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  1. A mix of self-control and empathy ? What has happened to Enkidu ?

    Perhaps simply a meta-gaming implied threat by the other players in case of foul play ? ; )

    Nah, not with the expressions in the second panel 🙂 Very well done !

  2. And tomato-paste soaked shit, the selfish-evil jerk character realized he had too little to gain from engaging in a spot of senseless violence and gave up the opportunity! Kevin, are you sneaking character personality development in on us?

  3. Nah he just realized she’s the only topless chick running around and if he kills her that’s less boobies for everyone. He’s not THAT selfish. The big softie.

        • Well the symbol for the Democrat party IS a Jackass…in his case it’s just a bit more literal.

          Or do you still buy the “Bush is an idiot” line spoon fed to the American public by the press for 8 years, when the current resident of Pensylvania Avenue makes him look like a brain surgeon by comparison?

              • You know what, apologies for saying something that specific. I would actually prefer to avoid all of the partisan bullshit attacks on individual presidents of the US since historically the rule is they’re all tools of the lobbyists who paid their way and not worth discussing as individual people–a rule I’m certain hasn’t been broken in a minimum of three decades, and quite likely a lot longer than that.

            • Um…you’re the one who brought up the boob-ish-ness of the occupents of the whitehouse…doesn’t that make it relevant to the current conversation?

              • I was making a joke, part of which was the fact that I failed to identify any particular boobs, thereby allowing everyone to feel smugly superior while thinking I referred to someone they didn’t like. However, I do have a blog coming up about two weeks from now that speaks more cleanly to this subject.

              • What, you mean National Socialists, famous for nationalizing industry, the Automobile industry in particular, about 60-ish years ago?

                VW == GM?

  4. Enkidu’s gone soft…That look in the second panel “Dang…she’s so trusting…What the heck…”

    I think we need some kind of Giant Growth spell on Zobbie’s chest though. And what DID happen to the sex change belt?

    • No, we don’t need a growth spell on her boobs. Gods, men are so strange, I wonder why they don’t just go to a dairy farm and start suckling on some cow with their crazy udder fixation.

        • Her boobs are very well shaped for a young woman, at the very least. She’s also so very petite compared to him, and body-builders usually have breasts bigger than most women’s. Enkidu sure seems very well muscled.
          The only reason comic-book females have bigger bosoms than the grossly over-muscled males is that they’re even more grossly disproportioned, with breasts being at minimum the size of their heads, each.
          No wonder women think they must have breast surgery when guys are never satisfied about how big they are even after stuffing melon-sized implants under their skin.
          Sorry, but it’s a touchy subject for me. I just dislike these body modifications in general, and that includes the tons of makeup and the godawful amount of metal people tend to pierce their bodies with.
          What show was it where somebody complained people would pierce their asses shut if they could just fit both their cheeks into the machine? I think it was something British…Maybe The League of Gentlemen?

          Speaking of British shows, I’ve just finished watching the 2nd season finale(being the “final” finale) of Life on Mars, and it was beautiful. *sniff* Highly recommended.

          • I’m with orald – one of the things that makes breasts so wonderful is that each pair is unique.

            I admit that I can appreciate a well done boob job just as much as a natural set, but I would never tell any woman that she needed implants (barring some unfortunate disfigurement).

          • I agree with you on the boobies thing. Honestly, I think a well-proportioned B or C cup looks better in 99.9% of cases than Ds, and 98% of girls look better with As than Ds. Let’s not even get into DDs- I’ve seen 2, maybe 3 women in my LIFE that actually look good with boobies that big.

            As for make up and piercings, though, I’ll have to disagree. There’s a point where I go “ok that’s too many piercings” as well but it’s very difficult to reach that one, and as for make up… Let’s just say I dig goth chicks too, eh? Although if you mean “regular” makeup, yeah, that’s different.

            What’s your opinion on tattoos? I love me well-done tattoos (that is, not fairies or butterflies or skulls or most tribals or etc.) far, far more than a nice rack. However, it has to actually BE a nice tattoo – something a bit minimalistic so that you can make it out from more than a foot away from the tattoo in question.

            • Oh, yea, tattoos, don’t like those either. Regarding piercings, I don’t even care for earrings.
              The thing is, I prefer “natural” looks. Sure, you won’t find many people going “natural” these days, but at least when it’s very subtle or subdued you don’t notice it too much.
              I’ve asked my sister why is it that when she dressed up to go to a movie with her husband she put on eye shadow, I think it just looks strange and ugly her up(I asked her because asking another female that would not get me an answer and probably net me a kick to the groin…so I ask her all kinds of questions like “why the hell did you have kids when they’re so annoying?”).

              Take Starbuck in the party closing 1st season’s episode Colonial Day(where Gaius becomes vice-president): She’s wearing long chain&bead earrings(and a totally stupid hair-do) and some makeup, and suddenly Lee has such a boner when he sees her he can’t speak. Seriously?
              One good thing about Starbuck(and most of them, really) is that due to the military nature of the show they only used “natural” looking makeup designed to look like they didn’t actually have makeup on.

              • I never watched the “new” Galactica after the pilot. They changed the premise so much they should have changed the name of the series. For all I know it’s a great series, but “Battlestar Galactica” it’s not.

                Come ON…the Cylons are no longer the relics of a long dead alien civilization, but were created by humans? Baltar isn’t evil? OK, so I can buy the androidized Cylons, and a female Starbuck, but the whole “Our own technology turned against us” thing is, in short, lame. Been there, done that. If you’re going to remake a classic, keep at least a BIT of the original universe.

                • But Starbuck is a chick! A HOT chick!

                  I have lots of things to say about the overall plot(and morals), the technobabble etc. but I like it for the wonderful acting and writing.


                  I mean, seriously, do you think I’m the kind of guy to like if for bringing up some lame God who’s been orchestrating everything, including countless of innocents’ deaths(for this particular discussion we’ll call kids under 5 “innocent”, as there’s usually not much they could’ve done to “sin”), not only this time around, but in the past as well…And they pretty much end up acknowledging and praising it? Whatever for?

                  *end spoilers*

            • Except in rare instances, most women (who make a big production over appearance) do not put on makeup, wear painful shoes, buy expensive clothes and jewelry, to look good for men. They do it for each other.

              Some women want to be competitive with each other, and some women simply want to avoid the ridicule of their peers if the appear “out of uniform.” Lots of guys on the other hand, (a considerable majority of the dudes I’ve talked to about it) vastly prefer a woman who wears either no or at least non-obvious makeup, and who dresses comfortably. This somewhat unconsciously makes a woman appear more confident — which is attractive to men and women — while the women who are busting their asses to look good come off as desperate. Definitely not attractive.

              All that said, if you’re just looking to get laid and don’t want to have to call someone the next day, target the chick who’s made up like a circus clown/televangelist. You may not want to kiss her but desperation frequently translates well in the sack and they’re probably pessimistic enough about their lives not to expect you to call anyway.

              • You’re getting cynical. Arf, arf.

                OT – for some reason notice of your comment only reached my in box this evening. You might want to ask Lena to check that the site controls arein order.

          • Small boobs are great! I would much rather play with small, real boobs than big fake ones. If I wanna play with plastic parts, a blow up doll is much cheaper and easier to deal with than a “real” woman.

            Now if the boobs are large and real then it’s a win-win situation.

            AS far as the BSG part of the convo, I made a comment right after the premier that still gets a laugh now and then: Now that they have re-vamped the show, all those people writing fan-fics about Apollo and Starbuck getting hot and heavy aren’t as creepy as they were ten years ago.