Sunday Halloween Bonus

Just thought this was cool. Happy Halloween!

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  1. Someone had a LOT of time on their hands to set all that up…presumably they had speakers playing the song while the thing played too…

  2. I thought I recognized the tune, but it wasn’t until I heard his voice that I was positive. Well, it’s certainly fitting to the whole Halloween atmosphere. I mean, what’s creepier than a dead pedophile, come back from the dead to haunt us(and pinch our butts)?

    Sorry, but I’m really not one of those moronic drones who says you mustn’t speak ill of the dead. Then again, I believe the intent was more “gossip about normal folks” than mentioning how evil, crazy or depraved some dead people were.
    Besides, everyone who says it still talks plenty of ill on plenty of history’s memorable villains but doesn’t recognize the hypocrisy.
    This whole thing could be related to another surge in the Rabin Festival here. The actual date is next week, so I’m guessing the national date being used is the Jewish calender one. A nifty trick that nets them two separate dates of festivity, lasting about a week each taking the “before and after” days on which they still babble incessantly about it all. So, in short, fuck Rabin, fuck the fake peace process and fuck anyone gullible enough to swallow the shit.

    And Kevin, feel free to cut out the last part if it’s too strong, I’m not always sure where the line passes, hereabouts and otherwise.

    • WTF????

      Oh, and yeah to war and death, too. So long as these happen to anyone other than me or my loved ones, of course…

      • “WTF” indeed, Vincent. Because “war and death” is exactly what the peace process is all about. But it’s a funny kind of war and death, one that doesn’t really exist, you know? Because there’s peace. Just, uh, check the news. Totally peaceful.

        On a very, unambiguously and totally unrelated note, I’m working on a machine that will transport me to Fallout’s universe. It seems much more peaceful there with all the raiders, slavers and deathclaws(and oh gods, the cazadors!), and the future looks much brighter as well.
        Also, you can actually shoot those things, unlike certain places where you have to supply them with food, money and the occasional person’s life.

    • Yeah, because a media sensationalizing and skewing a story is MUCH less likely than someone having a rather rare mental disorder.

      *Fun fact: the kids couldn’t keep their stories straight! Like, at all! The media say anything about this? Nope. The media go bonkers when Jackson was found by a jury of regular people to be innocent of the charges? Yep.

      Jackson had some screws loose but I highly doubt he was a pedophile. Do a bit more digging and you’ll likely* come to the same conclusion.

      • Ya I don’t pay much attention to media hype, whether its politics or celebrities. Facts are secondary, sensation comes first. Wait, saying facts show up at all might be too generous.

        A fun thing I did in highschool and college was looking up quotations in context. How consistently that the in context meaning is the complete opposite is hilarious.

  3. Personally, I believe him to have been a rather unique genius that just was not socially functional. Consider his upbringing, the fact that he had absolutely no privacy until he went into seclusion, the pressure of performing almost constantly from his toddler years until his late twenties and the fact that he probably thought in musical phrases,it’s a wonder he was as stable as he was.
    If Mozart or Beethoven had been born in the fifties or sixties and raised by modern society, they would have been as maladjusted, if not moreso.
    His musical and visual creativity completely altered modern society’s views of music. Regardless of what kind of circus the gossip rags and money hounds turned his life into, his legacy will last well beyond our children’s children’s lifetimes.
    My first thought when I heard for sure that he was dead was sorrow that I will never hear another uniquely beautiful composition from him. He just got back to the point where he could stand to be among people long enough to tour and then he was gone. I just hope his next stage in existence is not as traumatic as this one was.

    Beyond all the MJ hoopla, the video was frigging awesome.

        • Amusingly, I was unable to watch it. I’m on my iPad right now and it hadn’t been converted from Flash yet. There’s some karma for ya.

          • Trust in Steve, Kevin! Steve knows what’s best for you and everyone else! Follow Steve’s word and buy his reasonably priced, innovative and perfected products! *All Hail Steve!*

            • Well I will have Flash soon enough. Apple told Adobe they weren’t interested in Flash as long as it was so slow, bulky, and inefficient. They said they would include it as soon as Adobe improved it. Adobe walked away in a huff and said no. Massive iOS device sales have changed Adobe’s mind, and they will have an iOS version out and ready in a few months.

              • How picky of Apple. If I had requirements like that I wouldn’t own an OS :P. Man, I’m glad the days of Windows 3.1 are over. Now there are few enough problems that I’m able to trick my computer into doing what I really want without pointless delays.

                Hmmm… the latest version of AIM refused to turn the sounds off even when I changed the settings. Removing the sounds produced error beeps, so now I just need to replace the sounds with empty sound files and it should work this time…