32 Responses to 720 – White Smoke Mountain • 87

  1. If Enkidu saw that fourth panel expression and had any sense, he’d be casting expeditious retreat. Extended.

  2. I’m guessing he ain’t seen nothing yet! Get ready for pink ponies and sugar and spice. Maybe they’ll talk to him about thier feelings until he explodes.

  3. Umm….Enkidu…there’s a reason for the old saying “Hell hath no fury…”

    It ain’t the “girly emotions” that can kill you…

  4. Looks more to me like she wants him more now than before. Women always seem to want the guys they can’t have. Or maybe he just walked into a world of hurt the likes of which few have ever lived to speak of.

  5. It looks like the cigar has just turned into a bullet that Endiku is about to catch with his mouth.

    Given what he said, it puts a spin on the phrase “bite the bullet”.

  6. to be fair, after all Enkidu has been through and the fact that he still is intact leads me to believe that no matter what Frieda does he will survive (albeit painfully) and be stronger for it (but not smarter)

  7. Truly is it written that a man needs no camel to ride into Hell. He can go there borne upon no more than his own tongue. >:) Muhahahaha!

  8. Holy segway Batman! Last I remember we were in a dungeon tunnel and had just killed some dude and let his werewolf girlfriend go. Did I miss a strip or did we just jump to a completely different track?

    crawling back under my rock…

  9. Speaking of Segways…incredibly ironic that the owner of Segway would die after accidentally driving his Segway off a cliff…

    • Then again, if memory serves, he’s just the guy who bought control of the company, not the actual inventor, which would’ve been much funnier. Err, tragic, I meant tragic. 🙄
      Besides, what kind of an idiot rides so close to the edge of a cliff on anything?

      • No, you meant funny because it woulda been friggin hilarious. Apparently the owner didn’t quite have the hang of the thing and was practicing.

        And Kroneg meant “holy segue” not “holy segway”. Now, imagine what a holy Segway would look like. Just look at Jesus, riding his little stand-up-scooter-thingie right across that lake…

        • Hehe – nice catch. I did mean “Segway” not “segue”, as in the plotline seemed to have just fallen off a cliff. Glad someone caught it. =)