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  1. I like that you kept the cornrows, even in her elephant form. Can’t wait to see how they deal with this giant crab problem.

  2. Here’s what I wanna know; Why is there a giant crab in the middle of nowhere? Or is this one of those “A wizard did it” times?

    • It’s a strange thing. However, since the whole dungeon only exists because it was “created by a powerful and crazed wizard”, I say you must be correct. This is not the weirdest room you will see here.

  3. So why haven’t the iron doors rusted, with all that salt water? And why doesn’t Zobbie have an elephant-sized headache after headbutting so many doors? 😉

    • In comic strip White Smoke Mountain #88, the DM specifically said that the “large iron doors” were “rusted shut”. So at least he got that right.

      The question is, where does salt water come from in the middle of a dungeon? Oh well, probably from a Decanter of Endless Water (those things connect to the Plane of Water and can produce either fresh water or salt water on command). No, the question should be: Where do all those waves come from? 🙄 😆

      Of course, if you question the insane logic of a dungeon designed by a mad wizard you’re not fit to be an adventurer in the first place.

      • Those aren’t waves. It’s supposed to be bubbling boiling water, I think.

        Also, as a biologist, you should ask first- what does it EAT?!

        Also, damn that’s one fine piece of bling on its claw!

        BTW, Christina, what’s your specific field of work?

    • The water isn’t salty. You said that, not me. However, it did rust the doors shut, as Christina has observed. Also, I have didn’t say that Zobbie didn’t have a headache. You did.

      In fact she does not have a headache, because elephants in Lesser Earth have been specifically raised to open large iron doors with their heads, and have specific genetic traits that help them out. (Thickened, egg-shaped skulls, brains surrounded by an encephalic membrane “sponge”, overdeveloped neck musculature.) Mostly though Zobbie does not have a headache because nobody freaking cares.

      (BTW, yes, the water is boiling. The lake — and the entire dungeon — is inside an inactive volcano.)

      • That must be one tough crab if it lazes around in boiling water. Well, either that or the world’s most frustrated crab that is always busy healing the fact that it’s outer layers are partially cooked.
        Just once I intend to construct a dungeon with similar illogic except that the monsters in boiling water would have turned into soup and such.

      • Yea, I’ve heard some tidbits, some of it here I think, to know what the obvious(to any sea-food lovers, so not to me specifically, I mean, fish are OK, even though I’ve got an mild phobia about choking on fish bones, but I won’t eat creepy arachnid-ish hell-spawn or slimy, parrot-beaked tentacled monstrosities) solution to the giant crab is. I can’t help but think this was meant as a half-joke by the original creators of the module.

  4. Gee guys, its almost like you are picking out flaws in the story of a DM that points out his own secret doors!

  5. Interesting… that giant crab appears to wear some sort of bracelet on its right pincer.
    Wait, I dimly remember the giant-crab-with-a-bracelet picture included in the spoof review of the original White Plume Mountain module on Something Awful’s “WTF, D&D?!” column. Hm.

    I wonder if the players will notice it when the DM shows them the picture included? (Describing the crab would mean you have to describe the bracelet too, and give away its existance.) Oh well, since Martin read the whole module, he’ll probably point it out.

  6. I like how even an elephant is dwarfed in size of this crab.

    Maybe after they deal with it, they can have crab cakes for dinner, then hollow out the shell and use it as a boat?

  7. no worries just have zobbie turn into a roc, knock it into the water and then wait until it turns orange. then………DINNER TIME.

  8. So here is an interesting fact… I am reading Stephen Kings “The Dark Tower” series, for those who have read it all I can say is…

    Dadda Chum? Dum a chuck?

    Makes this crab king so much more freaky…

    • Thanks, Bobby. Lena and I had a sort of bet going, with her thinking that no one would ever notice. I thought you would.

      I am full of win. :mrgreen:

      • I was wondering, how big are the original strips you make? Are they the same size as shown here or do you draw it somewhat larger and then re-size it on the computer? Because some of the lines and doodles look very fine(as in, narrow, delicate), even for something like a 0.5 mechanical pencil. But then I don’t really know what you draw with.

        Oh, and the crab reminds me I miss mirelurks in Fallout: NV, meaning the melee crab types. The “shooting” turtle ones are fine, but I somehow miss those buggers charging at me. It’s just not as fun in dark, confined spaces to have one shoot at you instead of charge in.

        • Most comics are drawn at about 2* final size (I still have a copy of the old “Marvel Try-out book”, which duplicates the actual sheets used for comic book creation, and it’s double size in both dimensions) and then reduced after inking.

            • I use a .9 mechanical pencil, and the size of the originals is about 13 x 10″. On my monitor the strip displays around 8.25 x 6.5″, so that makes it just north of 150%.

              • .9 is quite thick. I’ve tried suggesting my sister to buy one for her 7-8 y-o boy(Err, it’s not my fault I can’t remember how old are my only two nephew&niece who happen to live in the adjacent building) because being still young and shitty at writing well he breaks .7 and .5 leads all the time, which was annoying when I had to babysit and help him with his homework.

  9. Anyone noticed they canceled Caprica last week? I was wondering why the usual torrent didn’t come up on my search, so I checked on Wiki’ and it said they just didn’t get the proper ratings. Frankly, I’m not all that surprised, after the initial excitement I stayed mostly to see it get connected to BSG. Anyone really sorry about it?

    • Well, I’m not surprised, but yeah, I am sorry. Like many shows, it felt like it was really trying to find it’s feet that first season, but things were already starting to look up in the second.

  10. AT LAST! I have finally made my way through the archive, and caught up! Would have been sooner if I hadn’t kept getting distracted by youtube clips and my coursework. Oh well!

    • I, for one, welcome my fellow cartoon boobie enthusiasts. Greetings, welcome and don’t mind the political trolls (which I am occasionally one of). Our cartoonist-in-chief is a benevolent dictator who calls himself the Hierophant and rules with a sense of humour (That’s humor for the Americans and other folks around here that can’t spell.)

  11. Thanks ac! And yes, boobie enthusiast is a correct ass-umption. I may not be as obsessed withthem as some people on here are, but they definitely go in the good things in life category!
    I am going to presume that “people who can’t spell” is a separate category from “Americans”. Kevin’s sense of humor is one of the reasons I actually read the blog posts and thus took so long to catch up on the archive.

    @orald: newbie yourself, newbie! 😉 You have no idea how long I have been lurking. Unless of course you want to prove out the american belief that all Israelis work for Mossad… 🙄

      • Cathryn, if you ever need to torment Orald just start talking that there should be a lot more humongous boobies around everywhere. The big boobs-obsession in the world is Oralds cryptonite. 😆

    • No, no… Americans are amongst the people who can’t spell. They think colour doesn’t have the letter U in it, how backwards can you get?

  12. @Kroiden: Noted and Logged…

    @Kevin: You’re welcome. Wouldn’t have happened if you didn’t write such interesting rants. Even when I disagree with your points, the postings are still interesting. Definitely nice to be caught up though.