Sketch: Chibi Chthulu in Hospital Gown

And, I present to you…Chibi Chthulu in Hospital Gown. No, I’m not on crack… why? Another iPad creation.

This week is going fairly well. Except for the client who left me a nasty gram earlier this week. She is a very nice person who resembles chicken little. She has occasional freak out sessions. The following day she is all apologetic. I suspect medication is needed.

I am coming to the conclusion that I need better organization. This has resulted in me going to bed at 9:00 last night and getting up at 4:00 a.m. to get work done (and here I am posting instead). What do you guys to to stay organized? (not logging into H.O.L.E. might be a clue) My list keeps getting bigger instead of smaller. I think I need a couple of hours this weekend (unbothered) to clean up my computer calendar and get some busywork done.


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  1. (sing to the tune of “Hakunna Matatta”)

    Cthulhu Ftaghn! What a wonderful Phrase!
    Cthulhu Ftaghn! Say it and you’re crazed!
    It means Cthulhu rising up from the waves!
    It’s a prophecy…we’ll all soon see….Cthulhu Ftaghn!

  2. Lena, since I started working at a corporation and have been forced introduction to Outlook I found these nifty little flag tags on the end of each email. They come in a variety of colors that I can use to mark from urgent to forget if possible (just kidding!).

    Basically, put your most urgent matters in the beginning of the week for in the morning. At lunch switch to easy matters that you have in volume, and then prep for the next day in the last hour or so of your work day. You do not want to work only on 1 item every day, but break up your day according to urgency so that you can work on a lot of things bit by bit. In this order your mind is sharpest and you have all your steam so that you can get the most and best work done on those urgent items, and then have enough left over to do the easy tasks closer to the end.

    It is just like working out. Get a good workout in the beginning, graduate down to less taxing exercises so you don’t hurt yourself, then have a warm down so you don’t cramp. Same philosophy.

    Do give yourself a work week as well, you can work yourself to death thinking if you just push yourself hard you will be able to get work done sooner and have less later, this is false. Give yourself deadlines as well, stress can be a good thing if you keep it organized. I myself can work better and more focused if I have a difficult project that is stressful, but I am time organized so I am not freaking out.

    Finally, all this time management and limitation, ie end of the day, allows you to be flexible for those suddent projects that are do last week that are assigned 5 minutes ago.

    Give yourself a lunch break, get up, walk away, go pass go and collect your 200 bucks and get some fresh air. That 30 minutes you give yourself means better quality of work when you get back.

    Don’t work on the weekend if you don’t have to. Don’t ever ever ever work on Sunday.

    • Thanks Chris. You know, I never think to organize my emails that way. I don’t use Outlook, but could do something similar. So far, I’ve redone my schedule and have a chart based by client time (if customer type A hands me a job on XXX, I will schedule it XXX). I have done this before, but my work has changed a bit and needed to account for it. So far so good. I only schedule 4 hours of work per day. This leaves enough time for all the phone calls and emergencies. So far so good.

      I like the idea of the mail organization. Never considered that before.

  3. Oh gods, the Tudors 2nd season finale was, for lack of a better word, weak. “Cheesiness at its worst” would be another way to describe it.
    I get more moved by plain, dry text in Wikipedia articles than by this stew of cheap movie tricks.

    Lena’s version of the great green one reminds me of this guy’s designs.