Got Milk?

Today is already busy. I have a client coming over so we can do a Skype meeting with another client. For the life of me, I don’t know why they need a “face to face” over this, but I guess different people like different ways to communicate. I had another client yesterday tell me they were going to drive (an hour) to see me and I could just do all their work for free while they sat next to me. Uh huh. Right. People get weird ideas.

Kevin is gone already. He’s off to the client. They film today. He is doing a project where he gets to draw on camera for a corporate project. Pretty cool.

I’ve spent the last hour running around the house straightening so my client won’t think I’m complete ragamuffin ho bag. Now I’m sweating. I guess I need to go wash myself now. Dammit.

Since my creepy/non-creepy dog from yesterday got so much attention, I thought I would actually post something that I created with the intention of being creepy and see if anyone could tell the difference. It popped in my head at 3:00 a.m. one night and woke me up. I started giggling and knew I had to draw it.

22 Responses to Got Milk?

  1. As someone who is allergic to milk, I approve this image.

    Also, as someone who deals in web work (SEO mainly), I know how perverse clients can be. There is a client at the moment who lives about 4 hours drive away who wants to meet up. I am farily sure that it isn’t so much because he wants to meet with me and more because he wants me to get involved in the network MLM style thing he has going.

    If he wants me to do that, he can pay me for the time / travel costs.

    • Wow. I’d be super pissed if I had a client show up to try to sell me in their network crap. And, yes. They should totally get a bill.
      So, do you do SEO freelance or for a company? I learned a bunch about it and do a limited amount when setting up for clients. But, I quickly learned that to be good at it, it pretty much needs to be your full-time job.

      • It is my full time job!

        I do a bit of both freelance and company work, I like my independence, but also need cash to pay bills etc.

    • Neither. I painted it digitally using Corel Painter – which is just 2D. You just pick your colors and your brushes and keep painting until it looks like something. (;

      Its a great program. It works just like traditional media except you don’t run out of paint, charcoal, etc. and you don’t ruin your clothes. I use it with my Wacom tablet (pressure sensitive pen) to get the strokes to react like traditional media.

      • I must say you have some serious talent with digital painting…how are you at drawing the same character from multiple angles? Maybe you could do a one-off filler comics for H.O.L.E. to show off your stuff, and practice drawing.

        – Just wondering what Zobbie, Martin, etc would look like drawin in this nearly photorealistic style…

      • Whoa, it’s creepy, but the coloring and shading looks great.

        Looks like a demon parasite on the devil’s own herd of cows.

  2. Oh. My. God. Ok, the dog was creepy due to my imagination. This is both awesome and creepy. The artwork is amazing, but I think I’m actually afraid. I just… wow.

  3. This is just great, the horn sticking out from under the cow and the milk-tear on the eye make this hilarious. Great teeth but I have to wonder why there’s such a large gap between both pairs of incisors.

  4. The internet has desensitized to everything. OK, it is weird. Very weird. Not something I want to see in real life. But creepy? Not so much.