28 Responses to 721 – White Smoke Mountain • 88

  1. The druid pachyderm, the bane of all dungeon masters. :mrgreen:

    Nice attention to detail: female African elephants have tusks, just like the males.

  2. If he weren’t so smug about getting one little point — alright, three — in, and his blatant desire to hurt his players, rather than have fun with them, I’d start to feel sorry for the DM.

    • Well, if you want to break a heavy door and really put your weight behind the kick you WILL hurt something if it doesn’t budge and the energy used is returned to you.

    • He was trying to kick a huge iron door hard enough to force it open. If he’d been kicking a person, broken ribs would definitely have been in the equation.

  3. Off topic, but I had a crazy dream that could be summarized as “bloody superhero showdown”, but with less “dramatic”cinematic poses and SFX(because my brain doesn’t have THAT kind of budget, and it likes to go straight to the point). The bloody part comes from the fact that there were mostly butchering civilians, as well as actually killing each other(the “good guys” mostly lose, I’m glad to point out, but then, there was an impression of an ambush of sorts) in a brutal, practical manner very unlike what superheroes usually do(no banters or monologues 😛 ).
    What’s more interesting(to me) is that I have no idea where this came from, seeing as I don’t normally really care for superhero stuff, neither have I been thinking about them lately. I’d get it if I dreamed about deathclaws and raiders*, but superheroes?
    And it was one of those dreams you wake up while it’s still going on and you feel all sore, tired and disorientated. Way to ruin my sleep.

    *Hell, when I was trying to fall asleep I was running weapon characteristics in order to re-assign my new load-out, and I couldn’t stop even when I tried to think of sex instead. That’s right, F:NV beat out sex in the battle over my brain!

  4. I gotta say Kevin, you are doing a really great job on the druid. I’ve never been fond of them that much as a class, (more of a bard guy, myself) but you are really showing off the utility of the class here. Good job. You get a ****s.

    see what I did there? Oh thats clever.