iPad Dragons

I did this one during D&D on my iPad with my friend Roxanne’s stylus. I liked working with the stylus so much, I ordered a BoxWave stylus for myself. I’m using a neat little app called Sketchbook Pro. It is like a dumbed down version of Photoshop. Although, I shouldn’t call it “dumb” as it’s pretty robust… just not “Photoshop” robust.

Any votes on what I should draw next? I enjoyed drawing Tyr er… Zobbie the other day. Enkidu would be interesting (but a challenge), but so would the rest. Actually Bunker would be hard. I can’t visualize him very well. Not sure why.

Today I have plenty to do, but it shouldn’t be painful. I think I just jinxed myself. Kevin’s been full of himself and enjoying “birthday month” and being right. I guess being right 30 days out of the year isn’t TOO bad.

Any suggestions on what you guys want to see me talk about? I feel like I’m floundering and rambling?

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  1. I shake my head at the notion of someone being right. What one is saying may be correct, partially correct, debatable or erroneous but a person is half right and half left (barring surgery, injury or deformity making this ratio different). A pox on those who try to win arguments!
    If you’re wondering what to talk about Kevin’s formula used to involve a D&D/RPG topic once a week in which he either asked for feedback on an issue or (more often) explained something he thought he’d learned about those matters for the benefit of others on the intertubes. He also used to pick a topic of political, economic or social significance once a week to ramble about and express an opinion or try to start a discussion on.
    You aren’t Kevin but I’m sure you can find topics under those headings to have discussions on, or figure out a pair of headings with plenty of different topics to discuss, too. And if you want help with that, uh… give me a starting point and I’ll see what I can do.

    • I thought about it a couple minutes more and realized that suggestions you can work from probably help more. So here’s a bit of a cheat-sheet for you:

      Once a week topic, cooking: A recipe // A particular ingredient // A particular cooking style // Substitutions for an ingredient // How to work with a specific dietary limitation (like wheat gluten allergy or milk product allergy)
      Once a week topic, living with a geek: Specific geek obsessions // Specific geek shows // Specific (video)games // How to make your geek behave properly in public // Lessons in geek-to-English translation
      Once a month topic, stupid consumer bait: Infomercial shilling // Latest stupid toy craze // Impressively bad fashion
      Once a month topic, how to do art: Using specific computer applications/hardware // How to use and clean up from using particular physical media // Geometry and figure drawing tips

      (Legacy, what Kevin did:)
      Once a week topic, RPGs/D&D: Specific settings // Using the rules to make fun things happen // Funny gaming stories // How to prepare a character/adventure/badguy/NPC // How to deal with problem gaming group behaviours
      Once a week topic, larger stupidity: Corporations ripping people off // Particularly obnoxious politicians, political commentators and famous people // Stupid laws, taxes, government program fuckups // What government should do (if it weren’t run by selfish politicians working for the biggest lobbying paycheque instead of the public good) // Giant fuckups where people in charge failed so badly they should be fired, put in jail or both
      Once a week topic, stupid, mildly interesting, annoying or scary videos–with comments

  2. just talk about what you like, your own style of humor is just as amusing as kevs

    (and completely random): I cant wait to spend my warm hug! im gonna buy a castle with a magic moat an walls made of gold!


      • Self-portrait or we won’t believe you!

        BTW, I’ve always wondered how you actually look like. Lots of comic artists draw themselves in a myriad of styles, and maybe it’s just me, but there’s usually not much resemblance(except for Rich Burlew who looks very much like his stick-figure self).
        I realize it’s mostly because of the drawn characters being slicker(as in actually smoother- like your beard being all neat and tidy) and simpler than the real person, and I wonder how you look like compared to your avatar.

        I, OTOH, am quite indistinguishable from my original, many-eyed avatar, down to those gorgeous, full red lips and that elegant purple dress.

        Though right now my eyes are beginning to resemble Xykon’s after the last feverish couple days of coughing and sneezing.

  3. In the “Totally irrelevant side comment” catagory: I just got done watching the restored version of Fritz Lang’s classic Peter Lorre movie “M” on DVD via Netflix. This was Lorre’s very first film, and it set the tone for much of his career.

    Anyone interested in classic “crime” films, do yourself a favor and look up “M” (the 1931 version, not the remake from the 1950s.)

  4. Hey, just noticed the Fan Art section! Good work Kevin and/or Lena! I will try to borrow the scanner at work to add my own lousy attempts. (Not that the other fan art is bad – it’s really good! Just that mine can’t live up to it. Think Kevin’s first few weeks of H.O.L.E., but without the skill. πŸ˜›