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  1. Doncha just love it when they completely short-circuit (pardon the pun) your traps??

    I had a game session a few weeks ago that I ended up running as a one-shot Deadlands (awesome game BTW) because one of the regulars had to stay home and take care of his sick wife. I pulled a scenario off a database and started it. Shoulda been a three or four hour game at least. After an hour of quibbling over character creation (Corey (stepson, not that great a gamer but progressing {against his mom’s wishes, heh heh heh}] wouldn’t play a character different from his normal class) I got us set up and started at 6.

    Deadlands is a Steampunk-Western game. This session was supposed to start out as a train ride that got derailed and quickly turn into a monster hunt (or monster snack). I got as far as the first night before they shot my game to shit.

    Corey (mad scientist) decided to just set the woods on fire and got an awesome roll. He turned the woods into a conflagration that wiped out everything for 10 miles around. The only reason that the party survived was because Matthew (my son, incredible gamer for a ten-year-old, pretty damned good for one 5-10 years older, in fact) had his huckster (mage) keep the fire away from the train car.

    This effectively ended the game. The boys threw a fit, so I decided to let them play out the 50-mile walk back to the nearest town. This was at 7 pm. We usually stop at 9-9:30 so Nick (my brother (yes, 80% of my gaming group is related) can go to work, but he had taken the night off so we could game later.

    We ended up going until 2 am that night. Sometime that trap kill is a good thing.

    • That’s a great story, Connell. I love hearing about gaming disasters that turned out to be everyone’s favorite night ever. You might be surprised at how often it happens.

    • If I had to play with my relatives(something as likely as a redneck developing a fondness for classical music), it’d be a literal case of “rocks fall, everyone dies”. I guess I just love my family oh-so much.

      On the 3rd panel they look like they’re in a rock concert.

  2. Ooh, if we’re sharing stories about memorable game derailments and such, I have one.

    I was running D&D 3.5 for a certain human female fighter, a certain half-orc fighter/wizard, and a certain warlock with an elven rogue cohort (a certain dwarf cleric had already moved away).

    Anyway, the scenario called for the PCs to infiltrate a military outpost that was serving as the beachhead for an empire’s invasion and domination of a newly discovered region during a time of war. When the PCs learned that this empire was enslaving the natives they threw their lot in with an NPC who was there to sabotage the operation, and accepted his task of notifying the empire’s enemy (who also had a presence in the region for the same purpose) of the outpost’s defenses and patrol schedules. The enemy used the information to launch a devastating assault on the outpost during which the enslaved natives escaped.

    Here is where the derailment comes in. I had planned on the assault happening one way or the other, but the original “script”, if you will, called for the PCs to be present to defend the outpost, not to be the ones leading the assault. It was a chaotic free-for-all with some very interesting visuals, as both military powers utilized flying naval vessels. In the end, the outpost was in ruin, and the attackers left the PCs to die – only they didn’t, they managed to get away in a stolen flying ship.

    Certainly not all that bad as far as plot derailments go, but it was certainly the most fun plot derailment I’ve ever dealt with.

  3. Does water on Lesser Earth not conduct electricity, or did the Heroes all have thigh-length rubber waders on?

    • Many powers in 4e can hit an area, but specifically only target “enemies”.

      That, and this group is comprised of a bunch of jackasses who only apply “realistic” laws of physics when it’s beneficial to them.

      That’s my take on it anyway.

    • Electric attacks in D&D literally are not conducted by water. No, seriously, it’s been stated by designers when asked. So the spells loosed by the players would likely be area attacks, and the electricity was just chosen because um….whatsisname said what came to mind, which would be electricity.

      Also the DM probably said “alright, fine whatever, two bodies rise to the top of the water, crispy style”

      • That would probably be because it’s magical in nature…and so you don’t fry anyone who’s got a metal/metal studded armor on who’s standing close to the area of effect(the lightning arcing and all that stuff), which includes almost all members of the average party.

      • Korbl, I believe you. I don’t recall seeing that in the D&D 2nd ed books that we use, though.

        If magic electricity does not conduct out of the area of effect, why use lightning attacks at all? Why not use a fire attack? Just vaporizes all of the water, right? Or does water put the fire out?

        • Not that ANY of this matters… but actually this is a throwback to 1st Edition rules, which makes it a house rule in this circumstance. Specifically, a lightning bolt was given the AOE of a fireball. Everything else you sort of winged.

          • Thanks Kevin – my philosophy on this sort of thing is that the one who rules the house makes the house rules. In my case that would be my spouse of course. 😉

  4. Ahh, there is a certain pleasure in seeing Bunker acting sneaky and foiling the GMs every move.

    Downside is that i’m to be the GM in Star Wars D6 at the local rpg-club tonight… 🙄

    • Ooh! We’re going to be taking a break from D&D with Star Wars D6 – I get to be GM.

      Love me some Star Wars D6.

    • Just had a weird mental flashback of a Star Wars game roleplayed by the Muppets:

      Kermit the Frog as Fluke Starflipper
      Miss Piggy as Leia Hamgana
      Beaker as Darth Beaker (No one can understand what he says though, except for….)
      Doctor Honeydew as Tarkin (Guest appearance of Muppet Labs as the Death Star Control room)
      Fozzie Bear as Ham Solo-act
      Animal as Chewbaka
      Gonzo and one of his chicken as the droids.

      • Okay, now I have to go look that up on Youtube. Thanks! I have better things to do than spend the afternoon looking for obscure Muppet skits, but now my compulsion will hamstring me until I see the damned thing.

        So much for D&D tonight!!