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      • I’m reminded a little of Faith from Buffy the Vampire slayer.
        Faith needed to unwind a bit after some slaying and grabbed Sander to do the nasty with him. Afterwards she unceremonially kick him out. She liked penises but didn’t really need the rest of the chap too. 😛

  1. Well seems, that Fleece now has to dress in something, that allows at least the casual nipple slip, to fit in.

  2. Off topic: Kevin, how goes the diet&workout program? Have you recovered enough from that back injury, IIRC, to continue with the workout? Have you acquired a Greek statue’s physique yet?
    I already posses a statue’s physique, but more of those creepy, pudgy, naked babies. 🙁

      • Not THAT kind of fat! Not really a cherub either, for that matter.
        At most I’ve neglected myself enough to develop a very small beer gut, without using beer of course. But it’s kinda weird on my otherwise slim frame.

      • 60 pounds is a hell of a loss. Way to go. As for the comic, I like that Fleece actually looks surprised that her hand was slapped. Like grabbing someone’s nipple is just a thing you do.

          • Of course it is, everyone knows that. You’re supposed to grab their ass, duh!

            Wow, Kevin, 60 pounds? That’s about 30kg, and you say people are only noticing? That’s slightly more than half my own weight, LOL.

              • No, more around 110-115, I think. Though 5 of it are what I want gone.
                You have to remember I’m also just ~5′ 5-6″ in height(Yet every inch is PACKED with badass! 8) ), so I’m not skinny per se , but just slim.
                Skinny is what supermodels are like, and I’ve never been THAT thin.

                • “supermodels” used to be known as “Starvation victims” – dunno when the “famine” look supposedly became “sexy”

                  • It never really became that at any one point. It’s all very gradual- models get skinnier and skinnier until they’re anorexic. Because it took a few decades the process went unnoticed.
                    And then when they’re all skin and bones everyone else looks too fat and out of place, so it stays there.
                    You could also ask the same thing about the androgynous look they seem to favor so much, given that it’s almost 100% marketed for heterosexual people.
                    I guess that’s what happens when you put mostly gay men to design your cloths.

                    But then, starving yourself is hardly the worst thing people have been doing to stay fashionable.
                    I particularly like the choking European corsets and tiny Chinese feet as examples.

                    • A Supermodel should make you think “Yum…I’d love to go to bed with that”, not “Ewww…someone give that starving girl a sandwich or something!”

                  • Yes, but gradual thinning of models was why it went under the radar better than just suddenly dropping one in the midst of the thin, yet mostly healthy women where you can compare them.
                    I’m no expert, but just looking at photos from all decades of the 20th century shows it.
                    Hell, in the beginning some were almost chubby!

                    Personally, I blame rock music, video games and D&D. And the kids these days.

                  • Sticks never became sexy though, so the women featured on woman’s magazines have been a great deal different from the ones featured on men’s magazines.

                    The thing is some women didn’t seem to understand those girls aren’t pretty either, so that was probably their way to reason away the difference.

                    • The thing is, most of them are under so much make-up, posed in specific positions under special lightning and so heavily photoshoped you’d never recognize them in the street.
                      They might be pretty enough without all the fuss, but with this army slaving away on their image you’d think they have perfect skin, hair and impossible proportions(Especially in the chest area. Tits are made mostly of fatty tissues, there’s a reason why skinny girls are so often flat and rounded ones have big ones), so I’m guessing just about any woman would think herself unworthy in comparison.

                    • Dude has more women throwing themselves at him than most other obviously-gay men I figure, means your height is not so much of a limitation.

                    • Well, maybe the fact that he’s rich and an internationnal movie star helps? If he wasn’t portrayed as sexy and all by the press and just a normal guy, maybe things would be different for him

                    • I don’t care how much “action” he gets and from which direction/gender he gets it. I resent being compared to a $cientologist.
                      I have some standards, you know.