*knock* *knock* Is this thing on?

Lena here. So, you guys are SO bored you want me to post huh? I could just ramble or post some sketches I’ve been doing. Or maybe you want me to tell bad stories about Kevin? Or just talk about something (hopefully) interesting?

I have been trying to sketch every day. After DragonCon I realized I really had the desire to step-up my technical skill. Apparently, the only way to do that is to practice. Bitching doesn’t seem to get it done. Go figure. I present to you a quickie below I did entitled “Family Dog”. I think he’s two seconds away from scooting across the carpet.

I was going to draw yesterday, but I had to do some revamping on my website because I offended a client. Guess how? Answer: I posted an article Kevin wrote. It had the word “shit” in it and I got immediately smacked down for it. Damn Kevin. I’m so glad it’s girl day. Did he tell you it’s Birthday Month for him again? I’m in hell (except on girl day).

29 Responses to *knock* *knock* Is this thing on?

  1. I like the mischievious grin on that dog. He doesn’t seem so much scooting across the carpet as wiping his behind on it, though πŸ™‚ but what do I know? My drawing skills is still at stick figues (and failing msierably).

    How goes your new life – concerning the change of diet and exercise? Or maybe that’s impolite to ask *ponders*

    • I think the scooting happens right AFTER the wiping. LOL.

      Not impolite at all to ask. It is going pretty well. Although, Kevin’s gallbladder has given him a leg up on me. LOL. I’m about 30lbs down. We are pretty much back on schedule. I hope to lose another 10-15 before Thanksgiving. We managed the dog walk this a.m., but skipped the workout room due to poor planning on our part. Busy with client stuff – but I’m not complaining!

  2. He’s creepy.
    He’s watching me.
    He knows I know he’s watching me.
    He knows I know I can’t stop him.
    He smiles to let me know he knows I know and can’t stop him.
    And he’s got plans.

    😯 πŸ˜₯

  3. Very nice Lena, but are you trying to scare us away? This dog is disturbing to look at.
    ….Keep up the good work.

    • He doesn’t seem creepy to me at all.

      However, I can’t believe that after being an avid reader of Kevin’s site and all he’s subjected you, I am the one who just got branded “creepy”. Maybe he has preconditioned you guys.

      • We’ve just been pre-conditioned by Kevin to expect creepy things. After all, in D&D a dog only smiles at you before he eats you. If you feel up to it, would be cool to see the HOLE party running around at the giant dog’s feet in terror.

        (Ok, see, that’s what I meant about Kevin conditioning us. I don’t see a cuddly dog anymore, now I see a 12HD monster dog ready to drown the party in drool.)

      • It depends on how you look at him I guess. He’s got a playful glance in his eyes, but then again – what SORT of playfulness?

        Other than that, it’s a really nice picture.

      • I’ve been known to laugh at midget porn and Japedophile tentacle rape cartoons on occasion but this is so far out of my norm that it’s actually having an effect. This effect is not enough to put me off my lunch but it’s an effect all the same.

  4. Aside from the tail he actually reminds me of a dog we had when I was a kid. Even the smile as he scoots his ass across the carpet. Our dog used to drag his pecker across the carpet though. We figure it had to be his way of masturbating cause he always did it with a very happy look on his face. Weird dog.

  5. holy SHIT thats good! how does kevin feel that your light years ahead of him? no offense to you kev, shes just that good

    • LOL. Thanks. Our styles are completely different. Actually, Kevin has a style. I can’t seem to really get a good style going. I would shoot myself in the head if I had to draw what he draws every day. He’s much better with emotions and poses and stuff. I’ll post a couple of my favorites this week that are actually finished and not just a quickie sketch.