Little Zombie

Lena and I got new sketch books after Dragon*con, and I’ve been trying mine out a bit. I figure I’ll see if I can come up with a completely new theme for each page. Page one: Little Zombie.

18 Responses to Little Zombie

  1. He looks like a sad little leprechaun zombie. What’s the matter, someone got his Lucky Charms? 😛 (or maybe that should be a green smiley? :mrgreen: )

    And what’s with the dead little kids? Not that you’ll see me complaining. Darn kids.

      • I needed another element in the drawing, and then I thought, “Hey! I know! Dead kids!” And it seemed to work a little extra interest in if all Little Zombie’s friends weren’t just other zombies, but dead kids who couldn’t play right.

    • I could actually see this as a regular thing, or at least a limited edition run of prints. Kinda like a morbid version of “Precious Moments“.

      Think limited prints, t-shirts, greeting cards, etc.

      And one day, before you know it, BAM! “Little Zombie” Hallmark Keepsake Ornaments.

      • Dude…..with a good distributor, you’d make a fortune. Maybe even enough that you could quit that whole work thing and we wouldn’t be without comics for an extended period of time. 😀 😀 😀 😀

        • I had originally conceived of it as a T-shirt thing. I think you could do a bit more with this before it gets played out. I may ask around.

  2. What I like most is that he’s in a top hat and tails. How many zombies really take the time to have a classy appearance? It warms my heart to see the new young generation of zombies take pride in how they look. 🙂