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  1. I was in a party that cleaned out the old White Plume Mountain module back in the day. We didn’t have a dwarf, so Whelm wasn’t much use to us; nobody wanted to wield a trident, so we ended up giving Wave to a koalinth (2nd Edition D&D marine hobgoblin variant) we had charmed and turned into a mascot of sorts. (Our parties had a silly tendency to do that to monsters we charmed. Another 2E party charmed a kobold that ended the campaign as an 8th-level monk.)

    That’s right; we gave a minor artifact, knowing what it was, to an NPC. We didn’t have much respect for Wave. 😛

  2. Yikes, talking weapons alarm! I remember a very annoying talking sword in Baldur’s Gate II.

    Behind his…what? His ear? 😐
    The campire used to be a dwarf? Apparently becoming a vampire gives you a clean shave. Can’t have hairy vampires, people would mistake them for werewolves. 😆

    I foresee problems when the hammer realizes that Morty is, technically, a troll. At least physically. Not sure what counts more, mind or body, when Reincarnate has changed your creature type.

  3. I tried to edit my above posting, but received the message, “Your edited comment was marked as spam. If this is in error, please contact the admin.” Huh? 😕

    P.S. And now the original posting is gone!

      • Which would leave Tim Curry as the voice of the Lesser Earth artifact version of Blackrazor (No-relco?) and Jim Carrey as Wave (Undertow? Ripple?)

        (Visions of Wave breaking into “Cuban Pete” while Blackrazor does “Sweet Transvestite”, which would have particularly embarassing connotations for Enkidu)