The Tuesday Videos: Watch This TV Edition

This week the Tuesdays Videos is sharing exactly one vid. This is something that I am really excited about and I don’t want to dilute the message.

Five days from now is Halloween. At 10:00 PM (Eastern time) a brand new television show is premiering, something that I want to see, and something that I’d like to spread around. The series is based on a comic book by Robert Kirkman, which won the 2010 Eisner Award for Best Continuing Series at the San Diego Comicon. The first season is only six episodes long, and AMC is obviously waiting to see how things will go. If the trailer is any indication, they’re going to go well.

I bring you… The Walking Dead.

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  1. While I am not a fan of zombies either, I would by far prefer a glut of zombie products over a glut of vampire products. I hope it does well, for that reason.

    • I tend towards the more adult-themed vampire stories and don’t usually bother watching the kiddie stuff, so all the vamp media out there hasn’t really bugged me. I am a big zombie fan though, and love anything that seems to take a fresh take on the genre. The Walking Dead is largely about the effect that a world full of zombies has on the human personalities that are left, and how those personalities change and crumble. I am SO excited about it.

      • It just seems like a big, long zombie flick to me. What’s the real difference between this and just watching several movies?
        Zombies in general are kind of OK with me, but still not that great an attraction, given their irrational premise(Hungry but don’t just eat each-other? How are zombies made in great quantities if they just eat most of their victims? Decaying but only slowly enough to show some exposed skull and not fall apart? Etc.).
        I hope they at least try for some character intelligence because zombie flicks are notorious for stupid protagonists who only die because they’re incredibly stupid and manage to get surrounded by hordes of undead…Which was kinda shown right there in the trailer. Granted, a city is a big and jumbled place and they were probably converging on him from all sides without him being able to see them, but still doesn’t explain why the horse didn’t notice anything. Poor, delicious horse.

        In short, zombies are like porn(Err, not in that way 😳 )- I can’t stomach the illogical bits for long.

  2. I really dig how zombie films have gone with the “viral zombie” vs. the “supernatural zombie.” I guess it’s mostly because audiences don’t buy into the supernatural zombie as readily as the viral ones. And when you think about it, the concept of the viral zombie isn’t all that far fetched, when you compare it to something like, say, the rabies virus. In rabies we see a real-world example of a virus that changes the behavior of the host organism and is spread via the host’s bite. The more scientifically plausible you make it sound, the creepier it gets. And we seem to like creepy.

    • I have to admit, I for one would really like a convincing attempt at some zombiemedia with a mystical background. But that is probably just because most films nowadays go with the viral explanation.

      • Well the “Viral Zombies” go all the way back to the start of the Dead series ( ) (some variations in the movies involved chemical contamination instead of a disease, but they’re both the “brains!” type of zombies…)

        The series looks like a direct derevation of “28 days later” with actual zombies, right down to the “waking up in the hospital” start

        • The second Resident Evil film also had the tastylicious Milla Jovovich wake up in a deserted hospital, IIRC.
          Tastylicious is totally a word.

        • Having been reading this comic series, which is effin’ awesome btw, I read the writer’s comments on the waking up in the hospital scene. He had already written it when 28 days later came out. When he heard about it he just said, Meh, Fuck it. I’m gonna keep it. That’s not a direct quote.

          • You know, I never actually bothered watching(I.e downloading from a torrent and watching, so I can’t even say I got cheap about going to cinema/renting it, which I never do anyway…Besides, cinemas suck, how do people stand to get stuck with dozens of strangers in a dark room for hours?) this “28 Day Later” flick. I’m just not that into disaster/zombie films, or whatever exactly it is, but I’ve seen a lot of hype about it. If it was as boring and stupid as Cloverfield then I haven’t missed anything.

  3. Well, this looks very promising. Although I personally dislike Speedzombies, and in the trailer they looked rather nimble on their feet 🙁 But that’s a very minor setback, I guess.
    Big setback, I’ll have a lot of trouble getting in on that here in Germany.

      • Hulu has cracked down a ton on people outside the USA accessing it. You can’t use proxies or even any of the free vpn providers to access it anymore.

        I really hate the Luddites in charge of copyright law. I’m perfectly willing to sit through ads that help pay for the show and I’m even willing to watch it in slightly lower quality, without the ability to save it on my computer if I can do so legally. Unfortunately I’m not allowed to do that unless I happen to live in the usa. While I can watch SOME of my favorite TV shows here in Canada I have to go to 5 different sites to try to find them instead of a nice central source and none of them will air an episode within 24 hours of it being on live TV, nor will they keep it for more than a month after it’s first been aired.

        Meanwhile if I go to one of the many illegal sites I can get ANY TV show I want all on one site, in higher quality than any of the legal sites, it lets me save the show for later, there are no ads, and most shows appear within 2 hours of when they were first aired, (often before it would have aired on my TV due to time zones.) Shows are also archived indefinitely so I don’t need to worry about watching it on the TV exec’s schedule I can watch it when I feel like it.

        There’s a great business model that would make TV tons of money…. but the people in charge prefer to sue their customers rather than accept it.

        • If you don’t live in the USA there’s almost no point in you watching the commercials, which are, I assume, for local products&services in the USA(Apart from international brands like Coca Cola). So unless the commercials are customized to your location they don’t gain anything from letting you watch it for free.
          Then there are the deals TV companies make to purchase programs to lure people to pay subscription fees, and if you got to watch it somewhere else both parties wouldn’t make their profits, and tying up to the previous point, when they purchase it and arrange it for broadcast in a different country they also make their own deals with local advertisement companies.

          Tomorrow I’m gonna download another episode of Stargate Universe and Caprica(Got Dexter’s 5th episode yesterday…Was relatively boring IMO, but Peter Weller showed up…I hope they make a Robocop reference sometime), as I’ve been doing the last few weeks since they started their new seasons.

          • The thing is, most of the brands in the hulu ads, (at least when I was able to watch it) WERE the international brands, (or at least we have them in the USA’s 51st state “Canada”.) Even if they wern’t, it would be very simple to setup multiple ad sources to pull from depending on where the viewer is watching from. That’s how most internet sites make money already. There are already 3rd party advertising companies that specialize in this so it wouldn’t even be a hassle for the TV companies to figure out who wants to advertise where.

            As for subscription fees I don’t see this as affecting anything at all, netflicks and itunes both exist in the states competing with hulu no problem, it’s just a choice of lump sum payment vs micropayment vs ad supported. There is no requirement for the licensing to be regionalized, that just adds middle-men who cut into the profits the TV company could be making.

            • It IS a licensing issue… the legals haven’t caught up to the worldwide appeal yet, which is a shame since there are a variety of ways to generate revenue there. My thinking on piracy is that it is a motivational tool for the suits to come up with better business models, so no issue there.

              I hope you do get to see it if you want to!

              • sorry I miss-spoke, there is no reason for the licensing to be regionalized. It just is, and mandated by outdated laws.

        • It’s not so much copyright law that’s the problem – that only lays out who has the legal right to distribute the media (although the law does need to be updated too). The main problem is that many of these big media companies have not adapted to the digital age. Some still think the same practices they used to control distribution rights of analog media can be applied to digital.

          They need to realize that they can’t stop media piracy, they can only deter it (as has always been the case). Next they need to realize that they have the resources to provide better service than the torrent sites, and actually use them. Beat the pirate/torrent sites at their own game and offer their content with minimal technical/financial barriers to the user.

          I would prefer to go directly to the source for these shows and know that I’m getting a high-quality streaming video that will be virus-free (and I would even consider paying a reasonable micro-transaction fee to watch it commercial-free) than take my chances with a download from a torrent site.

          My 2 cents anyway.

  4. I remember reading something about the reason why zombie-movies and their likes usually always started with the bewildered hero/heroine awakening alone and bewildered somewhere after the zombie apocalypse is a fact and all organized resistance has been eaten.

    Ah, found it…

    Of course, since this is Cracked we are talking about they also present an article on why a zombie outbreak could happen. :mrgreen:

  5. Its a show about zombies, cheap acting, lots of guns, a bleh storyline, and zombies. HELLLS YEAH!!!

    Cant wait! DVR’rn this shit 😀

    • I know, right?

      (Although the story has already won awards for being top shelf. I think this may be a little better than we’ve come to expect.)

  6. Now I have watched a few zombie films, and I have had a certain amount of zombie fatigue, but based on a trailer alone, I think that this film more than most ‘gets’ what a zombie film should be about.

    Edit: I watch very few films, so the chances are that I still won’t watch it, but hey. I will add it to the pile.

    • I think this has a big advantage in being a TV series instead of a simple movie. Movies are much more action oriented, while TV shows have the luxury of being able to delve into their characters more, which is supposedly what the comic this is based on excelled at. I’m just crossing my fingers that we’ll get to see more than 6 episodes.

      • Yeah, lots of depth there in the main protagonist, hesitating to shoot a little zombie girl for some reason, even though she’s trying to munch on his ass. If this thing was true all the zombies need to win is only send little kiddy zombies to devour our brains(Well, YOUR brains, meanwhile, I’ll be having a fun time trying to invent new ways to make them explode).
        I wonder if FO: NV enables you to kill kids like in FO1&2…If there are any, I haven’t one of the annoying little buggers yet(I hate you, Little Lamplight!!!).

  7. (singing) Dead people got…no body…dead people got…no body…
    Don’t want no deeeeead people…don’t want no deeeead people….don’t want no deeeeead people roun’ here!

    • Done and done. There will be a movie to get the ball rolling, followed by a TV series interspersed with more movies. It’s a weird plan, but I’m curious to see if it can work.

  8. The video is telling me it’s a private video. I can’t watch it unless I accept a friend request that is not in evidence anywhere on the little screen. But that’s cool, I’ve seen it. I am soooooo looking forward to this show, except for one little detail. I don’t have cable. And that makes me sad. I’ve been keeping up with the comic for a few years now. It’s pretty damn fantastic. And zombies are my favorite monster, cause dead things walking just creeps me out on a primal level that wolfmen and vampires and shit can’t touch.

  9. Forget about zombies and their ilk- if you want to be really scary make a movie about a people being stalked in a dark cave full of narrow, twisting passages by a dozen wolf-sized giant-rats with huge, glowing eyes.
    Oh gods, I really should’ve waited to level up and get better gear before I went to find that unique rifle…FNV is giving me nightmares. 😥
    I made it through, but the EYES, they still GLOW!!! 😯