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I found this article that I found interesting. Its about this local guy who befriends murderers on death row and sells their items on his website for profit. I thought it would make an interesting topic of discussion for the day.

Personally, it skeeves me out to think about dealing with these people. I figure most serial killer types are great manipulators anyway – and this just seems like opening yourself up to some serious negative energy. He says he’s not scared of the murders, only the victim’s families. So, at least he’s got some sense.

Blood Money

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        • That this guy can make a profit says that the whole fucking society, government and all, is doing something wrong.

            • That’s the whole point.

              I’m not saying the government should interfere, I’m saying they should “close their eyes” and let the annoyed party dish out their justice, if you get my drift.

              Because people know they can’t be harmed they allow themselves all manner of rude and worse attitudes, like on the internet.

              • Glass house, throwing stones, etc. I’m not saying I’m innocent of saying jerkish things myself from time to time either, but come on.

                • I say lots of harsh things on and off the internet, but I try not to be a jerk. I might annoy or insult people just the same(and some of them by being honest about how bad they are), but fuck it if I care, all I try is not be a jerk.

                  Jerks are what so many people are: Petty little jerks who bully you every chance they get, but then they come home and kiss their wives and husbands, say goodnight to their awful kids and sleep well, thinking they’re nice people.

                  Anyone who’s ever worked in servicing others, say gas stations, shops, restaurants and the kind would doubtless have encountered masses of customers who seemed to get out of their way to annoy, complain and bully the staff. They make it to feel better and stronger, and they’re jerks.
                  I might not give a fuck about whether someone lived or died, but I wouldn’t try and be a petty jerk.

                  And yea, I’ve worked at a gas station for a year. That’s a full-service gas station(free of charge, BTW, it’s not like my service even cost them a penny). I didn’t just stand idle in the office, I walked up and down the pumps constantly servicing cars. And many were all about being a jerk for no reason.
                  They come and see a slave they can bully without reprisal, and many and more were old folks(usually old women, for some reason, they seem to like complaining a lot, I’ve noticed), people you’d expect to be civilized and somewhat less petty and aggressive.
                  And I’ve seen it everywhere, people just want to screw with anyone who’s in a position where they can’t dodge it or respond in kind.

                  So “glass house” or not, I try not to be a jerk.

                  • Don’t get me started about snide bitchy old ladies. I work at a retirement home as night watchman (which is why I have so much free time on the internet) and these old ladies are the meanest most petty wenches you will ever encounter. One in particular really pisses me off.
                    One day she, out of the blue, looked at me and said, “You’re fat. Are you pregnant?” IF it was even remotely possible that I could ever be pregnant it could be ignored as stupidity or just plain cluelessness.

                    BUT I AM VERY OBVIOUSLY A GUY!!

                    In fact, I’m hung like a bear, but that is beside the point which is: There is no possible way that I could ever be pregnant. She was just being a bitch. Last week she swiped my car keys off the table when I stepped away from my computer for a few minutes. After I discovered their disappearance when I went to leave (I usually leave them in my truck so I don’t have to worry about them.) I spent 45 minutes looking for them before I called and had my other set brought to me from home. When I was checking around the building to see if they fell out of my pocket somewhere, she was doing her walk and asked me if I was missing my car keys.

                    Not missing something, but missing my keys. Unless she took them, there was no way she’d’ve known what was missing.

                    They “turned up” in a closet that afternoon. On that I had been nowhere near that night, but I didn’t press the issue. She’s a spiteful old bitch and not worth the effort it’d take to smother her in her sleep.

                    Not that I have considered it.

                    I *do* have a master key, though…

                    • Shame on you for even mentioning smothering the old lady!
                      Surely a “fall” down the stairs or some especially “slippery” floors would be a much more creative way.

                      Of course, there’s a difference between this and, say, profiting from her death, flaunting it in front of her relatives and then pretending you’re “cool”.

                      It’d probably take too much room for me to explain my rather harsh world view, compared to most people’s views, regarding certain types of people’s just “rewards”.
                      I’ll just mention that I’m in favor of the death penalty in certain cases, and think corporal punishment is an effective tool of education and deterrence.
                      People are corporeal creatures, after all, and physical and emotional pain registers much better and more sharply than such modern inventions like “money”.

      • The victim’s families aren’t in jail and soon to be dead. The murderer is angry/sad, but not at the swindler. The victim’s families are zealous. Even if you do piss off the murderer you can move on to the next one. The victim’s family not so much. He’s probably terrified of making sure this looks like taking advantage of a murderer and not taking advantage of a murder which the victim’s family might retaliate against. They could seek to expose him for example.

  1. BTW: Lena, Thank you for picking up Kevin’s slack =) As one of the chearing squad asking you to post content and keep us masses entertained I very much appreciate what you have taken on. The images have been fascinating and well done. I’ve marvled at the one hour sketches and enjoyed your finds on the web as well as your take on them.

    Thank you

    Thank you

    Thank you

  2. That piece of crap may have some sense , but nothing at all in common decency or morals.
    I hope one of his serial killer pals visits him quite soon. 👿

    • If some of them were able to visit me I would get much more valuable items from them to sell because that whole being locked up in prison thing really gets in the way of business at times.

  3. So the law prevents a murderer from profiting from the death of their victims…but it’s perfectly OK for some slimeball to profit from the deaths of their victims, so long as he or she didn’t actually wield the knife/gun/rabid weasel?

    Definition of human debris.

    • That woulod be correct. This IS America after all. ..and just between you and I elfguy….the “law” honestly doesn’t give a flying F regarding inmates profiting because any money an inmate make goes back into the state from them purchasing items from canteen…..and so they do (profit that is). but shhhhh! be berrrry berrrrry quiet, don’t tell anyone :p

  4. Lena says that many serial killers are great manipulators, I assume that she doesn’t have personal experience of this?

    In any case, part of the reason why this guy does this could be because he enjoys the danger aspect. Being with that kind of magnetic personality first hand would probably have quite a powerful effect.

    Another question: who buys this stuff?

  5. I find your statement regarding myself “He says he’s not scared of the murders, only the victim’s families. So, at least he’s got some sense/” pretty ironic considering all the press the website has gained over a two year period (25+ articles in most major US cities. National radio show interviews and countless art exhibits around the south east and selling out of items so far I cannot keep them in stock) …I would say that I have a great deal of sense seeing that I took this business from the ground up and made it into a dynasty. Wouldn’t you agree? So..I find your comment regarding my “sense” pretty ignorant. Besides that, you are using an article regarding myself and my website for discussion on your blog. I have to admit I am used to national press and not small website blogs discussing me. I do however think that since you are riding my coat tails, Don’t you think it would have been proper to link the website? I mean after all you are using my fame or notoriety for discussion even if it is amongst a small group of people.

    I could do the cool thing and add a link from my website to your blog (I average over 80,000 unique hits a month, over 2500 unique hits a day) but…seeing that you used my notoriety for your own selfish reasons without linking my site, I think I will skip the part where my linking to your site brings mega-traffic to your blog.
    Thanks anyways,
    Eric Gein

  6. Eric, Elfguy says you’re the definition of human debris. Elfguy said it. His username is Elfguy. haha Dork.

        • Speaking of names, I find it hard to believe such a self-professed genius businessman(or “carrion crow”, for the rest of us) would not only find out about this here humble blog mentioning him, but also bother to respond.
          I’d think someone who cares so little about what others think as to plunder the graves of their beloved(which is what in essence this is all about) would stoop to wasting his precious time(and time is money, after all) talking to us “teenage gamers”.
          This seems more the modus operandi(pardon the pun) of the common attention seeking internet troll, of which I’ve known a far weirder,crazier and annoying subtype, believe me(I blame the ‘shrooms and lack of law enforcement in the UK).

          And it has just dawned on me to ask, is this Eric Gein related to the “esteemed” Ed Gein?

          • orald, if you read the article Lena linked, it says that “Eric Gein” is an assumed name to save his family from embarrassment and keep his anonymity in case the families of any of the victims decide to pay him a visit. Yes, he was “inspired” to take the last name of Ed Gein.

            Of course, the article also has a large photo of him and mentions where and when he attended high school. Hmm…

            The part I like best about the article is how he’s quoted near the beginning boasting that the site made $3000 since January or something, but at the end of the article he’s quoted as telling the mother of one of the victims that the site hardly makes any money.

            Which is it Eric? Does the site make money or not?

            • Heh, naming yourself after one of the most pitiful and insane murderers is rather lame. I’m not even talking about their murders, I’m talking about how he was a loser of a loner who probably had a boner for his own crazy mother, and who liked keeping filthy, unhygienic body parts around the house.

              In the movie Se7en Brad Pitt’s character jokes at the murderer that he’s the kind of lunatic who dances around the house in his mother’s underwear etc. That’s just lame. And people adore these crazy freaks for some reason. You might as well cheer for some loony soiling his straitjacket and drooling all over himself in a padded room. Just lame.

              I admit I’ve only bothered to read a line or two of that article, the topic just doesn’t interest me personally.
              Reading about serial killers, that’s interesting, and as a matter of fact I’ve got a whole list of Wikipedia articles on just in my “to read” favorites, along with all sorts of other mental and physical ailments, zoological and historical articles. But reading about a petty grave-robber is just boring to me.
              Reading about a petty grave-robber who apparently thinks he’s “badass” is even more so.

              And I’m sure he makes a decent(well, only according to one definition of that word) living, as people will pay good money for all sorts of stupid things. Hey, they pay for impressionist etc art too! 🙄

  7. Heh, these guys (Eric Gein and, this alleged Eric Gein troll) bring a new meaning to how low can you go.
    I doubt that Kevin or Lena could care -less- on how populare “your” website is. Personally? I would NOT want Grave diggers, like “yourself”, to flock here.

    Also, this discussion is not about your fame or how notorious you are. On the other hand, we ARE discussing (or at the least thinking) what a sick little fuck “you” and “your”Customers are. I doubt that “you” are the “real deal low life”, probally little more then a little attention whoring forum troll. 😉

    Ah well, “you” can go on, and pretend to be a little bad ass, much like the Famous, Notorious, DANGEROUS Mighty Joe http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=57Gphk8-0yI&feature=related

    • Ooh, he’s kinda cute(the tiny blond one, not the big, bald brute), looks like a past friend of mine I once had a crush on. Can he do a cute little Russian accent?

  8. I’ve been to that website before, but not because I was looking for murderabilia. Remind me to put Melissa Ferris on the break list next week. Or to tell you about her on Tuesday. 🙂

    I think Eric Gein should keep his douche-baggery off our “teenage gamer blog.”

  9. LOLZ see this is the high quality kind of information I come here for, nice find, Kev. As far as the dude naming himself after Ed Gein I’d say he’s one of the more interesting and yet innocent [no not REALLY innocent, just sorta childlike] serial killers you could pick. Before anyone gets too indignant about what these convicts have done, remember that we have people on the U.S. payroll right now who make the cons look like they spit on the sidewalk. Right now they’re driving their Porsche, probably fantasizing about the next person they’re going to take apart. And with very little planted evidence, that person could be you.

  10. Eric ‘please please please please please don’t tell them my real last name’ Gein. Ha ha ha ha. What a loser. Anyone look up his high school? Anyone surprised he lives with his mom?

    • I’m on it bro. No not surprised he lives with mommy. Throwing her cancer in was funny. Like anyone reading that can’t see its an article about a dude in his 40s with no real job who still lives at home.