44 Responses to 717-White Smoke Mountain • 84

  1. Floatation spells are dispelled by kisses!!!!!
    What is Fleece up to? Not treasure, the module is already riggeed. Hmmmm?

  2. Holy crap! Kevin you are turning them into muppets! Just look at Enkidus’ eyebrows in the last panel! They’ve gone CLEAR!.

    • No, no. Clearly what we’re seeing is the old trope about hair turning white when the character has been subjected to something very scary. Obviously, Freya’s revelation that Enkidu is being nice has shaken poor Enkidu’s entire world view and scared the bejeezus out of him. However half-orcs (sorry, Enkidu) are only subject to hair on the face turning white, rather than the scalp.

      /em rolls “bluff” check

  3. It’s OK, Kevin, I know where credit is due and I understand the hint , you’ll get a kiss from me. Whether you want it or not. 😈

  4. Argh! I was just through the introductory course in Fallout: New Vegas, finished setting all my stats and looting the guy’s house, and was about the exit the door to see what awaited me…When there was blackout in the whole street.
    But power failures will not stop me from playing FNV(well, they would, but I’ll, err, start again!)!
    So, uh, if I disappear for the next few weeks you’d know which company to thank. 😛

  5. woho, finally done… so far
    i could have told that the cigar is from bixer, but then again, i just started the comic yesterday and read through it in a long an boring night. and with the comic open i couldnt sleep: “just one more strip” … “ok thats the last one” … “oh shit its getting light out again, i should really go to sleep” … “ok, thats the last one” … so yeah that was about at 400, and look where i am now.

    what i noticed, with the undoing of coloring (which looked quite good) the PG rating exploded too, any explaination for that?

    • 1. The great DM may alter boundaries and rules as his mood changes. Any player forgetting their place may find themselves subject to “Rocks fall, everyone dies.” While this is not Kevin’s usual style of DM’ing from what I can gather, a healthy reminder of the power of the great DM is always good.
      2. Welcome!!

    • The basic notion was that I had been keeping myself “family safe” in order to sell books. However, no one was buying them anyway, so I decided to make the strip the way I wanted, which was considerably more adult. (Adult=Childish.)

  6. With the mention of the no-prize I assumed it was a Marvel Comics cigar from either Stan Lee or J. Jonah Jameson….