Zobbie Sketch

I’m feeling a bit under the gun today. So, just a quick 30 minute sketch of Zobbie as I see him in a bit more realistic style. Maybe I’ll keep working on it some more if I feel like it tomorrow. I think I would like to see him more finished.

Kevin is filming again today and it’s going well. Maybe he will get to show off the final product to the masses eventually.

30 minutes sketch of Zobbie

30 Responses to Zobbie Sketch

  1. I imagine she got as far as “He looks like Tyr!” and stopped right there. I’m sure she wouldn’t WANT to think about Zobbie having turned into a girl.

    Really do appreciate Lena handling some of the work for me though. Thanks bushels, Baby.

  2. Looks great Lena! With the grey/blue colour, it looks almost like you etched it in modelling clay. Should stick it on Zobbie’s page on the Wiki .

    Kevin, maybe this site needs a fan art section!

      • Does embittered and obscure political commentary sparsely populated with half-recognizable stick-figures and some lame puns that more often than not are ruined by my mother-tongue not being English, as well as my poor grasp of what is considered as humor, count as a comic? If so I can think of something.

        Or we can invoke a new entry to Rule #34 in a series of 1 panel sketches instead. But again, with stick figures. Done in Paint.

        Then again I was kicked out of my elementary school’s computer lab years ago, together with a few others, for making such family-unfriendly stories using some old educational story-making software, so I’m not utterly without experience.
        In my defense I’d like to just say that I was only about 9 y-o, and that only served to show my great talent and imagination. The teacher just envied me, I’m certain. 8)

  3. Very nice Lena, you make it look easy. Your proportions are very well done and give the drawing a lot of feeling.

  4. In appriciation of Lenas awesome drawing skill we should hunt down all the makers of peach ice cream and make them renounce their evil ways. πŸ˜€

  5. I noticed that i didn’t get any notfications on this one. I assumed everyone hated it. No clue i didn’t post it under my own name. Duh.

    Thanks for all the encouragement guys. I’ll post something else tomorrow. (: