23 Responses to 710 – White Smoke Mountain • 77

    • But were they attractive half-naked women? Or women roleplaying as half-naked magically transgendered fishermen-turned-druids?

  1. My first thought upon seeing Enkindus facial expression in the last panel is that Zobbie will very shortly be the proud owner of the same hair as Medusa, live snakes…… 🙄

  2. I wonder why she doesn’t ask for a magical, illusionary bra while she’s at it. She DOES realize she’s going about topless, right?

    And why the hell is FF’s spelling aid marking “illusionary” as wrong?

  3. In my experience, not only player characters have no hesitation about getting naked, they will remain it for long period of times if I do not insist that putting on some clothes might be a good idea.

    One of my GMs have our characters get stripped to their birthday suit about… 50% of the time they are captured. Once it happened on a campaign’s first scenario and it was funny because 2/3 of the group had secrets tied to what was under their armors (“Ah you learn that X is a girl in fact, Y has some strange scars marking him as…, Z has a birthmark known to be…”)

    That fast-forwarded a couple of plot threads ; )

    • Yes but I think it’s actually more effective as armor to leave them where they are. Unarmored boobs may be vulnerable but they present a dangerous distraction. The same cannot be said for shoulders. Consider for example how terrifying it would be to fight an armored man who was sporting an unarmored erection.