Guest Strip: SQLGuru Edition

SQLGuru sent this to me several days ago, and I promised him I would post it as a guest strip. So, here it is! I’m not sure what it has to do with HOLE, but I suppose beggars can’t be choosers, right?

Following an earlier conversation on the subject in the comments, I realized that I would have to make good on my earlier promise to create a fan art section to display everyone’s creations. If you’ll check out the navigation bar above, you’ll see that we’ve done just that. Enjoy!

29 Responses to Guest Strip: SQLGuru Edition

  1. Yes, I’ve already checked it out and…enjoyed(?). πŸ˜›

    I’d like to comment strongly on Ron’s particularly bad drawing skills- he can’t even draw decent eyes, making them both the same size!

      • Have you noticed how just about everyone who tries to use the stick-figure style, a supposedly-simplistic style whose major point is appearing amateurish, goes to the trouble of making all the right proportions?
        Rich uses different-sized eyes and feet, I suspect to make it appear even more amateurish, and it works.

        I mean, trying to make it look “simple” and then fussing over the proportions just make it look…simple. Like it’s the best you could actually make.
        Making it all funky makes it better- it makes it…IDK, more “human”? Like using handwriting fonts. I guess that’s also why so many webcomics use “uneven” panels/partition-walls which are clearly not like that by mistake.

        Or at least that’s what I think, so you don’t have to listen, at least until I become God-Emperor Orald and unleash my hot amazon Fishspeakertalker army on all of you.

  2. There is a fan art section? Interesting… mayhaps my old pencils could use a dusting. I drew back in high school with real lifs sketches, though I doubt any of that skill is lingering, could be good times ahead!

    If SQLGuru really has “several hundred” strips already I have a lot of catching up todo!

    Lena, I love your shot of Freya killing the yeti, gave me a good laugh.

    • Thanks Chris. It was a fun drawing. I love the subtlety of the zipper.

      I added a “Fan Art Submission” form under the Contact with a way to upload files. Love to see something!

      • Yeah, I thought it was appropriate given that they were essentially going through White Plume Mountain. Blackrazor is one of the weapons you find and that middle picture was supposed to be the Ogre Mage disguised as a halfling (check the pics in the module). I’m a programmer. That right there is a classic case of programmer art. It’s stand-in material until the real artists can fix it up.

        Imagine Blackrazor and the Ogre-mage sitting there waiting for hapless adventurers to come by. Of course a sentient sword would get bored not fighting, so it would converse with the only other sentient being around. Loving chaos, it would play tricks (Jedi mind tricks?) such as getting a repetetive song stuck in the Ogre-mage’s head……

        At least that was my thinking……probably could have been better executed. But some content is better than no content. (Of course, I admit that Lena’s content was much better than mine.)

        • It’s wonderful and I really appreciated it, even if the whole meaning was not immediately clear.

          (Of course that also means I should probably have tagged it with a spoiler alert, but most folks likely won’t realize it for being a spoiler… unless they read your last comment too.)

      • If I could draw better than SQLGuru, I’d give it a try…I suck (used to be able to do some 3D Studio max stuff, like my avatar, but I stopped being able to use my old copy of 3D Studio when Parallel ports went extinct (the software has a hardware lock, so I can’t use it on anything less then 10 years old)

    • Ok, well, here’s my take on Bunker, in his original dragon scale (chicken feather) armour. The original sketch was 15 min at lunch, but the scanner at work kept giving me a blank white image until I spent 30 minutes darkening my lines. Comes from using a mechanical pencil, I suppose.

      PS: How do I submit this to the Fan Art?

      PPS: I’m moving from NZ to Canada in a couple of weeks, so that link will stop working in a few days (because I’m scrubbing and selling that web server.)

  3. love that style of bunker, I cant wait to see it in action
    maybe you should start a fan comic for 1 day a week kevin