22 Responses to 709 – White Smoke Mountain • 76

  1. Yeah. Right. Dignity in a DnD game? Suuuuuure. Theres got to be a chart for it somewhere to roll on.

    I think he was smart to agree. Theres only one thing that makes me agree more then boobs the size of my head, and thats the threat of them leaving.

  2. Bunker, Bunker, Bunker… You’re the leader now, remember? Martin was first to take the suggestion of bringing Etrusca something from your looting spree, so delegate. Make him find the stuff the Sphynx wants. ^^

    By the way, what happened to Bunker’s and Etrusca’s hair? It’s an upgrade in her case, but not so much in his.

    • Obviously, the dungeon contains a traveling hair-stylist, with the Drive-By Hait-Styling feat.
      He comes by night while you sleep and leaves little perms in your hair.

    • Etrusca actually changed her hair, having little else to do. Bunker’s hair is the same. If it looks different to you… we’ll call it an accident.

    • Not the women’s bathroom, that’s way too nasty for a mere blowjob’s pay.

      BTW, I find the structure of the “wet nose”(e.g dog’s nose) in comparison to the “dry” one humans posses very fascinating.

    • When the head is bigger then your waist and contains carnivore fangs, I don’t think a blowjob would be quite so nice…. too nervous to really enjoy it….