The Tuesday Videos: Wasting Time Edition

It seems as though I have left World of Warcraft behind me. I had an awesome time with it over the years, and I’d still recommend it to anyone looking to get into a MMORPG, but after five years…the bloom is off the rose. It is possible Lena and I will return for a while when the next expansion hits, but I’ve discovered I’m not really missing it at all, and I’m becoming increasingly dubious about wanting to jump back in.

Of course, I did recently pick up a Playstation 3…

Anyway, these videos are the game trailers for three of the top contenders for the major time wasters in my life. The first two are console games, and the last one is a new MMORPG, which frankly might disqualify it. I have a PC, and I even like using it… but I don’t like doing too much internet related stuff with it and it’s not really a gaming rig. Not saying no, but it’d have to be an awesome game with a fairly low bar to truly catch my interest, and that’s not really the norm.

So up first is Star Wars: The Force Unleashed II. The first go round looked great, but wasn’t really the game everyone hoped it would be. Lucasarts is pinky-swearing that they’ve learned their lesson and made version Two the delivery on the super-epic the first one should have been. If they’ve been talking to the guys who made the trailer, it’s a lock.

The next contender is Dragon Age II. While also a sequel, this one is building on what was already an insanely great game franchise. Bioware knows how to tell a good story, and how to make a fun game. So far, this is my favorite contender. (And this trailer? It’s what I see in my head when I run D&D.)

Finally comes a game that while I admit I will most likely never play, I had to include for the subject matter and the sweet trailer. I know that trailers aren’t really indicative of… well, anything really, but I’m a sucker for ’em anyway, and this one’s a beauty. Take a look at the new MMORPG, DC Universe Online.

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  1. To each his own, I though Dragon Age was really mediocre and an insult to it’s spiritual predecessor Baldurs Gate.

    What we can agree on are the great/interesting upcoming releases. For me (a PC user) I am looking forward to Amnesia: The Dark Descent – a follow-up to the Penumbra games, Fallout: New Vegas and Civilization V.

    • I’ll blaspheme here for all to see: I’ve never liked any of Blizzard’s RTS games’ gameplay. I’m just not an avid fast-clicking micro-manager.
      They have great atmosphere, design and story though, as well they should, being ripped off of Warhammer/40K.

      • Same thing here, I hate RTS. It’s way harder to have any real strategy, unless you’re insanely fast and know lots of shortcuts.

          • 😆

            More like “I like to be able to develop a real strategy and attack on multiple points, make ambushes and retreats, without having only 5 seconds at best to do that” 😉
            To me, the real-time part of RTS brings more adrenaline, dynamism and action, which is fine in its own way and explains a lot of its success, but lessen the strategy part.

            • Something like Lords of The Realm I’ll say, even if it’s a bit simplistic because of the old, feeble AI, but the style is what I’m talking about.

              BTW, is it wrong of me to enjoy slaughtering defenseless villages(“Slaughter these villagers?” “Destroy these crops?”) more than fighting the actual armies? It’s a legitimate strategy! I’m innocent! :mrgreen:

              Or maybe Civilization(III? IV? can’t remember), though I’ve only ever tried it once and I don’t remember it having much in the way of strategy for battles. It was more about endless, boring tech-trees and tons of fine-print.
              I bet there was some part about giving the developers all my worldly possessions/selling my soul to Satan somewhere in the text, as that’s the only explanation I can think of as to why they’d put so many words there.

  2. Yaknow, Kevin, you can always give D&D Online another go. 😀

    I’m having a great time with it. And it’s still free to play.

    • The free part is limited play though, isn’t it? I knows there’s some kind of incentive for paying at least once, though Wikipedia doesn’t specify, and I never bothered to look for it on their site.
      Also, free-to-play status is only for the USA, Europe is still subscription-only.
      Wiki’ says you can register to USA servers and play for free but I’m guessing there’d be some mighty lag issues.
      I did think of trying it once.

      • Correct, you don’t get *everything* for free in DDO, but there is enough free content to keep you busy up till about level 10 or so (out of 20 levels) without having to do any significant grinding. That’s plenty of time to decide if you like the game enough to invest any cash in it (and there are online guides to unlocking pay-to-play content if you’re willing to grind for it). Once you decide you like it, you can pay as you go, like I do, or go subscription.

        • What are those rewards anyway? New areas? Exclusive “nerfing-anything-that-came-before-them-in-the-free-version” items? More than 2 bank and inventory slots*?
          Some kinds of restrictions I could live with, I just don’t know how restrictive it is for free-players.

          *Hey, I’ve seen games that give you few enough that it might as well be 2, if you don’t pay.

          • Free player restrictions are as follows:
            2 characters per server
            Can only post one item at a time on the Auction House
            A cap on how much in-game cash you can have
            Warforged and Drow races are locked (Drow can be unlocked through game play)
            Favored Soul and Monk classes are locked (Favored Soul can be unlocked through game play, I think)
            Some quests and zones are locked
            Restricted access on the official forums

            You can unlock certain account perks on a per-server basis (like Drow) by accumulating Favor (gained by completing quests), or you can pay real money to the store to unlock the same perk across all servers. Favor also translates to Turbine Points that you can spend in the online Store for things like gear, account options, or adventure packs. In theory you can unlock the entire game with a bit of careful planning and a lot of grinding.

            Once you spend any real money in the store, however, you get two additional characters per server (subscribers get ten), no Auction House limits, and can carry as much in-game cash as a subscriber can.

            But like I said earlier, there is enough free content to get you (at least) mid-way through the game without having to buy anything at all.

          • Note that through playing you earn DDO store points, which can be used to unlock the Pay-to-play content, races, and classes.

            • Correct. That’s what I was referring to when I said you can grind and unlock the whole game, but your comment adds a bit more clarity to that.

    • Yeah, I know. And I might eventually do that. I think I just prefer games where I don’t need other players. I don’t mind grouping with friends, I just don’t like having to. My online gaming habits are 20 minutes here, a half hour there… hard to fit into other people’s schedules.

      • I understand – most days I’m running solo in DDO. And really, grouping is entirely optional until you start getting closer to endgame content – level 12+ so I hear. I play frequently enough that your schedule is very likely to overlap mine at some point (best time is weekend mornings through early afternoon) if you wanted to team up (I still have a couple of low-ish level characters on Khyber).

  3. Hi guys. Well some really nice trailers. For everyone who is still looking for a great MMORPG game, I can wholeheartedly recommend Guild Wars. It is probably the most interessting and (in a positive way) complex game I know. Alas it is also 5 years old already. GW2 is bound to be released in a year or so, but nobody knows if it can live up to the original. You can find GW here , and cheaper also on ebay 😉

    On a side note, I always thought lightsabers has to be bad for stealth, but what do I know… ^^

    • The trailer for GWII is friggin’ awesome. What brought me to GW was the fact that it was a free-to-play MMORPG. I hate paying for a game that I have already paid for. IF the game even comes close to living up to the trailer then it is going to be ten kinds of awesome. I just hope it’s not gonna be a pay-to-play.

      And, in order to be stealthy with a lightsaber, you keep the damned thing switched off until you need to use it.

      Starcraft II looks awesome as well. I am surprised my brother hasn’t bought it and bailed on the D&D/Star Wars group yet. I’d hate to lose the koblod monk or the combat droid.

  4. Even though I’ll probably never invest the time and money into getting into these- still got to admit those are three uber bad-ass trailors! I’d go see the movie if they made one for each of them.

    • Agreed. When I watched DC universe trailer, I was all “This is what Superman Returns should have looked like!!!”

      • Why is Batman even there all the time? Isn’t he some ordinary guy with a few lame gadgets, aversion to killing and, you know, a puny mortal with no superpowers besides? Yet he still rises from the rubble of that tactical-nuke-like explosion.

        Also, the most bad-ass part of the trailer was Wonder Woman(? I’ve never read/watched anything with her in it) being seized in the most terrifying manner known to man and insanely-overpowered-superheroes alike: Standard Female Grab Area.
        Seriously, they grabbed her HAIR?

        Ugh, that’s why I never liked superheroes.

    • They already did for the first, 6 of them actually. 3 were kinda nice, if corny, and 3 were retarded CGI-fests.

      SW is nice and all, but I just hate how they add all these fancy gymnastics and one-up the Force power-displays in every new installment.
      This is something that’s starting to bug me with fantasy too, as evidenced in this DA: O II trailer, among many(all?) other examples.
      I can “understand” the fantasy because I’m familiar with D&D’s style, but SW is half-rooted in the real world, with supposedly related physics, and most importantly, in the originals they never did any of those exaggerated, stupid superhero fights.
      They fought somewhat realistically: Blocking “laser” rays with sabers was hard, not 100% and only if you were being shot-at slowly, using the Force to levitate and rip(small tubes too, at best) stuff apart demanded hard concentration, and the biggest jumps I can remember were both in RoTJ- Luke jumping up from the plank in the fight against Jabba, and again jumping up to some shelf over Vader in the last duel.
      And I can’t remember anyone shrugging off being slammed around like they did in this DC Universe trailer.

      I hate the new trilogy!

      • I hope when referring to the DA: O II trailer your not talking about the one above. seeing as thats the trailer for number one. heh.

        • That’s for the first one? Figures Kevin would talk about the second but post the wrong trailer. I haven’t seen this particular trailer before though.

          But you know what I mean, about fantasy/medieval-themed games with ridiculous Matrix-style jumps and punches in full armor(we’ll excuse the ladies as they forgot to don theirs to battle for some reason), and, well, all the stuff you also see in the DC trailer.
          I can take the necessary break from reality, it’s just that everyone’s trying up the stakes all the time.

  5. If DC could make a movie that features all out war like I’m seeing in this trailer, I’d like their movies a lot more.

    I thought that dragons would be harder to kill but these guys seem to be professionals.

    Sith operate in pairs and Vader has a master, so buddy probably knew this was coming and was prepared. That was everything I wanted to do with the force and a couple of lightsabers.

    As much as I liked what I saw for DC Online I probably won’t play that one. I keep running into total assholes who ruin my online experience. I play games for fun. Haters, cheaters, thieving bastards, etc… all suck the joy out of what should be fun. I get that not having to use your own name lets you pretend that you’re someone else but why do so many people out there seem to want to destroy the game for everyone else? I see this stuff a lot these days on the net from games to forums and am quite sick 0f it. One of the reasons that I’m still following this forum is that you don’t seem to get much of that idiocy. It’s nice to have a place where I can post my opinion and not get jumped by every troll in the area.

    • Every online game and forum will attract asshats over time – it’s an unfortunate reality. You just need to learn how to let stuff roll off your back, especially if it’s a game. How much you let it bother you is something that you can learn to control.

      • It’s a very vocal one or two percent. They seem omnipresent because they’re always shouting, but I have discovered, much as Ron observes, once you get in the habit of ignoring them they really stop bothering you at all.

        • My main problem with that solution is that I play games to get AWAY from people like that and don’t want to have to learn to ignore them while I’m supposed to be enjoying myself. I don’t have any friends who are much into online games and I don’t have a lot of time to find a group of new ones. Maybe someday but it’s just not feasible right now. It’s cool that I found you guys though. I like knowing that I’m not the only adult nerd out there who likes sci-fi, fantasy, comics , games, etc. Growing up I was an outcast because of this stuff.

  6. I am a huge fan of Dragon Age, I play it on PC and still playing through my first run. Taking a few hours a week to play, going through everything so it is taking me many more hours to finish than other people, which is awesome. I have to say that it sucks on anything but PC, the graphics are better, but more important the interface and tactical side is more natural and engaging than on console, where it is toned down and stupified, it is also much harder on PC.

    Dragon Age 2 looks to be fantastic! If for console I hope they bring it up to the level DA:O was for PC otherwise 🙁 .

    GW2 I am also looking forward to as I very much enjoyed GW.

    The only pay to play MMORPG I played was UO back in 1995 – 2002. I tried City of Heroes and it was ok in the beginning then it got too redundant, if DC Universe is like CoH or CoV I don’t recommend it.

    • I had much the same experience with City of Heroes/Villains. I felt it was sort of a step backwards gameplay-wise. DC has likely learned a few lessons there, and hopefully will not be repeating those mistakes.

    • Okay. I played Dragon Age that WE on a PS3, and found the graphics of the cinematics to be really shitty, it reminded me of those Warcraft games by Blizzard. The rest was not great either.
      So I was all “wtf???”.
      But if you say this sucks on anything but PC, this might explain things up quite a lot.

      • I tried it on PC but I can’t comment on the graphics as I’m no expert. Incidentally, I’ve recently downloaded Lords of the Realm 2 and have no real complaints graphics-wise.
        For me, as long as it’s sharp enough to understand what it is, it’s playable.
        Well, OK, from some angles pike-men look suspiciously like peasants, and those pikes are suspiciously halberd-shaped too.

      • I read an interview with the designers, and they said that the way the graphics looked so much worse in the console version was one of their guiding stars of things to improve upon. I can’t really speak to how they did, but they seemed really happy about it.

  7. Maybe someone who has played the first Force Unleashed game can tell me why the character in this trailer has blue lightsabers instead of the traditional Sith red?

  8. I love superheros (sure, I love D&D, too, but if I had to pick only one, it would be superheros), so I’m always looking for a good superhero game. Been excited about DC:UO for a while (even though I more of a Marvel fan).

    I’m a value shopper for games, so I’m still waiting for Diablo II and GW to come down in price, but Dragon Age is already in my queue, too. (When you have family duties and can’t play as much as you like, there’s no sense spending a ton of money on games you can’t play — did I mention I just started Oblivion?)

    • Funny. I just started Oblivion myself a little while ago. I’ve been taking the long way around that game… 16th level and I haven’t actually started the quest line yet.

      Lena and I are playing Red Dead Redemption right now and LOVING it. That is one beautiful motherfucking game. We play a few hours a week and it’s just great.

      • I played Oblivion just a couple of months ago. I think it is a fun game, although the level’ing in it is weird. I am already level 20? I have some good gear and ok stats, but all of my enemies are elite which makes some of the ‘simple’ beginning quest lines very hard: the first Oblivion Gate, the final boss fight in the arena. Crazy amount of mods for it.

        • Actually, from what I’ve read on , though I’ve never noticed myself, the last arena fight is stuck at 10th level. That’s assuming you’re referring to the Gray Prince, the Grand Champion, and not just the Yellow Team Champion.
          But I know the Prince is strictly melee, and quite sure the other one as well, so you can just arrow/spell spam them from atop the wall around the arena.
          IIRC the opponent just prior to the Yellow Champion is a tough spellcaster with a good sword and the most annoying shield I’ve ever seen- Aegis-something- with complete resistance to magic.
          You can’t harm her(?) with spells and she’s very aggressive and tough in melee. I used up tens of poisons on her every time I played.

          The leveling system annoyed me too. I think it’s a great game and just before I got that computer virus and had to reformat it all I was just getting to play it seriously after trying 2-3 times in the past.
          The problem about the system is that you have to create a custom class and fill in the 7 main skills with skills that you’re either not using frequently, that are controllable(like Armorer) or that take very long to level up anyway, preferably all three at the same time. That’s how you keep your Char’s level where you want it while leveling up your skills enough to get bonuses in char’ level up, while also keeping in check just about all your skill level ups.

          The thing is, this way it’s very restrictive, to the point where you can’t even jump around, run or swim without potentially wasting bonuses at level up. You have to plan out ahead and watch your every step, literally, if you want to be strong enough at higher levels, and that just screws with the whole point of a sand-box world.

          Also, the interface is quite bad in some place, IMO, and it’s good that they fixed it up in FO3(and from a trailer I saw they’re making it even slicker in FO: NV).

  9. The games I love best on the PS3 are : fallout, DragonAge, Uncharted, LittleBigPlanet, God of War, Heavenly Sword, and demon souls. Demon souls is one that, like dragon age, will carry you for hours. I buy a new game every few weeks so I have quite the collection.

    You can add me if you like Kevin.

    Cavall is my ps3 handle.

    • I had been really looking forward to Heavenly sword, but when I got my hands on it I found myself thinking “WTF!?” It looked good and had potential but I couldn’t enjoy about 75% of the game play. Steer crossbow bolts? Cannonballs? Excessive cutscenes during boss fights? I wanted to love this game but found it too gimmicky for my tastes. I’m just happy that Sony took a step back from forcing developers from having to implement (and poorly at that) that frickin’ six-axis.

  10. I’m still playing Red Dead Redemption. Play it online all the time, play it single player all the time, even though I’ve beaten the story like three times now. Don’t care. I love the old west setting, and though it has some glitches it’s just a really fun game. My wife is one of those Dragon Age fangirls who got suuuuuper into that game, and I too have played through it twice now. Really looking forward to number 2, as well as Force Unleashed 2, and the new Batman Arkham Asylum or whatever the second one is being called. But I would never play that online DC thing. Not my bag. Being the Star Wars nerd I am though, I’m waiting for The Old Republic to come out. That’ll be my next MMO.