pew as played by Antonio Banderas.

          • I did not witness Banderas as pepe le pew, but after the last frame, I will go out of my way to never EVER watch it.


          • As nitpicky as it may seem…those two examples are pretty much caricatures of an ethnic stereotype in their own right… 😛

              • I meant the Woody Allen one and this one. Both of those character personalities are pretty much caricatures of stereotypes. Hell, there’s argument enough that Antonio Banderas makes matters worse with the general roles he plays, but largely defends it with “it’s a job”. With woody allen it’s a bit tongue in cheek.

                Still, this is a damn webcomic, so there’s no need to get in a tizzy over it. But I wonder if blackrazor will be some ghetto thug :p

  2. Had I been Freya, I’d have kindly offered to ram that shiny new trident up Bunker’s shiny ex-paladin arse if he doesn’t give me my fair share. 😡

    After all, such special quest weapons tend to disappear after the quest is over, often they have to be “sacrificed” during the boss battle and are destroyed alongside the boss monster. (Yes, I’m still pissed off about that one quest in Diablo 2, why do you ask?)

    I mean, what does a monk need a trident for? And isn’t a trident an exotic weapon? *looks it up* OK, it’s a martial melee weapon. Unfortunately, while fighters can use all martial weapons, tridents are not on the list of weapons monks are proficient with, at least under 3.5 rules. So unless Freya kept one of her old fighter levels when she “retrained” to become a monk, she isn’t even proficient with the damn thing. Unless Suave magically makes every user proficient with it/him. But since the group is playing under 4E rules now, what the hell do I know?

    • By the details Ms Freya is playing a home jury-rigged class she adjusts at will by adjusting the GM. I believe you may be overthinking this.
      And Diablo 2 came out in 2000 and 2001, let it go.

    • Freya can use the trident, and cash-value wise, it is many multiples of worth greater than all the other treasure in the dungeon, excepting only the other two artifacts of power. Freya’s complaint stems from the fact that it talks, and is irritating.

      • I wonder if all three are annoying or just the first two.

        Still, even with Freya’s jury-rigged class she seems to fight all her battles “barehanded”, like a Monk, so is it really worth it to switch to a Trident, magical as it is?
        This also reminds me to ask what’s so great about these weapons, beside their ability to talk(which seems more like to hinder even without the annoying personalities), are their bonuses that high? Bunker has a +6(?) sword right now, are they like that? Or is it just their plot relevance with regards to Mr. Squidly Face?

          • Well, yes, that’s what I implied by being plot relevant to him/it. I was just asking if they were all that good beyond that, for general killing purposes.

    • The heroes are basically using 4e rules in which any class can use any weapon without penalty, just without getting the proficiency bonus associated with that weapon. Yeah I know, if you don’t get the bonus everyone else does it’s the same as a penalty… And as Kevin has said, and Freya has admitted in the strip itself, she gets special latitude with the rules.

      Nerd knowledge aside, don’t sweat the details guys and girls. The author has complete artistic license within his own universe to better entertain us! 🙂

      • That little “no penalty, but also no bonus” thing they did will probably never register in my mind, because as you said, it’s still a penalty in everything but name.

    • Aren’t there three quests in D2 that destroys a special weapon? Using the staff to get to Duriel in act 2, the flail to open the durance in act 3, and the smiths hammer to destroy the soulstone in act 4. You can keep them by giving them to another character before finishing the quest so the system will allow you to get them again.

  3. I was confused about the last panel at first. I thought it was blood originally.

    Now all I can say is I *wish* it was blood.

      • That other avatar was one I did at Lena’s direction, and she actually asked for something that looked Silent Bob-ish. I like the old one a lot, I just thought I wanted an update… plus my favorite hat.

      • You know, I see all those great Buffy quotes, like in the Affably Evil page you linked above, but I wonder, in my very limited watching of the show(half a dozen tops, probably just from 1st season) I’ve never really come across such great, funny lines, only hammy acting and plots so ridiculous I’d be afraid to admit I watched them. Did it get that much better or are those just rare pearls?

          • Quotable is not the only thing she is… 😉 Well, I guess it’s not for me then. Some few funny moments stuck in a show that’s not to my liking won’t make me watch it.

          • That first season was so-so. Second to fifth seasons were good, although my personal favorite was the third.
            Technically, the show had a finale at the end of the fifth season. But then they were renewed by being picked up by another network. The 6th and 7th seasons were produced with lesser budget and Marti Noxon as the head writer, who brought her personal neuroses to the plot, and it showed. AVOID THE FINAL SEASON LIKE THE PLAGUE! Still, even seasons 6 and 7 did have a handful of very strong episodes, not to mention the famous Musical Episode, which was a definite highlight.

            While Buffy and the spin-off Angel ran on the same network there were several cross-over episodes, which is something else seasons 6 and 7 lacked. But the final season of Angel picked up where the finale of Buffy had left off.

            Now, the final season and the finale of Angel is a whole other topic… what’s with Whedon and depressing endings? Yes, I know technically the story was continued in the Angel comics after the series’ cancellation, and even those characters who had died make a return there, but I can’t really bring myself to regard the comics as canon.

        • While I enjoyed the first season, there is a consensus that the show grew much stronger from there. Seen from the view of seasons 5-7, S1 looks kind of scattered and messy. I came into the show late and only saw S1 after already knowing all the characters and the basic premise, so it never really bugged me much. (Though I would not recommend skipping if you had the choice.)

          My friend’s wife doesn’t care for Buffy, despite being a vampire-phile, but during its run, the show was considered the best written thing on TV. (Which may or may not be saying anything, depending on your point of view.)

          Personally, I loved the show to death, and the Mayor was probably my favorite villain.

          • Not having a thing for vampires/werewolves etc might also explain my lack of interest, I guess.
            It was made by Joss Whedon after all, so I was wondering maybe I missed something.