23 Responses to Recap 2 of 2

  1. I only remeber one panel containing the hammer. In that panel it did sound rather annoying, but no discussion was shown to my memory. Also, I don’t remeber anyone stating that it was one of the weapons. Or was it supposed to be obvious?

    • Whether it was supposed to be obvious and whether it was obvious could be two different things. However, I would suggest that anything you read here that I didn’t say before… I’m saying now.

      • If the hammer is Neurotic, one wonders what kind of mental defects the other two weapons might have?

        (I think I already suggested giving the Blackrazor-equivalent Tim Curry’s personality and voice ala “Frank N. Furter”)

        “How d’ya do I….see you’ve met…my faithful “handyman” – he’s just a little brought down because when you knocked…he thought you were the candyman!” (Referring to Overwhelmed, naturally)

  2. Yaaaaaaayyyyyy!!!! My fav comic is back. Maybe. What’s with rooms with platforms hanging from the ceiling btw? Goblins was running one too. I’ve never played a module that had one. Is it a reference to something or just coincidence?

  3. @ Kevin: Last panel, a typo: “nuerotic” should be “neurotic”.

    Unless there’s something erotic about that hammer that you haven’t told us yet. 😉

  4. 3rd season of The Tudors has been somewhat better so far(almost done), mostly because of Edward Syemour(Max Brown, mmm) being a cold-hearted bastard who enjoys sticking red-hot pokers into anuses and executing little boys and old women, all the while donning a frozen smile.
    Then there’s Max Von Sydow, who is awesome even when all he gets are a few lines.
    Jane Seymour has caused me no end of amusement as well, as every sight of her “homeliness“(what do you know, it’s HER up there in picture…well, OK, that’s why I linked there) makes me giggle at all the poor choices done by casting director, but probably induced by pressure from the producer/person in charge.
    Seriously, Joss Stone is ugly enough to be Anne of Cleves?!

    I have no choice left but to invent wild theories as to the reason, the current one being a secret clause in the lead actor’s contract stating he’ll only make out with those with model-level of hotness(well, discounting Maria Doyle Kennedy, but only due to her advancing age…I still think she’s attractive enough).
    By the longing looks exchanged between him and who I assume is his “sidekick”, the erroneously portrayed Charles Brandon(portrayed by Henry Cavill, who’s pretty, I guess, but annoyed me from the start), I assume that “clause” I hypothesize about would’ve included him as fair-game, if it wasn’t for the sheer homophobia of the persons charged with this production that stopped them from passionately celebrating their new-found love(it could just be I’m just so deprived of any gay “action” while being bombarded with such nauseating excess of hetero’ “action” that I’m starting to hallucinate, but I’ve seen quite a few sparks fly between those two, I’m sure).

    Or it could all be my serious lack of sleep.

  5. Christina caught ‘nuerotic’ in the last panel, but not ‘wepons’. 😉 Unless that’s a different kind of fighting tool from earlier editions that I’m just not familiar with, hehe.