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  1. Wait, it is still Tuesday. Why an early comic? Lol the random switch for some spells to ritual screwed me and my group a few times.

    • One of numerous reasons I am sticking with an older version.

      Or, more often, playing the Savage Worlds system. Deadlands is awesome.

    • Well, it was hardly “random,” but I admit that I don’t agree with all of their selections for which spells to turn into rituals. Off the top of my head, arcane lock and knock come to mind. I would have tried to make these into utility powers, personally.

    • It was Wednesday server time.

      Rituals were actually one of my favorite parts of 4e. This gave magic folks the flavor that I’ve always wanted them to have. Personally, I would love to see combat spells be very slight, more like tricks and ruses, and let all “real” magic be handled via ritual.

      I may need to come up with my own class…

      • I would personally say that this way lies madness, but here, a link to free madness:

        Alternatively there’s a fifth edition with updated mechanics and it may be only a couple years before they start working on sixth (they seem to release new versions every seven years or so in response to actual complaints about the system).

  2. To continue the talk from yesterday:

    So, how about that music. I’ve been looking into grabbing some new music lately. Finally got around to grabbing some 65daysofstatic, Reverend Bizarre, and Electric Wizard. Also picked up a ton of smaller underground stuff no body would recognize on first glance (like Swallowed or Vasaeleth or whatever). Anyone got something interesting and new to bandy about?

  3. Yeah, I was right about that improved crab grab, I see.

    Bunker should skewer that overgrown crustacean with the biggest spear he has.
    (Alternate dialog:
    “You can have my druid lunch when you pry it from my cold, dead claw—wait! That was metaphorical—urk!”
    “My spear isn’t,” Bunker would smirk.)
    Then he could tell the druid as he pried her loose: “You have a crab. One beeg one. Onna steek.” :mrgreen:

    I’m going to hell for this post, aren’t I?

  4. This is what happens when not everyone is on the same page!

    (Seriously, expecting Enkidu to be ready on time and do his part without messing up? Morty, you need to lower your expectations. Or learn how to handle Enkidu and Martin. Preferably by herding toddlers first.)

    In other news, it’s Martin’s fault that Morty’s plan failed. Martin clearly knew about the ritual casting time thing but deliberately didn’t see fit to mention it, thereby endangering Zobbie’s life and the life of the rest of the party who now have to rush in to save Zobbie while Martin stands back and smirks. 😡

    Once all this is over, I hope Bunker throws Martin into the boiling water. With a rock tied around the warlock’s neck and an anti-magic sphere shoved up his trousers.

    But Bunker is probably too damn stupid to notice. Maybe Freya will.

  5. So let me get this straight

    Uh huh

    You need a room cleaned

    Uh huh

    But you’d rather spend cash AND 10 minutes to have someone else clean for 10 minutes?


    You sir, are an idiot.

    And thats why I stuck with 3.5 . The end.

  6. she could have turned into a giant octopus (crabs natural predator) but noooo druids never consider the easy way

  7. Suggestion: Kevin, how about expanding the Recent Comments section to display more than 5 comments? Say, 10? I think it’ll help keep track on comments made on older posts a bit better.

    • That is a feature of the comments rating plugin. I just took a look at it, and didn’t see any way to alter it. Lena would probably know if there is any way, (which there probably is) though I don’t know what her considerations were as far as setting it up the way she did.

      In other works, that’s a web monkey question.

  8. Uh Oh…Kevin got a new icon…

    Speaking of “Dumb Roleplaying moments” – this morning I had about half an hour to burn before I had to go to work, so I logged onto DDO and started one of the quests in reaver’s Refuge…now the idea of this one is to protect a dragon from some frost giants. Now in every single “protect the NPC” quest I’d done so far, your spells ONLY hurt the attackers, NOT the mob you were protecting…So I cheerfully started spamming firewalls on the frost giants…5 minutes LATER, just as the fire giant boss was about to go down, some clown suddenly says “don’t use firewalls, they kill the dragon!”

    Now Firewalls are pretty obvious, big flaming walls of…well…FIRE. You would think someone would have mentioned to someone who had explicitly said during the course of the quest that this was the first time they’d done it not to use them when I cast the FIRST one, not after 20 or 30 of them all over and around the dragon?

    I opined that perhaps they could have mentioned this earlier.

    His rebuttal: “It’s common knowlege”

    Sometimes I wish we could kill party members ingame. Some people are just too stupid to live.

      • And my wiz is Archmage Enchantment/Necro specced too…Finger of Death on anyone stupid enough to utter any of the following would be sweet:

        “It’s Common Knowledge” (When it clearly isn’t)
        “There’s a trap here!” (2 minutes after you get impaled)
        “Heal me!” (To a wizard)
        “What, you only have 150 HP?” (Again, to a wizard specializing in crowd control, not a big honking fighter)

          • Well, it -is- the most prevalent disease in the world. And people always get the irresistible urge to pass it on to yet another blameless collection of organic molecules.

  9. Badass lookin’ new avatar, Kevin!
    Poor Zobbie! Always being the party’s “George”! Such a waste of fine boobies too, that.

    Ok, I admit, I haven’t seen 4e, or even 3.5, (I grew up with 1.0, HATED 2e, and bought 3e core, and went back to 1) but why couldn’t they have had Enkidu cast cone of cold, or Otilukes frozen no sphere on the crab? Or summon a wall of something over the crabs head? Oh yeah, crab. No real head.

    • Thanks on the avatar. I was looking for something between “badass” and “extremely silly”.

      The answer to your question lies in risk assessment, which I didn’t go into in the comic because it’s hard to make that sort of thing funny. Those iron doors are flanged (illustrated but not commented on) it order to make them water tight when pressed against by tons of boiling water. Just as Morty was worried that Zobbie brushing a wing against the “bubble wall” of the room might “pop” the wall, an area of effect spell could just as easily bring the whole room collapsing in on the party. The doors slam shut, and then you’re either effectively locked out or you’re taking 10d6 boiling damage a round. Neither of which is getting you a new artifact.

      • I prefer the old avatar, if we’re at it. Though at least you got the effect you wanted just right- you look like you were going to utter some badass line but then got high all of a sudden and were seeing some really weird shit, all in the middle of said badassery. Or maybe were looking at the mirror while doing a “what’cha talkin bout, Willis?” impersonation(including moving your eyebrows etc).
        Is the avatar based on a real-life photograph?

        Also, the gray area of the shirt clashes with the pure, clean black&white of the rest of the picture and annoys my eyes. I’m trying to see it as black as the rest and it’s kinda close to it, but still not there. It’s like my sight is out of focus.
        I have the same problem when using chems in Fallout. When they wear off there’s a moment when the screen is unfocused, and I usually try to shut my eyes until it’s back to normal, if possible. “Painful” is too strong for it…”irritating” perhaps.

  10. Yeah, risk assessment is difficult to make funny, especially in a four panel format, and without a text wall of exposition, or dialogue.
    Ok. Makes sense about the cone of cold stuff. Although, why not a wall of iron (standard volume) shaped to a specific size / shape? I seem to remember something about varying the dimensions as long as the volume was consistent. IDK if that survived to 4e though.
    I played a similarly titled module at an all-nighter when I was a kid. Fell asleep and missed about half of it though…

    And yeah, boiling water damage @ 10d6/round is NOT on my list of spa treatments.

    • “Yeah, risk assessment is difficult to make funny, especially in a four panel format, and without a text wall of exposition, or dialogue.”
      I completely disagree, show the risks being assessed like getting scalded to death or hit on by trolls or whatever. I’m sure Kevin has the visual arts talent to work it.

      And boiling water with a bit of salt and soap or oil (and maybe a spot of lye) in it makes an awesome beauty treatment for your skeleton so long as you don’t leave it in so long the bones dissolve too.

      • “I completely disagree, show the risks being assessed like getting scalded to death or hit on by trolls or whatever. I’m sure Kevin has the visual arts talent to work it.”

        Yes, but did he want to take the time?

        “And boiling water with a bit of salt and soap or oil (and maybe a spot of lye) in it makes an awesome beauty treatment for your skeleton so long as you don’t leave it in so long the bones dissolve too.”

        Not. Interested.
        If YOU want to partake, however, feel free to enjoy! :mrgreen:

        • Ask him, I don’t know how ambitious Kevin is with regards to his work on HOLE these days. I’m just sure he could do a great job. I stand ready to light up a zippo and chant if and when he does.

            • Very reasonable, this is your hobby and not your job. Taking two weeks over it would confuse people who can’t follow the story getting lost in a digression like that too.

        • Oh, and that boiling water with a spot of lye is how I cleaned off a squirrel skeleton without removing the tail once. A few bits of wire to hold the skeleton together in the right position, a mount, a plastic case, and you’ve got a surprisingly hilarious way of freaking out delicate people that fits in a desk drawer.

            • Ask a professional and make sure the deceased gives legally binding permission first or else it’s probably some form of offense (indignity to the remains, etc). I’m only an amateur and I make my money doing vastly safer things.

          • It is a good way to clean skeletons. I was just expressing my severe disinterest in using it on *my* skeleton.
            Because, you know, that would not be fun for *me*.

    • Wall of Iron, (or Ice) has to be rested on a surface, you could never just make one up in the air. You COULD knock it over onto someone, but it required actually standing next to it in order to push it over.

      • On a surface, yes, but is there anything in the spell that says it has to be cast at a stable ANGLE? If it materializes 10 degrees off the vertical in the direction you want it to fall (or with a 45 degree mitered edge at the bottom in that direction if the main surfaces of the walls need to be vertical) then Gravity would handle the rest.

      • Ok. I remember something about that from 2e or 3e. I do agree about the unstable angle though. Oh, wait! Summon the wall of iron, attached to the crab’s butt. It doesnt have to be anchored to a NON-living surface, does it? If that worked, the crab wouldn’t be going anywhere, unable to dodge, etc.

          • Oh ok. I didn’t remember that being a requirement from 1st editition. I don’t remember seeing it ever actually being specified. Then again, I’m over forty and have had two kids, so I automatically have CRS disease (Can’t Remember, uh, something that starts with an S?) Anyway, you probably know more about it than I at this point.
            Oh, and I LOVE the composition of the scenes on this page. Nice storytelling flow.

  11. A shame that Enkidu isn’t nearly high enough for the Permanency spell…given that Unseen Servant has been turned into a “long casting time” effect, that makes it even MORE of a candidate to use Permanency on than it was in Rev 1.