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        • I can’t get them to skip either, even when I try tying those smooth, round pebbles to them.

          I read, and saw a fuzzy video of, someone trying to hit Obama with a book(at least that’s what they say it was, like I said, it was too fuzzy). Truly shameful, how they missed.
          But one thing’s for sure, I bet all those gloaters who praised the guy who threw his shoe at Bush will now cry for the blood of whoever threw this book at St. Obama, patron of…whatever is hip at the moment.

          • Obviously someone who needs more practice…he should have honed his skills. I mean if you’re going to try to clock a clod with a book, make your one shot count.

            Also, what kind of book? Was it a paperback or hardbound?

            If I were to toss a book at that idiot, I’d probably go for something chiseled in stone. You know, Fred Flintstone’s copy of the Encyclopedia….

            • It was white-ish and looked a bit bigger than Obama’s head(sans ears, of course, we’re not talking the whole set of Encyclopedia Britannica here), other than that I can’t really tell.

              • Evidently the book was a one-off written by the guy who tossed it, and he wanted Obama to read it, not actually aiming for the boob himself.

                A pity…

  1. That hammer is definitely channeling Woody Allen. I had to laugh, “My wife said it was the happiest month of her life.” I like the way everyone’s just boppin’ along chatting. What else would you do while wandering the corridors of a dungeon?