The Tuesday Videos: Banned TV Edition

Okay, banned in America could mean anything from Smurfs to Maplethorpe, but this is about commercials. In truth, I don’t really know if these commercials were actually “banned” in any country, but they claim to be, so that’s what we’re running with.

The first may or may not have been intended for English speaking venues, but it certainly illustrates a point that I’ve often wanted to make to parents in public places.

This next is along a similar theme, but takes a very different tact. While the first commercial makes you want to pull your own hair out as you punch the neglectful dad in the face ’till he splatters, this one makes you laugh and feel pretty good. I wish I were this smooth.

The last is a Heineken commercial, and proves conclusively that beer makes men very, very stupid.

25 Responses to The Tuesday Videos: Banned TV Edition

  1. Well, I am not a big beer drinker ( I have found one I can tolerate in 15 years of searching) so it woulda been easy for me to hand them to her.

    I still laughed my arse off at it.

    • I used to drink a lot of beer, but my desire for it really fell off in the last ten years or so. Still, I can’t EVER think of a time when beer was better than sex.

  2. I know you put a “disclaimer” about the supposed “banned” status of the commercials, but I highly doubt that old, funny and familiar Heineken commercial was banned anywhere, except possibly some Muslim country where either the alcoholic product itself or Jennifer Aniston without heavy cloth covering her from head to toe are banned. Which also qualifies such places for immediate aerial bombardment, at least for the later reason.
    And it’s not the beer that makes you stupid, it’s any alcohol source.

    The only one I haven’t seen before was the second, which was funny, but if I’m not mistaken, condoms are made to be able to stretch a lot, so…

    Also, I’m not sure why all the hate is towards the father in the first commercial(who’s rather cute, BTW), when the kid is the real annoyance(as ever they are). It’s the kid who should be smacked first, maybe it’ll teach him to shut up.

    And speaking of rubber, I’ve been meaning to post these awesome creations for some time, but we didn’t have a Tuesday Videos for a long time.
    Lego Gatling gun:
    Wood Gatling gun:

    • I’ve seen the “dad” somewhere before. But I can’t quite place him yet. I seem to remember a movie about some British factory / plant (dirty grittty type of place) being shut down and the town taking it hard. At some point two of the characters are sitting up on a hill in rusted out car that’s been there for “ever” (in a field, not like on the road). But I can’t think of the name of it.

      • I’m probably way off your course of thought, but I wanted to mention the dad looks somewhat like a younger, handsomer Robert Carlyle, who played a lead role on The Full Monty, a film about a British steel mill closing down.
        Here’s a good picture for comparison from that movie- (even if not of good quality in itself).

        The fact that it’s about a bunch of guys starting a strip act is purely incidental to my mentioning it, I swear. 😳
        Besides, most of them aren’t what I’d call pretty.

        • Don’t feel bad Orald. That was the first movie that came to mind from SQLGuru’s description too. And despite the naked not so pretty men it was a good movie.

  3. A lot of clips on youtube claim to be “banned” just to get more hits. Few, if any, of them have actually been “banned” – people just put that in the title so it will show up on searches for “banned” things.

    • Someone needs to make a video titled “banned on Youtube”, preferably showing an interview or commercial about Youtube, if there are any.

    • I do remember seeing the ‘dad’ commercial somewhere before, even on TV, but I can’t be certain. either way, you’re probably right about that claim to being banned

  4. I gotta tell ya, people that let their kids act like that in stores annoy me, but the kid is always the one I want to bitch slap. When my kids start to get pissy I talk to them in my don’t fuck with me I’m your dad not your bitch voice. If that doesn’t work then we leave the store and sit in the car til mom is done shopping. Nothing like sitting in the car with your pissed off father to make a child happy. Then it’s straight to the bedroom and no you can’t watch cartoons or eat dinner you little shit when we get home. You didn’t want to help buy food why should you get any of it? Of course that only lasts until they get all weepy and teary eyed, then I have to feed them. I’m mean, but I’m not a monster.

    The other two were just funny. But Heineken isn’t good enough to turn down Jen Aniston. Not by half.

    • I think a better bit of text for the end of the “Supermarket Brat” commercial would be “Spanking – Child abuse or necessary discipline?”

      • I was thinking more in lines of “beheading”, but that might just be The Tudors still influencing my mood(the finale was so lukewarm and dreary…in the “boring” meaning, not the “saddening” one).

        I’ve been a proponent of corporal punishment for a long time. People, like all organisms, learn best from pain.
        I want to see just one kid who puts his hand in the fire after being burnt.
        Not that I’m implying kids should be so trained by fire. At least not where their parents can hear me. 😛

      • To paraphrase the verse, any parent who won’t spank his child hates him. Don’t worry, he’ll live, and you’ll save him from so much.

        IMO people in general who take the easy way out as soon as it becomes acceptable are total dicks.

        I’m not big on beer, including Heineken, but I still found the commercial funny.

        • Spare the rod, spoil the child…while perhaps more accurate to the meaning behind the original wording, isn’t the literal translation. What you said is the actual wording- he who spares the rod hates his son.

    • “I talk to them in my don’t fuck with me I’m your dad not your bitch voice.”
      Am I the only one imagining Darth Vader saying that to Luke in their fight scene in Empire Strikes Back?
      Now that’s one scary “dad voice”.

      I sometimes accompany my sister to the supermarket, and most often her kids are with her. One is about 2 now and the other 8(+/- half a year…or maybe a year…I find it hard to care to remember their ages), and while the little one is still too young to know how to really annoy with “I want this!” type of behavior and only annoys with wanting to be carried or run around, the 8 y-o urchin is damn annoying when he wants something, and doesn’t hesitate to cry like a baby if he’s really upset. At least my sister and her husband know how to deal with this kind of shit.

      This is exactly why I loath kids so much. When a dog begs, and he doesn’t beg half as hard as any human kid does, at least you get to hear their cute whines, and they learn to shut up. Kids don’t seem to get that.
      Also, they’re always filthy in some way, are annoyingly stupid and loud. Kids, that’s is.
      Grrr…I hate kids. 😡

        • But then again you can’t really stay angry or stand firm against a doggy. Not against that fuzzy, cute little face with that soft, moist button of a nose that just screams “kiss me”. 😛
          But you also feel good when you give in to those sad puppy eyes(as opposed to those awful, shrieking kids)…So it’s a win-win scenario.

          Now if those damn human kids would only learn to look at you with sad eyes in mute appeal(emphasis on mute, damn the day they learn to talk) maybe I could learn to just ignore them at best, instead of getting annoyed at the mere sight f one.